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Colorado Netrunner

Hey folks! You may be overwhelmed by tournament-winning decklists from Colorado in a bit, so I figured I ought to introduce myself real quick. I’ve been playing Android: Netrunner since the core set was released, and the Colorado meta is really starting to kick into high gear. We’ve got a great group of folks along the Front Range and I-25 corridor, with about 80 players spanning from Pueblo to Fort Collins, most based in-between around the Colorado Springs and Denver metro areas.

We started off as a fairly small group. For all the over-saturation of Regional events last year, we hosted just one Regional in-state. The nearest Regional outside of ours was in Albuquerque on the same day, 400 miles away. The nearest one outside of that was in Missouri, 600 miles away! But, we were fortunate enough to host a Plugged In event, our Netrunner player base exploded, we’re regularly seeing 1-2 tournaments a month now, and Colorado will be hosting NINE store championships over the next month and a half.

Anyway, I just emailed SneakySly a few (10) tournament-winning decklists, so blame me for the incoming deluge. If you have any questions about our meta, feel free to pelt me with questions here or over in the decklists topic. =)

Petrie’s Family Games, Season Two Tournament

Denver Central Games, Season Two Tournament

Enchanted Realms, Season Three Tournament

The Haunted Game Cafe, Season Three Tournament

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