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DJ Hedgehog Reviews Up And Over

Seems accurate at first glance… but, hey, I have opinions too…

Inject is the first piece of voice-pad Anarch, which some day will be a thing just because they’ll eventually have events that cost money. It’s ok and a reason not to spend influence on similar effects. I’d give it a slightly higher rating, some day it’ll be amazing, imo; not this day though.

Also think you’re off on architect. Card just wins games.

Peak efficiency is good for late-game ash. Redcoats will probably find space for it. I’d bump it up a bit higher.

Reuse is scary in CI-Scorch. Reuse->Biotic->Efficiency Committe->Trace for tag->Archived Mem/Scorch till dead.

Dockland is as bad as angel arena, imo.

(BTW, I played against the guy who tilted you at gen-con first round recently. That sounded like a nasty moment.)

Even if you don’t have a remote available to put an agenda in (if it’s the top card), you can install an ICE in front of it if you have one in HQ or Archives. Even you are running it in NEH you got even more options.

I’ve been running architect quite a bit. Running on a two ice server, with architect the outermost ice, even with faerie played, runners will always let architect fire. They retain the faerie for the second ice.

Running the second time, its often a …hmmm damn, that effect is worse than it looks, better break it.

I quite like in blue sun.

And it synergizes very very well with Jackson/power shutdown.

It’s great in Blue Sun where the number of credits a runner needs to get into anywhere is 8-10. Reversed Accounts forces a run on the server; spend credits breaking and then trash it, or don’t, and lose the credits anyway.Now drop the atlas and continue on your merry way.


I have a variety of Anarch decks using Inject/quality time as draw engines.
I also rate this card an 8/10.

But I use this as a shaper style anarch deck. Ie., I have very few programs in the deck and a lot of events, and I use events for economy and to tutor breakers.

I find inject works well in exile as well.

On Architect: If it fires in ETF, that’s 2 cards (protected agenda? lots of robot money?) and a credit for 4 credits, or a consistent tax. I think you’re really underselling it, but I also appreciate your reasoning.

They have a lot of events that cost money already. Lots and lots and lots of them. Deja vu, demo run, all sorts.

To be fair, I like Inject, but that’s pretty much only because it’s necessary for Anarch. It’s not a good card, it’s a much-needed card, which is why the excitement over it. It’s the first half-decent draw that Anarchs’ve gotten since Wyldside (or possibly before, depending on your definition of decent).


I really want to emphasise this. Costed events that Anarch have available are the Neutral events (Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry) and the useful one:

Deja Vu

Then they have the events nobody plays (in order of usefulness, not cost):

Demolition Run
Retrieval Run
Frame Job
Cyber Threat

This ranges from the situational but powerful (Demolition Run, Retrieval Run) to the utterly useless (Cyber Threat).

Anarch builds that aren’t Cache/Shop often struggle for money, but the cost of their events isn’t the issue.

Part of this is why I worry about Inject: if their events are pretty bad, and their programs get trashed, Inject basically draws (or brings closer to drawing) resources. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure.

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I think with cards like Reuse it’s important to consider how they enhance the game. Currently Power Shutdown allows you to mill RnD, but there’s nothing that really allows you to mill HQ.

Having a card like this opens up the game to new identities. For example, if the new Jinteki ID Industrial Genomics works as expected (increasing some cost for each face down card in archives) Reuse could find its way into those decks.

Since you are forced to draw every turn as Corp discarding is something that happens naturally from time to time. You are not necessarily spending clicks to draw just to discard.

It’s not a game changing card by any means but it provides values and enhances the options available to corp decks in the future. Probably worth more than 1/10.

Also Universal connectivity fee being 7/10 seems kind of high considering the quality of ice already available to NBN. My big issue with it is that once Universal connectivity fee is rezzed and the runner is tagged they can choose when they want to run it and lose their money (while trashing the ice). And the 2cr for a 1cr tax is no different than playing a Wraparound once a Corroder is out, and who really wants to do that?


Changeling is Barrier/Sentry, not Barrier/Code Gate.


None of the anarch events are really worth playing with each other, atm. In my opinon anyways, to the point that you’d want prepaid voicepad in the deck. Unlike shaper/crim you don’t have maker’s, test-run, legwork available that are worth including multiples of.

I think inject & retrieval run are worth running together though; Demo Run? … maybe. The others, not at all. So, someday maybe there’ll be high value events in anarch worth running as a package. I don’t think that day is today.

I say this as a die-hard HB player: HB is the faction that it’s easiest to run breakerless against. Ichi can be clicked through, and the thing about Rototurret is that it’s one of the few Sentries that you want to facecheck. You should LOVE to run at HB with no breakers - please, by all means Rez that 'Turret. If you don’t have any programs installed, then the worst that happens is you bounce off it. Then you go get your Killer or Parasite and deal with it.

Architect actively punishes the opponent for running without a Killer, as Bayushi points out. Not only that, but due to its Parasite immunity, it acts as a constant 2 credit tax to the Runner… unless they don’t care about you getting all those cards they trashed back! It helps take some if the edge off Noise and Whizzard.

The most important ability, I think, is the one that’s usually overlooked - the ability to take a peek inside your R&D and install something. That’s some critical shit right there. That opens up all kinds of interesting plays: playing “keepaway” by installing an Agenda into a remote server thereby forcing the Runner to expend more time and resources to try and grab it, controlling the cards a Runner will see with a multi-access to keep something valuable out of the Runner’s hands, installing a Toybox so you can start click-Rezzing the good stuff next turn, throwing it in front of Archives (especially vs. Sneakdoor/Security Testing/Keyhole/Noise) to either tax the Runner or disrupt his game plan, and so on.

Even if they went and got their Killer, you at least gearchecked them one good time! You’re also taxing them if they want to keep it from firing off, which is especially valuable against Stealth Killers like Switchblade.

In short, it’s taxing, unclickable, and virtually immortal, with a unique pair of effects unlike any other ICE in the game. I think you’re selling it a bit short.


I’m not sure if it was the well constructed argument or the Office Space meme, but I get what you’re saying. I don’t disagree that the abilities are strong and that the ICE is good. It probably deserved a higher rating. Perhaps my vision is clouded by simpler times where rototurret was my best friend.

Play with it and prove me wrong.


The main reason Rototurret is a shit piece of ice is because it absolutely blows to rez it when the runner has no programs. Even after they have Mimic, paying four to tax 2 can be a losing proposition depending on game state. Face checking against HB is something all good runners should be doing… maybe HB players should start packing Katanas.

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Facechecking HB sucks now since they all get three Architects though.


You said everything I was going to say, but didn’t have time to. (except about Eliza’s, I still think that card sucks).

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Yes, yes this is exactly what I am agreeing with. Architect is better (for the corp) in many more situations (no breakers at all, or many times no Killer) than Rototurret.

To me the only “10s” that have ever existed are Hedge Fund, Sure Gamble, and Jackson Howard.


Not NEH, even given its current success?

The cards that make that deck are Astroscript and Biotic Labor, not so much NEH. The deck was good before NEH was printed. The extra 2 influence is nice, and the extra draws are nice, but, on their own, not earth-shattering or anything.

I suppose it’s a matter of defining the rating criteria.


The extra draw is more than … nice. Why do you think TWIY Astrobioctics took Anonymous Tip over Jackson? For the quick draw, you need the Astro ASAP along with a San San or Biotic. NEH provides the ridiculous draw so much so that it is difficult to R&D lock it.