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Eater question

Hi, playing Anarch today and I was left a little confused about Eater and in fact about basic breaker mechanics It’s restriction on accessing cards is part of its “one credit to break a sub-routine” ability. It had a second option of “one credit to increase strength by one”.

So, of I make a run, and use credits to raise Eater’s strength by a couple so as to encounter the ice, but then elect not to break the subroutine (I was encountering Raven which had no ETR subroutine), can I access cards in the server? I hadn’t used the break subroutine ability that lists that restriction.

With that in mind, it got me wondering if I’d understood the breaker mechanics rightly anyway. If I am running against a piece of ice without any ERR subroutines, can I get through without being up to strength or without having the correct breaker, If I take the hits from the subroutines? Or do I need a matching breaker, up to strength to even get to that point?


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