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Feeling Blue About Blue Decks


Those are the first 9 cards you put in almost any Crim deck, no shame in that. The fun is coming up with the other 36!


You’re forgetting about same old thing and desperado.


1 or 2 Legworks, Earthrise, Career Fair.

I mean, a Criminal deck basically builds itself!


Specific Crims can get away with Drug Dealer instead of Earthrise…


Some decks just do. I had a fever dream and woke up with a fully created RP deck


Sounds about right. There was a point a couple years ago where ever Criminal build had 2x Corroder 3x Faerie 1x Mimic 1x Passport and 1x Zu. Also, plus or minus Yog and Fem. Just click and go.


Hi guys, with the TD comming out soon, I would like to know your opinion on the new killer breaker Lustig. I have been playing Andromeda for a couple of months now and I am constantly bothered by the one-ice-only restriction of Mongoose. Do you think Lustig could replace it in terms of efficiency?


Do you play femme? Cause Mongoose + Femme is a pretty good killer combo.

Lustig doesn’t look very good to me, but I would recommend testing it out in place of Femme rather than in place of Mongoose.


What StephenE said, really - I would consider cutting Femme instead of Mongoose, if you wanted to try out Lustig. Except, in all honesty, I don’t think I would bother. It’s massively inefficient against the key ice that you really want an early Mongoose for (Architect), and its barely superior to Ninja (the more damning comparison). It will serve you well against Archer, and perchance Gutenberg, but it’s just ‘by the numbers’ poor against the majority of mid-range sentries. Do feel free to test it out, of course, but I don’t imagine you will be thrilled by the results.

In my mind, the only one of the new Crim ‘con breakers’ that is particularly decent is Abagnale, as it saves you a fair amount of influence over Gordian (or Zu.13), whilst also being solid against several common code gates. Even there, I think you would frequently miss Gordian’s less-clumsy, 1-for-1 strength-boosting and, on occasion, the strength retainment. Depending on the popularity of Skorpios though, you may just have to bite that bullet.


Yeah, I do play Femme, but I am always unhappy see it in my opening hand (so there are times, when I prefere playing 2 Mongooses). Unfortunatelly, increasing strenght of Femme is expensive, so I often have to keep Mongoose in play too when installing Femme…which costs me 2 memory…I would rather use that memory for Datasucker, Medium or even Sneakdoor Beta. My wish it to have only one killer, but I am not sure whether Lustig can meet the criteria.


I wonder if there’s a crim deck that just wants to play all 3 of the new breakers+ datasucker. They all work pretty efficiently if you have 1-2 datasucker counters to play with, and that might save you influence on your breaker suite (especially if you start having to play them all as 2-ofs to get around skorpios). It also saves you around 3 influence (-3 for paperclip, -2 for gordion, +2 for 2 datasuckers), so if there’s some high influence splash you need it might be worth thinking about.


Sneakdoor is an early game play until they ice up archives, while Femme isn’t played early game because of the 9 credit cost. I don’t think you should be so concerned with MU - sneakdoor is meant to be overwritten.


I actually won a game recently where I over installed 2x DataSucker with a Sneakdoor to hit HQ with 2x HQI and close out a game.

But yeah, Sneakdoor is for times when you are sneaking into HQ on a partial rig, not part of your finished rig.


Yeah, I often do the same. Once I do not see my Sneakdoor early, I always keep it in my hand as a last resort solution. Even though archives are decently ice-protected, it could still be the last chance how to hit an agenda in HQ. And this is exactly a case when I want to instal two-memory program and do not want be restricted by having two killers instaled (and yeah, I know I could over install one of the killers, but…)


Just overwrite a killer in that circumstance. You’re going for the game win, who cares about them?

The alternative killer setup to mongoose+femme is mimic + datasucker, but that’s also 2 MU, so it doesn’t make it any easier to play sneakdoor.


The problem with playing Andy? It makes you so sad turn one if you play any other Crim ID.


Supposing I swicht Abagnale for Gordian Blade, what are the cards to include for those 3 freed influences? I am not asking about meta answers as SacCon now. I am interested in generally good cards for Andromeda that we could not afford to play so far. First that comes to mind is Rebirth (Los and Steve Cambridge are now new and quite good targets), Dejavu or even SMC?


Deja vu and SMC are not great because Crim have similar influence free cards in Same Old Thing and Special Order. I would try something very different from what Crim can normally do like Beth (you can use hostage to find her!) or Find the Truth. Rebirth is good too if you’re playing Andy.


I am not sure (theoreticaly) about Beth since you try to keep the Corp poor…


A second Medium/Keyhole would be nice to have for one thing.

Another option is a Levy’s to reuse all the nice events and temujin contracts all over again.