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Film Critic Is Real

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Metashakeup - Not sky is falling.

Played against @cranked last night and had my first peak at the card in action. It compliment’s Kate’s run only when she wants too mentality and really makes the central dig against Jinteki decks work again. While I thought it’d be better to just pay for NAPD, I think it turns out it’s better to have the cash reserves for running. You just look at the double click on film critic as making back your 4 bucks you would have spent on NAPD and it all works out. So, it’s like mandatory OPUS at some point after having seen NAPD. And, more importantly, TFP isn’t as much of a threat. And more annoyingly, on score abilities really are done as soon as you see it in play.

I’m not sure where critic will be best. It seems medium decks will love it; but Kate loves it too. As a connection, it’s even playable in criminal at 1 inf.

I think Jinteki “can’t touch this” decks are going to go on the decline, not disappear; but it’s probably the right call to avoid leaning too hard on these cards. I think they’ll still be good in rush. It’s just that those longer game plans aren’t going to be as powerful.

Ding Dong, RP stubbed its toe. And you can probably replace midseasons replacements with something else, now.

Similar experiences, anyone?

Corporate Town (Which toybox can rez) and Contract Killer seem like the best answers. But answers for answers, not a great strategy. Probably better to shift.


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