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Fine Tuning the Machine: Relearning Supermodernism

It’s funny, actually.

Supermodernism: "if you don’t win soon enough, you lose"
Scorched Imaging: “if you don’t lose soon enough, you win”



my problem with weyland is actually if you dont win soon the game is going to take forever as you both stare at each other over monster piles of credits. maybe fast track changes the game a little but my experience with weyland is i either win/lose early or get into a long drawn out game where the runner isnt going to be scorched and has access to everything i put down so im reduced to playing a jinteki like shell game to win by agenda points. some of my longest tournament games have been weyland where im at 5 points and the runner is at 5 and i can prolong the game by rezzing another archer but set myself back so far im going to time.

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If they can get out a Mimic to kill Guard, they have all they need to kill Rototurret.

One piece of ICE I like in my Super Modernism deck is Hive. It does a better job of slowing the runner down than Bastion does. It’s weak to Morning Star, true, but my local meta is very much fond of the Mimic/Corroder/Yog/Datasucker combo.

I’ve had some worthwhile success with Rainbow, since Mimic and Yog both need Datasuckers, and it’s cheaper that Bastion for the purposes of Corroder.

Looking over the deck list I feel like my supermodernism deck needs more options. The snares can be great fun, but at the same time if I put one down and don’t advance it right away they know it’s a snare and they should avoid it.

Once Blue Sun is out I’m looking at adding Oversight AI and Curtain Wall.

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I always keep the Snares in hand, unless I’d have to discard one anyway or am at matchpoint (and it’s a credible fake, with how many Atlases/False Leads have already hit the table). That’s because anyone who ever played any variety of rushy Weyland knows that you usually want to do Install-Advance (once or twice) before you’re at match-point, simply because of how the agendas work.

That’s the reason I am currently perplexed by the jackson howard hate, jhow and snare are best friends, guarding your hand or your deck, whichever the runner wants to hit hardest.

I think in this deck you’re not in the Snare Attrition business, you’re in the One Snare And You’re Done™ business. Hence, no recycling needed. Also, you don’t want to be defending JH, and thus you’d need to hold him in hand until you want to use him, which both takes up hand space, and increases your deck’s porosity.


That’s a good point that wasn’t covered in the article, thanks peek.


Just wondering… Does anyone thing Upstalk introduced any cards that could improve Supermoderism at all?

Here are some that jumped out at me:

Lotus Field - ETR ICE that can’t be Yog’d is always good.

Taurus - I’m on the fence about this being a substitute for Grim. Spending 3 extra credits has the possibility of trashing a Hardware, two if the trace succeeds. Being able to shut down a plascrete, puts the fear of scorched back into the runner. Which is something Supermoderism needs.

Mother Goddess - An early game ice that forces the runner to build their rig. Late game is basically becomes a Rainbow and you can only really effectively run 1 since it’s unique.

Bad times - It’s not a good a scorched earth because you can’t kill the runner with it,but if you hit with it wipes out a good chunk of the runner’s rig. They choose what part of the rig they have to lose, though.

One-of Taurus seems about right. It opens the runner up for massive punishment, but doesn’t turn Ice on after they get their breakers out. Seeing one might be nice, but seeing a second would pretty much always be a damn nuisance.

I think Mother Goddess is probably not worth it because it becomes tax the moment they can get past another ice, and it’s primarily a binary deck. Rezzing a second thing to keep them from Inside Jobbing makes MG breakable.

Bad Times isn’t worth it, if they’re tagged you should be able to kill them much of the time, and losing the slots to it isn’t worthwhile. It’d help if programs that prevent meat damage become a thing, though. It’s too expensive to hit them with enough to actually wipe their board, though, and the threat of meat damage is bigger. If runners don’t adapt, maybe a small splash’d help out, but I’m not convinced it’ll be worth it against the biggest threats (makes Shaper use recursion, which they’ve got, and Criminal tends to run breaker-light, so they’re unfussed).

Lotus Field isn’t worth the influence, at least in my preferred GRNDL builds. It’s expensive and only stops Yog – if Yog remains a major challenge, sure, but I’d rather see if all the other decks that get benefit from running Lotus Field (because they don’t stack Ice/run more Code Gates) is enough to get it hated out of the meta a bit. Might be worth a one-of splash at first for that reason, but the price of rezzing could be a Taurus or a Grim, both of which are just as able to solve your problems.

EDIT: Looking into it more, there are a few other cards I could see some benefit from in Lunar Cycle, though. None of them seems suuuper worthwhile just yet, but depending on what style of Supermodernism, maybe they could help a little. Certainly they provide more options to customize your deck to handle particular meta issues.

Lag Time – serves as a Current Counter if one is needed, and makes all the Ice more expensive/difficult to break. Not ideal, but potentially useful. Unless Currents are a huuuge issue, though, I think the deck’s likely able to score Agendas easily enough (Atlas counter into a Hostile Takeover, maybe, or just draw one and score from hand) to not have to worry overmuch.

Will O’ The Wisp – while it’s not perfect, it’s expensive, and there are a few ways around it… could be a useful way to make sure a runner that has managed to steal one Agenda won’t be as able to steal another. That said, the biggest threat to Supermodernism is Shaper, and they can tutor it right back… at least it can’t be clone chipped?

Shattered Remains – I still don’t think advance-traps are worthwhile, but this one might be. Get it off, kill their 'cretes, then SEA-Scorch. Easy with Atlas, but not necessarily worth the slot/play… though the amount of agenda-based pressure makes a well-timed hit very possible, I’d think.

Eden Fragment – The Cleaners is almost certainly better, but you do tend to want big servers, so it might be almost useful? Seems unlikely to make the cut, unless you want to focus more on Ice development.

Hades Fragment – puts your stuff back into Atlas-ability. Useful if Anarch becomes more prevalent and develops particular threats to Supermodernism, maybe, but the Cleaners still wins out. Certainly would be nice to be able to get your SEA Source back if it’s Imped.

Utopia Fragment – the only one that might actually rival the Cleaners off the bat. It’s not a taxation deck, but hitting the runner in the econ’s not hard, either, and making them spend cash to steal agendas will slow them down and open them up to SEA-Scorch.


I’ve ended at the 5/6th position in the French national with supermodernism after a top16 cut in a 111 players tournament. Just gonna say: even in the top table and in the elimination cut, the deck managed to beat to the ground a couple of really good players. What make this archetype really really strong is it force the other players to make bad choices either by running unprepared or to let you score. I think only one player ran more than once on my remote in the entire tournament and incidentally it was one of my 2 losses in 5 rounds (got a bye) and the elimination cut. Most of the time the runner is too afraid of running a 3-4 deep remote without all their breaker and the datasucker charged at least at 4-5 and it give you a huge Avenue to score your over scored Atlas directly from the deck.


You bring pride to The W. Well done.

For information, the second weyland player was ranked 54 after the swiss round and there were at max 10-12 weyland players in the entire tournament. I was the only one who made the cut.

Sounds a lot like my Chicago experience.