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Going to be in Raleigh this week. Anyone up for some games?

Seems I’ll be flying out to Raleigh Wed. - Friday and there is a reasonable chance I will have some time available Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. I was curious to see if someone would be up for a few games.

It would have to be somewhat spontaneous due to the work (I’m a service technician, hence the tentative schedule), but maybe that’s ok? Certainly I could shoot a text or email Wednesday night or Thursday early afternoon.

My hotel will be the Holiday Inn Express @ 11400 Common Oaks Drive as a reference for location.

That location is a bit far out, closer to Wake Forest(the triangle area is one big sprawl anyway). Our usual group in Raleigh proper plays on Sundays at Game Theory; however, I hear some people do play on Thursday nights.

Gamer’s Armory in Cary plays on Thursday @6:30 . Maybe some of the Durham people on this forum can also assist since they all play at Atomic Empire.

Ah. didn’t realize I was that far out, excuse me.

thanks for the info

To be fair, everyone here drives 30 minutes to go somewhere so if you have a rental you might be able to catch the Thursday night session at Gamer’s Armory in Cary.

There’s also a specific thread just for such a request: