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Grim Feast Deck Tech

Paige is useful if you have a lot of installables, don’t want to play more than a couple each turn, and don’t want many repeats.

That’s not this deck. There are decks that look a lot like this deck that would like Paige, but that’s because they’re actually different in terms of what they’re running.

Paige’s place is when you have about 15ish cards that you want to run as 3-ofs but don’t want to see more than one of. She doesn’t replace the need for draw, just helps smooth the draw out, but that means she’s also best in lists that don’t want to be drawing super heavily, or that want value when they do draw.

Definitely has a place, but she’s not a “throw three Paiges in and every deck gets better” card, because not every deck does. Some do, but the benefit they see is not the benefit everyone would get.

If this list ran 2-3 Mimic and Corroder, maaaybe. Even then, she works best with stuff like Earthrise (where you will not draw until your deck is done), strangely, but swapping the Wyldsides and Chronotypes for Earthrise and Paige here lowers the number of Paigeable installs by 3, so she’d replace other draw which is more useful for getting the “combo” pieces together. Pass.

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Paige seems really good on paper but in practice it doesn’t fit that well with this deck. The big issue as vinegary pointed out is you want to install the Paige targets ASAP so if you don’t get her in the first few turns she doesn’t do enough to warrant card slots IMO.

That would be a 45 card deck. I feel that would be completely awful, for exactly the reason that you want to install more than once a turn. Im sure the math experts could come up with the optimal number of targets for a deck, its way over my head, but i would bet its closer to what the OP decklist has, not 15.

Even if you have a good volume of cards that you want to trash with Paige I’m still confident that she’s going to be worse than cards that put more cards into your hand like Inject and I’ve Had Worse. Wylside is a bit different since it does have a downside, but in terms of finding Blackmails and Desperados it still seems better to me than Paige. Maths could prove me wrong I guess

May have mistyped, 15 is a bit high, but that’s including the copies you want to install, and Paige herself. So 5 cards that you want one of that you run as 3-ofs. I suppose OP decklist does, but to fit Paige in we’d go down to 12 in total, which seems like too few, especially in comparison to the draw power likely lost.

But then, I also feel like Paige is a subtle nombo with Val. You want to see Paige as early as possible. She seems tailor-made for a deck where you want to not deal with tutoring your basic programs but also don’t want more than one of most of them out, or where you can make installs on the corp turn to speed things up some. Shame she might nombo with Street Peddlers, unless they hit the table first and pick up a couple things you’d want to trash with her. But yeah, her advantage is turning a slow-ish 45 card deck into something closer to a 25-30 card deck, I think. We just don’t have many decks in Anarch that can’t use their size to fit options right now, so it’s not common to have something so streamlined.

I think she’ll be pretty neat with Trope, though, because you use her to clear out everything you don’t want and Trope to put the good stuff back in over and over without shuffling the dreck back too (like you would if you used Levy).

Because ultimately she’s a deck thinner. If your deck doesn’t particularly want to be thinned to the limit while also taking its time to set up completely, she’s not going to really pull her weight.

This deck wants to set up quickly and gets additional utility out of most of its choices. There are already Clone Chips and Deja Vus to recur parasites for days, so Inject has a limited chance of really hurting you too badly, which makes it a thinning and econ card as much as anything. I’ve Had Worse doubles as Scorch Protection if you don’t need the extra draw. And the main engine gives you two cards/turn clicklessly for 6 credits, which vastly outpaces Earthrise if you get them together, and even if you don’t, if you draw one of them early you’re still getting a boatload of value if it’s Wyldside, which’ll get you to Chronotype all the faster.

Looks to me to be one of the best draw engines a deck could ask for. So even if Paige WOULD help, she’s not worth going to 53 for. So what do you cut? Losing Chronotype makes Wyldside waaay less nice. Losing Wyldside and Chronotype means you have to use the more expensive Earthrise Chain instead, way less efficient. Losing IHW removes your protection against kill decks. Losing Inject means that you’re not plowing through four cards for 1 credit with possible rebate and combo with Clone Chips for getting instant-parasite ready even if they keep not-rezzing to play it normally. Will 3 Paiges plow through the 12 cards the Injects will and not lose the deck speed? No, so Paige probably doesn’t fit.

You could cut something else, but the deck is already risking Swordsman trouble by not running a Mimic (I imagine because 9/10 times you can CC a parasite onto it and murder it before it fires), and even beyond that the cards are tight. You don’t want to lose even one Kati, and doing so makes Paige worse anyway. You can’t afford to give up a breaker, or a datasucker, or a parasite, or a keyhole. Losing a D4V1D sucks for landing actual accesses or dealing with shit like Curtain Wall, and they’re limited anyway so you want a spare for later if possible. Vamp is how the deck intends to keep the corp shut down, same with blackmail. The influence cards are all pretty essential and not worth cutting. Sure Gamble is great first-turn econ, and Dirty Laundry goes so damn well with Desperado, Datasucker, bad publicity, and even Eater (since if you Dirty Laundry into archives, even if they rez ice to stop you making the steal, you’ll make back money in the end anyway.

Not going to say the deck is perfect, but it’s pretty finely balanced to try to threaten all three centrals AND remotes in a way that invalidates corp ice while also mandating its presence. If you can see an obvious cut for Paige, do tell.

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It looks like your deck has 12 economy cards (3 Kati, 3 Sure Gamble, 3 Dirty Laundry, and 3 Desperado), not counting what you earn off data suckers. This seems really low in a 50 card deck, no? Your write-up mentions how you like that you deck has good card draw, so you avoid the ills of falling behind the runner because of spending a click a turn drawing a card. But aren’t you just trading that off for clicking for credits? It kinds seems like it’s Kati Jones or bust once the corp’s servers are properly iced.

You tend to run an awful lot (often 3 times a turn) and if you’re achieving things while doing so Desperado is an insane economy card. Also bear in mind that Valencia’s ability is economy.

You will often ‘click for credits’ but you’ll do so while building up Datasucker counters through archive runs and this is usually bringing you closer to winning. Beyond that once you have Wyldisde+Chronotype going effectively clicking for credits isn’t too bad because you’re seeing so many cards and your turns may well be more efficient than the corps.

It’s certainly true that if the corp gets proper defenses online you really want to see Kati Jones, but there’s a reason that I play 3x Inject 3x IHW 3x Wyldside and 3x Kati. If you’re in need of a lot of money the game should have gone long enough where you’ll see her. I’ve found that this deck’s weakness is more often not seeing the cards you want than not having enough money. Desperado + Datasucker + Bad Publicity mean that this deck can often do what it needs to do without spending a lot of credits.

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From playing criminal sec testing/desperado/datasucker decks, i always thought of the sucker token AS another form of economy, albeit a delayed one (1 counter now is 1 less credit spent later). Am i way off there?

You’re not off at all. A lot of the time Datasucker counters are used to instantly kill ice, which while not actual economy is effectively saving you money at worst, and giving you accesses you wouldn’t have had otherwise at best.

Beyond that sometimes you will just use them to make runs cheaper when you get them. If you’re Keyhole spamming you’ll often use the Datasucker counters you’re get from your Keyhole run on your next one.

It’s kind of like an economy/ice destruction split card.

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I’m mostly wondering how useful a single Clot in a 50 card deck is, did it do much for you? I really like this build, though I cut the Clot for a Mimic. I am mostly worried about NEH, as you mentioned is a bad matchup and the top decks in my last Regionals were NEH…albeit they were Butcher’s shop versions so maybe I’m ok.

Still would a single draw per turn off of John Masanori really be that much bettter than the pancake-party- combo against NEH or is it the fact that you only need JM against NEH and would then cut the whole draw combo for 3 JM and soemthing else?

It was just a mise (one of that’s good if you draw it at the right time) because as is the NEH Fast Advance matchup is pretty bad. It is worth pointing out that between Inject, IHW and Wyldside you do dig through your deck at a decent pace, so your chances of seeing it aren’t horrible. It is a bad matchup if you don’t draw the Clot though. I didn’t face any NEH on the day but the Clot did still win me the game against a HB deck with a Biotic backup plan. Generally decks that score from hand are a problem for you. It also stops Clone Retirement I guess.

John used to be in the deck, and he does fit pretty well with the ‘run all the time’ plan. He’s also a great way to make the NEH matchup a lot better. Cutting the pancake combo for him is defensible anyway, and it will certainly make your NEH matchup better. Wylside + Chronotype is often too slow against NEH while John will trigger every turn while allowing you to do what you want to be doing anyway, so the swap definitely makes things better for you.

Mimic is a decent addition but I’m not all that sold on it. It does mean you can beat Architect + Crisium though and that is something.

What do you think about the idea of Ice Carver as an econ card here? It’s probably not quite as good as Datasucker, but it’s not too dissimilar and could slot in as suckers 4-5.

Seems like it has the potential to give insane econ in the late game when you’re running 2+ times a turn.

I can’t speak for the OP but I will say in a lot of games with this deck datasucker tokens basically become unlimited; In these situations Ice carver is just replacing one “fake” econ with another.

If this were a deck that was at risk of being “too fast” and not having a decent lategame, then this might be a good add, but as-is i don’t see it fitting in (at least in my meta, YMMV)

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It would be good, however, there isn’t really a lot to cut. I play with -1 Clot -1 Adjusted Chronotype +2 Spooned and don’t know what I’d cut.

Yeah because of Eater and Desperado I don’t tend to find that you have much trouble getting enough Sucker counters. Imo Ice Carver is only worth it if you’re running a fixed breaker suite. It also makes D4v1d worse.

This deck has a good lategame, so I don’t think it needs any more cards that build to it.

I want to thank you for sharing your deck. I have been playing it pretty hard in the run up to my own regional championship and every time I try and tinker with it, well it just doesn’t work as well.

I will say, I am not seeing a lot of NEH FA around my neck of the woods and so I don’t have that cross to bear.

I wish I had something to add but all I have is my thanks.


@vinegarymink, thanks for sharing the deck and writing the article! I’ve been a fan of Valencia since she came out (tugging on my heartstrings by calling her “The Angel of Cayambe” - angels being a favorite archetype of mine in fantasy), and despite my own and others’ efforts, couldn’t find a deck I really thought was strong with her, and utilized her ability best.

I don’t know for sure if this deck is going to become that for me, but I think it’s a wonderful starting point, and I’m encouraged by the amount of success you’ve had with it.

How have you managed with NEH Butcher Shop and others along these lines? I played one yesterday where I got burned through my own mistake, but otherwise felt pretty confident I could win that game. Keyhole + Desperado + Sucker and just slamming into R&D for free every turn (killed the only ICE). The issue was that he managed to get a solid bank up early, and I had a bit of issue with economy then, so I couldn’t do much about it. Can you share your experiences against these kinds of decks? Also, how have you done against Bootcamp glacier?

Thanks for your time and effort.

vs butchers shop (as a avid butchers shopper), love me some whole sale meat! once they get a cash advantage on you any run you make that steals you an agenda = you blowing up on the new midseasons replacment.

TO play around it, you need to either A keep your cash higher then thiers, and dont use your IHW to draw with, but nothing is fool proof, i killed a noise player who had 2 IHW in his 5 hand during my regional! other side, is you just keyhole while drawing for IHW and making cash. or add some wanton destruction to your deck and empty there HQ after a while once there kill pieces gather up there.

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t played against Butcher Shop at all with Grim Feast. I imagine that Desperado is a big help here, because you manage to keep economic parity whilst you’re running. The fact that you can deal with all of their Ice fiarly easily helps too. Generally I think you just take the same approach that you should always take against Butcher Shop - ignore everything other than Breaking News, and just money up. Build up a big Kati, take off her and then Keyhole them to death. Obviously hold onto IHW.

My experiences against Boot Camp Glacier have been pretty good because of Blackmail, but generally those games come down to whether they find Adonis and how well they protect it. Remember that building up Datasucker counters is your plan A against any Blue Sun deck, and if you can successfully do that you’re at a huge advantage. Blue Sun is the reason that I play 2 D4v1d.