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GRNDL Supermodernism


I would never consider Caduceus for this archetype. I personally like using 2x Data Raven in Argus, as they can slow down any Runner. I have been wanting to try Casting Call. Personally I don’t even play SEA anymore. Here is the list I’ve been using for a month or two, copied from another user on NRDB.

Argus Modernism CVS

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed (Order and Chaos)

Agenda (12)

Asset (7)

Upgrade (1)

Operation (14)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (5)

15 influence spent (max 15)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Chrome City

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

The thing about this archetype in general is that it can trounce newer/reckless/unfamiliar players, but it has a very difficult time beat decenting players, and Shapers in general. Criminal match-up isn’t an issue unless they hammer you with Siphons and have Plascrete. Non-Noise Anarch (or should I say non-Faust now) is skewed maybe a bit in your favor, but honestly Modernism doesn’t have any good match-ups because it is tier 2 IMO. I guess my point is the only real reason to play it is for fun.

I know Patch seems wonky, and I was very skeptical at first, but it is actually useful in many scenarios. The fact that Atman at 4 shuts off Changeling/Wendigo/Lotus Field/Data Raven is a real issue for this deck. Also, I once had a triple-Patched Archer by the end of the game, mostly for hilarity. Also suspect may be the 3rd Hostile Takeover, but it’s so crucial for closing out games that I’ve never had qualms with it being in here. Again, this isn’t my list, except the removal of something for CVS (I forget what).


I really like the 3x Patch ICE suite. I saw it first in that Rangus Security deck on nrdb. I’ve been messing around with it and its pretty effective. Makes we want to squeeze in Blacklist even more than Xenasis’ list.

It’s definitely a noob stomper and tier 2. Any well-piloted deck can be a newer player sweeper, but this archetype really gives me (and the opponent) the true green Weyland Experience™. That’s why I love it so much.

Definitely try casting call. Infinitely better in Argus, without the threat of never advance Atlas in TItan it’s strictly superior to Snare!, even in Titan Supermodernism.

Also, have you considered 1x Twins for your 3x Archer?


I have not, but that’s an interesting thought.


It’s a very powerful Atlas fetch you can pull to secure your remote. If you stumble upon them in a natural draw you potentially blow out someones rig. Plus you can use it to bluff since they often say “I’ll end the run on Archer to not pass it so you can’t Twins me”. Sharpshooter, Faerie, and D4v1d all have the opportunity get equally taxed and equally bluffed by Twins, very fun and feels strong.

Footnote: Bluffing with the Twins implies rezzing them like Caprice and not actually have a copy of Archer in hand.


Casting Call just makes me want False Lead even more.


This is my list. Blackmail is a big problem. You have to rush an Atlas before they draw one and then hopefully you can kill them once they start firing them off. If you are losing to Faust you are playing too slow. Aggressively mulligan for Hostile Takeover vs ID’s likely to run Faust and score it turn 1. Put an Archer in the back of your scoring remote and blow them out. If Faust is really giving you trouble then swap Wall of Static for Spiderweb, but honestly the extra cost and 2 Str on that lost me a lot of games to sucker-parasite so I went back.

If you finish the game with more than 1 ice on a central server you are doing it wrong. You don’t care about R&D lock. You have Atlas and Fast Track. Never ICE HQ unless they are Criminal. Playing into the kill too much with trash like Raven and Casting Call is a waste. The only reason the kill is there is to punish runners who just BARELY get their rig together in time to get down your remote.

If you don’t have a 2 ice remote with an agenda advanced in it by turn 2, you’re doing it wrong.


GRNDL (49 cards)
GRNDL: Power Unleashed
Agenda (11)
1 Corporate War
1 High-Risk Investment
3 Hostile Takeover
3 Oaktown Renovation
3 Project Atlas

Asset (3)
3 Snare! – -- –

Operation (19)
1 Anonymous Tip -
3 Beanstalk Royalties
2 Fast Track
3 Hedge Fund
3 Power Shutdown
3 Restructure
3 Scorched Earth
1 SEA Source –

Barrier (6)
1 Changeling
3 Ice Wall
2 Wall of Static

Code Gate (5)
3 Enigma
1 Lotus Field -
1 Quandary

Sentry (4)
3 Archer
1 Grim

ICE (1)
1 Chimera


Not as good as Anonymous Tip! Fast Track is pretty much for-sure better than Anonymous Tip, too! [/quote]
Well, once we take out that Faust can get the runner in, getting Agendas fast isn’t as important as getting the cards you need at the time potentially is. I can see what you’re saying, but I prefer Jackson for drawing up and discarding what you don’t need - importantly against Noise as well, for recovering Imp’d or milled cards. With so few kill pieces in the deck, that option could be quickly turned off.

I’m happy to try some games though to see how things shakes out. I’m talking in terms of general experiences from the Noise side of the table now, rather than how robust the deck is as a whole. I’d love to give GRNDL a try, but I’m really disappointed FFG only gave it 10 influence when they spun their Card Text Randomiser 3000.


I am honestly really struggling to see how this deck wins. The original Supermodernism was strong at punishing unprepared runners, but traditionally used to struggle against better players and those who knew the deck once you got to the knockout stages. Basically, runners have moved on but this deck hasn’t got anything it didn’t have a year ago apart from Changeling (which is fairly inconsequential as Atman 4 has always been a thing). In fact, this version has fewer kill threats (or rather, reduced potential to kill due to fewer tag sources) than the Supermodernism of old. In a world in which the good players are now a lot stronger than they were and the runners are faster and richer than they were a year ago I just can’t see that this deck can close out a game via either victory condition.

I can see how GRNDL maybe does this archetype a little bit better than the other Weyland IDs can at present due to the early economic threat, but it seems pretty dependent on getting a favourable draw for an early Atlas and even that’s not a guaranteed score against modern runners. Entirely folding to Valencia is a big disadvantage too and PPVP Kate is richer than you so you’ll never land the tag unless they let you keep an advanced Bounty on the table. Casting Call is the best shout at landing the tag, but even that is beaten by a run first or second click.


The reason I’ve found success with this deck is because it smashes durdle anarch (standard breakers with sucker and netready etc out of either Whiz or a Val playing limited or no recursion for Blackmail) and Noise (if you know what you’re doing and PRACTICE!). My meta is VERY anarch heavy so this deck is well positioned. We have almost no Kate.

I should re-emphasize that this is not a deck that you can just pick up and start winning with. You need to PRACTICE A LOT (just like any deck). For some reason people think that since this is a rush deck it is auto-pilot to play, and that’s just not true.

Fast Track is the key card. If you’re not playing 2-3 of them your GRNDL is not going to work.


Entirely untrue and all your advice that follows is very conditional. You can mulligan all you want for Hostile; sometimes you won’t get it.

This is incredibly reductive. While I agree that this deck almost never wants to ICE centrals more than once, the dream of having a 2 deep remote with enough money to rez ICE and advance agendas is not going to happen all the time. It is my opinion the strength of Runner economy and tutoring are too powerful right now for Weyland rush to be anything more than tier 2. All of @Arkhon’s points are spot-on. Even with practice, this deck isn’t going to win very often in any competitive meta.


Obviously I’m being reductive. I’m trying to emphasize a point.

Runner Economy is strong, but who cares. Their rig assembly is the same as it’s ever been. An Enigma->Archer remote is not easy to crack, and is VERY hard to crack more than once, particularly in the early stages of the game.

If you can’t rez on your early 2 deep remote it’s because you’re running too much changeling and Spiderweb and not enough ice wall and wall of static.

The deck is definitely not favored against Faust decks. I guess I should rephrase by saying that if you ALWAYS lose to Faust decks you are playing too slow.


Who cares about getting into your remote more than once? You can have 6 points for all I care, the only thing that matters is stopping the 7th point (which will actually be the 8th or 9th if you’re rezzing Archers). While you’re doing that I’ll be raiding your weakly defended R&D. You have very few options to draw through R&D lock. Enigma is trivial for Anarch or Shaper to beat / kill. Archer is tougher but still pretty easy for Shaper, though admittedly it’s a bunch of cards for Faust or a lot of Datasuckers. Noise probably kills it rather than beats it. That might take a couple of turns and forge you a scoring window or two, but the runner only has to deny the winning point.

This deck wasn’t tier 1 when it was new. This version has arguably less kill threat than those early versions and is up against better runners now.


No one is selling this as a tier 1 deck (I hope). I just think it’s way better than the haters seem to. I would really challenge you to give it a prolonged try.

You actually are only playing to 5-6, since you can atlas for hostile to finish the game.

If you have an Atlas counter and they are tunneling on R&D you usually win. Just keep chaining Atlas’s and finish with a hostile.

No EtR is “trivial”.

Also this deck is MUCH better than older versions, just because of Oaktown. That card makes you a full turn faster than usual, which makes all the difference.


Oaktown was a big boon to the deck, and Weyland in general. I think the skeptics are being fair; it’s just not a very viable archetype. The only way you can really win versus Anarch or Shaper in the current meta is for them to make a mistake, which against decent players, won’t happen too often. This deck doesn’t put enough pressure on the Runner. All you have to do is pay attention to your money and don’t run last click. Neither are steep orders. Even when you can rush the first 2 or 3 agendas, the issue is almost always closing out the game, as @Arkhon mentioned.


Actually, Atman 5 (or 4 if you’re worried about an advanced Changeling and can’t find Mimic) and a Datasucker just murder Supermodernism sentries. It’s easy enough to use Sharpshooter to get by an unexpected Archer or something, but Atman is the way to go for the end-game, IMO.


I am playing a Titan Supermodernism (Core: look at the 1441 - Titan Hyper Fast Advance thread) that is quite successful. I believe that it makes a lot more sense to play Supermodernism in Titan because of the speed you gain through Atlas tokens. Not only is it THE single best Corp tutor out there, but it also translates to a click. And the extra influence goes into fast advance tools (Biotic, SanSan) as well as for example Sweeps Week. No Snare!. The deck threatens so many things. First of all, it reliably wins in less than 10 turns. Yes, reliably, you read correct. Of the games I win, 70-80 percent are in less than 10 turns. Overall win rate well above 60% (my number of plays with that should be more than 500 by now…). And the deck gained an incredibly awesome new card: Public Support. Lose-lose for the runner. Either I get the point (and more importantly: Archer fodder), or they bankrupt themselves getting the breaker(s), getting into the remote and trashing the Public Support, which allows Sea Source Scorch kills (which is ridiculously easy if you have Atlas tokens…). At the same time, they have to respect your fast advance threats. And then you are the most annoying Corp ever and Interns all the stuff back that they just trash. Don’t give the runner room to breathe. Keep them busy, keep them poor. Yes, keeping runners poor is very well possible in the early game. Because that is the boardstate in which you want to keep the game. Particularly as Weyland you have awesome access to cheap gearchecking ICE and also archers, which can reset the runners boardstate again. You play nice and efficient operation economy and always threat the Scorched Earth. Dayum.


I’ve looked at Titan versions of the archetype, but builds like 1441 always put me off because I feel like if the runner steals a Project Atlas at any point then you can never win. The extra click you gain on that atlas is strong, but GRNDL also gains you clicks by giving you 5 extra credits at the start without needing to play (and potentially click to draw) an operation.
In my opinion Public Support seems terrible in that deck because you barely have any ICE, and you definitely don’t want to clog up your scoring remote for 3 turns just for 1 point. I haven’t been tracking how many turns I normally take to win with this deck but I’m fairly sure it’s in the same region as you have with Titan.


I think your being a bit short sighted here. The fact that you can’t see how it wins shouldn’t trump the fact that it clearly has the capacity to, and against good runners. Raveladvice won with this list at a ANRPC event that had Cerberus, mendax, evilgaz, Vapo, MasterAir and a lot of other really good UK players at it. He’s well known for piloting decks like this at major UK tournaments and placing well.


Just a note on Public Support: Just from my experience I completely disagree with your thoughts.

First: The 1441 primarily wants to fast advance. You do not need a scoring remote usually, so Public Support does not block anything (even though it should be protected by an ICE).
Second, and more importantly, I feel it creates a very powerful swing. Either you convert 2 creds and a click into an agenda point, or the runner needs to spend at least a click and four credits plus what he needs to spend to get into that remote, but not get any advantage out of it. Remember the meta we are talking about: 2/3 Kate+Noise. Guess how much and how easily Noise can afford to repeatedly go through an Archer just to bankrupt himself trashing Public Support.
While Kate has Sharpshooter, Clone Chips are limited and therefore this calls for a high strength Atman which is a huge upfront cost and often enables Scorch kills. Remember: You got the Atlas tokens to tutor your kill pieces.

I just feel that Public Support enables either of two great things: It gives you points and takes you to matchpoint earlier, which is huge, or it keeps the runner stuck in the midgame because they have less time and resources to build a sustainable boardstate and therefore you are able to profit from that.

One last word: 1441 can still win well enough, if runners steal Atlas. It is when they steal both Atlas and Hostile that you need to put some more effort into it, but thats exactly where Public Support comes in handy. Also you are able to fast advance Oaktown. ANd there is Scorch. While of course more difficult, winning despite stolen Atlases is far from impossible…


I actually found it to have a pretty decent PPVP Kate matchup, FWIW.

I didn’t even have to do anything all that intelligent. Just don’t ice centrals, build a 3-deep remote, and dump agendas in there as fast as you can Atlas them or Fast Track them, occasionally pausing to Power Shutdown a Datasucker or a Clone Chip or something, and maybe IAA’ing Hostile Takeover or something as a bluff.

Atman is split between wanting to be at 6 (for Archer), or 4 (for Changeling), Grim is lurking at 5, and there’s only so much recursion of Sharpshooter, Datasucker, Parasite, and Lady that can be happening.

The only time it really goes belly-up is if she starts the game with Indexing; otherwise, she’s kind of toothless on centrals and you go on about your merry way more or less ignoring them.

I had a lot more trouble with the Anarch matchup, because a) Anarch central pressure is the real deal and b) this is especially true when Snare! into IHW accelerates them into finding their Atman or whatever they needed to break my 3-deep remote instead of hurting their tempo.