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Honeymooning in Europe, looking for events in certain places at certain times

Hi boys and girls, my name is Alex, I’m an avid player from “Down Under” (Australia, for the uninitiated). I am getting married in 11 days, and will afterward be in Europe for a good 4 or so weeks for my honeymoon. Whilst I doubt I will have much time for netrunner, I would nonetheless love the opportunity to play a bit at a store or two in Europe somewhere.

Whilst our trip will start in the Loire Valley followed by a stint in Baden Baden, neither of which are likely to offer much in the way of netrunning, I will be in Paris from the 26th of Sept until the 8th of October. It is mainly during that window when I’d like to catch an event, casual or gnk. We will be in Rome and in Florence for briefer periods of time after, during which I probably won’t bother (though am tempted to see if I can’t play in Rome).

So yeah, if you can help me, either by providing info regarding good places to play in Paris, potentially including specific dates between the 26th of Sept and 8th of Oct, that would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise I would very much appreciate links to any other places online where I might find the info I am after. If you are a Paris local and happy to stay in touch to help me out closer to the dates in question, please feel free to pm me. Thanks!! (also if this is not worth a post on here, please suggest other places, potentially reddit, where I might post this sort of request without causing a fuss)


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