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I NEED MY BREAKERS: Card draw for criminals

It’s not about Milling, it’s about Flooding.

There’s a reason nobody plays Anonymous Tip. Most Corps don’t consider “draw three with five in hand” a “massive benefit”.

Nobody plays that silly card Sensie Actors Union, or that ID Near Earth Hub! Who needs draw??

There’s a fairly decent chance you help them draw into a Jackson to deal with the flood. Or they were already flooded and they draw into 3 non-agendas that help them dodge a disastrous legwork. The number of times when it’s actually bad for the corp is too rare to include in your deck.


yeah, that was sort of my point.

also damon said every corp will get some way to deal with agenda flood. they just won’t be nearly as powerful as jackson. he’s just so much in one card.

i would say a big reason for that is the fact that there are better options. sure, draw isn’t the same thing for runners as it is for corps, but when you have the option of putting Anonymous Tip or Jackson Howard in your deck, Jackson is clearly better overall


Anonymous Tip is a great card. It was commonly played in Weyland rush decks.

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I believe someone at worlds played anonymous tip in their shutdown kill deck this year. He had huge amounts of draw and cycle to find his tools.


I’ve probably got a rosier outlook on FIS than most, but it’s not really a generic draw option and this deck probably isn’t the best fit for it. You need something else that is putting pretty direct pressure on overcrowding HQ (either stalling the flow to the board or causing other overdraws like Fisk himself) – the times I was happiest with FIS was out of an otherwise janktastic Leela/DDoS/False Echo build*. It’s also more dependent on the corp meta than a lot of people realize. If you were willing to be patient and sit on a mostly dead card for a few turns, it could shine after an IAA turn out of Foodcoats or RP. Feeding 3 more assets to CTM, on the other hand, is a lot less exciting.

*Like I said, janktastic. FWIW, I had already won my SC for the season and was just goofing around. I think I still came in third or fourth at another SC with it. :wink:


Dien’s ‘Yellow Train’ deck (NEH Shutdown Boom) ran 3 Anonymous Tip and 2 Special Report.


That’s the one! Absolutely nuts to watch in action.

you wouldn’t happen to know the list or link to a video, would you?

D1en’s Yellow Railgun

FFG Live Twitch stream: Skip to 6 hours 24 mins for Weston Vs Dien


Thanks, everyone! I’ve tweaked a bit and moved in this direction:

Khan Savvy Skiptracer
12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Intervention
Event Event (12)

2x Career Fair
1x Employee Strike ●
3x Inside Job
2x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble
1x The Maker’s Eye ●●
Hardware Hardware (5)

2x Dyson Mem Chip
1x Sports Hopper
2x The Gauntlet
Resource Resource (12)

3x Daily Casts
3x Earthrise Hotel
2x Kati Jones
2x Same Old Thing
2x Temüjin Contract
Icebreaker Icebreaker (6)

2x Golden
2x Peregrine
2x Saker
Program Program (5)

1x Clot ●●
1x Datasucker ●
3x Sahasrara ●●●●● ●

This has already been much more effective. I get the saharasas in place as much as possible, use the inside jobs to get early accesses and click-free installs with the KHAN discount. It’s still janky as all getout, but I’m not finding myself hurting for breakers.

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I built a very similar deak (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/791767). I will just say, i think in terms of multi-access I got a lot out of two turning wheels (although I’d drop Scheherazade now that the best defense is a card).

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