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Jank Challenge: Build an O2 deck


'Use this ability immediately after playing an operation’
It’s still a paid ability, so you have to wait for a paid ability window. ‘Immediately’ means the next paid ability window after playing an Operation is eligible for using this paid ability. We’re still in that window, even though we rezzed BWC.

Which means… yeah, you can use this after Bryan plays an Operation. Fun.


Well, I’m pretty good at bad ideas so…
Yes, this card is terrible. So she needs a terrible combo.

  • Mushin a Ronin.
  • If the runner doesn’t bite, next turn play O2 shortage.
    –> they throw the card, Ronin them
    –> they doesn’t throw, Ronin them anyway

And, that’s it ?

Yeah, that sucks.


I think the only 2 decks it makes any amount of sense in, is Skorpios or Biotech. Maybe some kind of Cybernetics Division deck as you can probably use either effect for your benefit. The card clearly got nerfed after testing.


[quote=“FightingWalloon, post:19, topic:9149, full:true”]
It has a trigger, though. You must play an operation to be able to trash BWC. It is poorly templated as a trigger but that is not new. [/quote] it’s not a trigger but a restriction, like Peace in Our Time’s inability to be played if the corp scored an agenda or all priority events as ‘play as your first click’

but it’s probably closer to Maxwell James’ can only be used after a run on HQ or Political Operatives’ ‘can only be installed after a run on HQ’

[quote]What does the word “immediately” mean on that card? If your first action is to rez BWC then trashing it does not come immediately after playing the operation. There is an intervening rez. [/quote]‘immediately’ was clarified to mean the following paid ability window, so you can rez and trash and it’s still ‘immediately’ after since it’s in the same window
additionally, you can trigger multiple work crews in the same window

[quote]If the UFAQ says it and errata gets released that settles it, but I think the ruling changes the plain meaning of the card. Not that my opinion matters.
[/quote]no erratum needed. we just needed a clarification what of what immediately meant, and we got it.


This will probably sounds dumb, but it sounds playable in argus if there are no Aaron or film critic. O2 with threat level alpha and double scorch/boom if they give you extra click. Actually can kind of work in BoN decks too, since you are mostly just trying to tax the runners card with your ID. If you add in Kakugo and data loop, the runner might be really incline to give you the extra click, then you can just RPC out a GT