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Jinteki.net Culture

And added Mac, Unix, Android & iOS players aswell, yes (you can’t play with a windows phone).

Nah pal, that game wasn’t one of the initial ones. “Fine” would be them saying “gl hf” and at least saying “gg” at the end, and maybe a comment or two during.

Our game was a cracker! And great sportsmanship throughout of course.

Thanks for the tips! I cottoned on to #1 and #2; for #2 I wait and see if they respond to my greeting before opening the game. Agreed on the avatars, it also allows us to remember one player from the other, which is very hard otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

See you soon for another game, where I expect you to play the kill right!

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Pleased to report that all games on Jinteki since my first post have been great! Super opponents and some very close games :stuck_out_tongue: Adding a description to the game hosted really seems to help, and not starting until the opponent comments too :slight_smile:


Hmm, got a situation to ask about. Watching a game, then a rules question comes up. The opponent answers, and I add on top that the opp is correct.

The player who doesn’t know the rules gets upset as to why I typed in the game chat, and asks me to mind my own business.

On OCTGN it was fairly common for spectators to chip in when rules questions came up. Because, relying on just your opponent can be risky.

So…is it Jinteki culture not to type anything? And if so, why allow spectators to type at all :confused:

guy was rude, thats all.


I started using Jinteki very recently and so far my overall impression is very positive. Sure, a couple guys don’t even say hi and you can be sure they’ll ragequit at the first chance they have but everyone has been fun to play with.

It has been really fun to play with some of the more well-known players too. I’m surprised at how many people recognized me from my blog and at how many people followed my games, didn’t expect that hahaha.

The opponent was overreacting, could have been feeling stressed out by the rules discrepancy. You’re totally fine to post in the chat as long as you’re tasteful with what you say and aren’t annoying. Probably not best to chat more if someone says something (just because you don’t want to get on their nerves) but I think you were totally fine to concur with a ruling. That way you can help build a consensus over how a rule should be understood and enforced.

Personally I try to avoid chiming in on stranger’s games, but when I play online with my irl crew I’ll ask questions about triggers that might have been missed. I try to focus on mandatory triggers or things that players are having questions over, but as long as it’s not a league game I think it’s fine to chat as a spectator.

Jinteki.net is simultaneously the worst and best place to play Netrunner online, and it’s equally frustrating and functional. But I think your experience just happens to be where netrunner is at right now.

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I have had mostly positive experiences. I haven’t played in casual at all, but in competitive, almost everyone is great.


Spectators are enabled by default, and if the player was new they probably hadn’t put a lot of thought into whether or not that’s something they want. Some people get their noses out of joint when a lack of knowledge is exposed, for whatever reason. A lot of players on there have the attention span of ADHD gnats and reflexively click everything, as evidenced by the old days when you’d put “PRIVATE for xxxx” or “SHL game” in your game title and see a 0.8% reading comprehension rate.

I play casual a lot, I also see hands down the most competitive decks on there a lot. It’s a rage inducing formula for anyone that wants to play a fun deck. I had to shut down my computer today, for fear I would throw myself through the screen in rage. However, in competitive, everyone knows what’s up. I don’t ever encounter anyone that I’d want to slap there. Can’t say the same for casual. Some people are just accurately described as buttheads, and you just have to take it in stride that they are seemingly placed on earth for your abject suffering.


In my experience there have been some really good players (from a social aspect) and some who just come across as the silent miserable type. My filter for this has generally been to quickly go over things in chat before starting a game, what kind of decks shall we play etc. If they’re down for that then things almost always go well. If they write one-word replies or seem just generally crap, then more often than not the game doesn’t start.

I think it helps that I still only play the Core Set at the moment, so people willing to do that are generally the good sort. (Cheers to any of you who might be on here who I’ve played)


Any plans for a Patreon account pal? At present donations are one-off.

Not to speak for the J.net team, but they’re already accepting donations on a platform based on another companies IP is already risky, a patreon would invite a C&D pretty quick.


Pretty sure this is why there’s no Patreon

Makes sense, thanks!

A small update; after A LOT of games following my initial post, I have had nothing but great experiences on Jinteki. Seems I got unlucky with the first few games is all :stuck_out_tongue:

A great bunch of folks is the community!