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King of Servers Worlds 2018 - The Bloody End


I know this from last year because my team did it:

You can play any of the mini factions in place of a main faction. You may only play one copy of each mini faction ID. So Apex, Adam, Sunny, Prof is a valid set of IDs for the team.

I think also, and @spags will have to confirm this, if you play a mini you can still duplicate a main faction. If this is indeed the case, Adam, Sunny, Val, MaxX would be a valid team.


Thanks for the clarification.


Exactly. Any mini can be played over a main faction. No dupe IDs period.


Fourth, fifth, and sixth place will receive their entry fees back, and the top three teams will receive a split of the remainder of the pool.



Please pick me up off the free agent pool.

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