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King of Servers Worlds 2018 - The Bloody End

I know this from last year because my team did it:

You can play any of the mini factions in place of a main faction. You may only play one copy of each mini faction ID. So Apex, Adam, Sunny, Prof is a valid set of IDs for the team.

I think also, and @spags will have to confirm this, if you play a mini you can still duplicate a main faction. If this is indeed the case, Adam, Sunny, Val, MaxX would be a valid team.


Thanks for the clarification.

Exactly. Any mini can be played over a main faction. No dupe IDs period.

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Fourth, fifth, and sixth place will receive their entry fees back, and the top three teams will receive a split of the remainder of the pool.


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Please pick me up off the free agent pool.

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I have the tourney pre-loaded on cobrai, which I will be using to run KOS this year.

Feel free to follow along, check your pairing, standings, and more there.



Really interested how this works for so many players. We had some issues @Euros.

Will use cobr.ai for our KoS @Berlin regionals too and hope the same for German Nationals. When we have leanings we will share them upfront.
Last time we used tome and it worked like a charm.

Much smaller count since it’s teams of 4.

New MWL 2.2 will be in effect and legal for KOS, allowing for Worlds testing, if people desire to do that at KOS.

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