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Know The meta

Is it possible on the drill down page to include more than one pack in the set of cards being evaluated? If so it might be usefull to add something explaining how to use all the filters, as I can’t seem to make it do more than give percentages for cards in a given pack.

Ok, Elasticsearch sounds interesting I will look into it. I’m only hosting HTML+JS+JSON files on the live server. If Elasticsearch can operate on that alone (no DB running in the background), it might be worth trying out.

I had this idea to run some funky data mining algorithms on the Deck Similarity Matrix to identify clusters, thus deck archetypes. There is two problems with that. First, Usually there is only enough decks for the most popular IDs to do that. Second, these algorithms require some human judgement/validation in the ends as well. Which is work intensive. I understand that this could be solved if I give you guys this complicated front-end to filter the data for yourselves. I’m not sure if it would be used by more than a few players. I will give it a thought.

I tried to reproduce the tablet problem, but I couldn’t. Could tell me what kind of devices, what OS version, which browser and browser version you were using? Do I understand correctly that you got the “See decklist” link but clicking it was not making the decklist appear?

Hmm… That’s a bit hard to do without seriously increasing the number of possibilities available. (As I said these are pre-calculated results). Would that help if in addition to all already available cardpools we had a “last 3 packs combined” option for the tournament drilldown?

Thank you for all the ideas guys. I may seem a bit judgemental about them, sorry for that, I’m just trying to contain them within reason. Probably I will run a poll on what the majority of my users would like to see added to the existing functionality.

Thanks for the reply! I was thinking more of just an ‘everything’ or possibly a ‘within faction x option’. I can see pre calculating making this a bit more difficult though.

I have put in a pie chart for non-identity cards on the card statistic page. Maybe this will help visualize faction vs. out-of-faction usage. I also modified the percentage values, so 100% is all decks in last 3 cardpools using that card (it used to be all decks in last 3 cardpools). Example: http://www.knowthemeta.com/Cards/Account%20Siphon/

Why would statistics for an entire faction be useful? Usually identities play very differently. Which factions are you guys so curious about?

Hey, I added a Buyer’s Guide to the site:


Thanks for all your work on this website, it’s a great resource