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Lunar Cycle Spoilers (Up to Architect)

I guess I can see that being more useful in non-CI builds, though. Even then, maybe, sure, it just seems like a real niche sort of use that isn’t using it to the best capability. Using it to pull things back into your deck before Jackson shuffles them all back in, so you effectively get 4-6 cards back per Jackson shuffle seems more beneficial, really. Not to say you can’t do that, but 3 Reclamation Orders is 3 turns, or two if you can Biotic one, in which case it uses a Biotic.

It seems like the Accelerated Diagnostics Combo that will sometimes work but isn’t that consistent, only more dangerous. It’s a neat idea, but it just doesn’t seem practical.

Estimations are that it prevents you from running again that turn.

EDIT: It’s also the typeless, mythic Grail Ice – but lacks the “show Grail Ice in your hand, add 2 subroutines” bit.

Grail Ice is potentially very dangerous, but it’s also costing ANY Corp influence, you have to keep some of it in your hand, and the most dangerous stuff is expensive. If you think they’re doing Grail Ice, run non-Iced servers until you’ve got the ability to put out breakers – or bring out AI Breakers more often.

Grail Ice is kind of upsetting the game’s prior design, sure, but that seems to be the entire point. It slows the Corp down to use, but can be devastatingly effective. It’s still hard to place it in every server a runner might want to hit – can you cover HQ, R&D, a Scoring Server, and possibly HQ, afford to rez them all, AND keep enough in your hand to make them all more effective?

Maybe, sure, especially with something like Blue Sun (potentially, I’d probably go with other things for influence in a Blue Sun deck). But to make Grail Ice really scary, have each one be three subroutines covering all servers, you need to run like 9 Influence’s worth of the stuff, and that’s fine with me.

The first time I read Ghost Runner I thought, “why does this exist?” The second time I read it I saw the subtype Stealth and was like :open_mouth:

Ghost Runner may actually make Stealth decks viable. Neutral and fuels the Stealth 'breakers for a decent length of time. Silencer in Shaper Dagger decks? Not anymore. You just gained nine influence to make your deck actually work. Criminals using Switchblade could really wreck Sentries (not that they can’t do that already).

I love that Stealth and NEXT and finally being developed.


I think Hades Shard will synergize with unspoiled cards, making it a more powerful effect.

I really want to see it in the Weyland: Blue Sun ID. Imagine those two effects, plus coupled with Atlas counters or Aggressive Negotiations. You’d have complete board and deck control - an archetype within itself.


I’m not totally sure Switchblade COULD before, actually. Sure, it only takes 2c to break any Sentry in the game… but with Silencer/Cloak, you’ve got a set amount per turn, so a sentry-heavy deck could keep you out. Sure, that seems a bit silly (two Archers in the same server’d keep most people out), but if it was necessary, I’m sure people’d play to make it happen. Toss a few Guards in the same server, say, and cost you 4 stealth credits to break with Switchblade. Now, though, there’s so many ways to get the necessary credits… might really be doable.

I also like that Switchblade doesn’t invalidate dagger – it’s more cost-efficient, but it requires ALL Stealth credits, where Dagger could at least break without 'em.

EDIT: What I mean is, you could only make one run through a sentry-heavy server safely, before. Now, you can do it if you need to, and save the credits if it’s not essential. Layering Guard and Fenris won’t keep Switchblade out for sure now, whereas 4 non-zero strength sentries in one server could’ve before. (Again, the odds of it happening are small, but RP glacier could do it handily in some builds, and would no doubt shift to do it more if Switchblade needed stopping in the meta.)

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Rumors indicate that BlacKat is in fact strength 3, which IMO makes it quite credible as an alternative to Corroder.

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BlacKat is going to be hell for the Sneakdoor Zeta people, I feel like.


Midway Station Grid’s influence is 4. So probably only an NBN problem, but still worth noting.

I meant that Crims could already deal with Sentries well without using Switchblade. Sorry for being unclear.


The new starters are:

2x Sure Gamble
2x Overmind
2x Hedge Fund
The three Fragment agendas
2x Exec Retreat
Identity and rules cards

Executive Retreat is an interesting choice.


Reminds me of another yellow card that I love

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I think naming sure gamble would be pretty rude.

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Hostile Infrastructure is going to make my Replicating Perfection deck EVER so happy. I have the money to rez it, and possibly rez two of them! My econ will be unstoppable! Or not. Will have to see. Still, excited.

Bad Times is the most perfectly named card in the whole damn game.

Cybsoft’ll likely replace Sahasrara for me in any Noise build I make.

Superior Cyberwalls makes me think that someone (NBN?) will get an equivalent Sentry 3/1. (HB? Seems… less likely.)

Anarch continues to get shit cards. I mean, the breakers from earlier were great, but both Inject and their current are pretty terrible.

Collective Consciousness seems good, but I’m not sure it’ll be good enough to play.

Targeted Marketing sure is amazing at that price. NBN continues to have 1 Influence cards that everyone wants. Screw your Account Siphon. Or your Sure Gamble. Or your Dirty Laundry. Or your Special Order. I mean, AS is the obvious pick against an unknown opponent, but the ability to play it later and hamper them is pretty great. If AS ever becomes non-ubiquitious, will take a dive in usability (as there are fewer and fewer guarantees of cards in any given deck), but… that’s not happening any time soon. EDIT: Could also be handy to block Parasites from killing useful, potentially expensive, low-strength Ice.

Damn, these are some very interesting cards.

Does anyone know what the hexagonal symbol on the right side of the cards is for?

I kinda like Inject. For virus decks, you can Deja Vu the programs lost at no cost since you gain 1c for each program trashed.

It’s as close to Diesel (and reasonable draw, it seems) as Anarchs will ever get.

@Crunchums Draft sets.


I really hope inject is in upstalk. card’s going to be nuts

Oh, thanks; are they making draft-only cards now or are all of these going to be printed in normal-LCG sets and/or available for constructed play?

As far as the public is aware, all cards are available for constructed play, but only cards with gold/silver hexagons are available in the draft format.

I think it’s amazing. You either net three credits and it requires only one, you draw four cards for one, or somewhere inbetween. Consider if you only build a deck with programs and econ cards. I see this being a staple for Anarchs.