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NetrunnerDB Cease and desist

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I was already concerned about FFG’s disconnect with its communities when both Damon & Lukas stated in interviews that they don’t watch the forums at all. This is a major step in the wrong direction and I hope that our collective uproar will be enough to cause FFG to actually consider thinking about the community.


Or in your case… on their thirth sock… :neckbeard:

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Signed, although I am a little concerned with how quickly the “omg they’re acting like a megacorp” bandwagon has started rolling. I think they have made a misjudgement, but I think it is a misjudgement with a specific and understandable cause. Even when faced with significant provocation (as in various non-netrunner cases a few months ago) FFG has generally been quite restrained and open to reason on these issues. I hope that will apply in netrunnerdb’s case and they will find a compromise to let it continue.


This is horrible. If they pursue OCTGN then I’m done.

Well, their letter was straight forward. It was not about “let’s talk”

The bandwagon is there to make them reconsider. The more noise the better. Just like in Netrunner, the more bad pub… the more its likely you lose :wink:

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This link will download every deck (associated with your username) into a single zipped file/folder, the decks are plaintext – http://netrunnerdb.com/deck/export/all

The lists aren’t sorted, e.g. your ID isn’t the first card listed and all events aren’t grouped together, but it’s something quick.

EDIT - Some good(ish) news, the exported text files will correctly parse and import into cardgamedb.


I think if they used cardgamedb’s watermarked images that would go a long way. I also agree with @bayushi_david - there’s a quick reaction here to say how evil FFG is. This is part of the world we live in and they are probably just making a strategic error in how they are communicating with fan sites. If we let them know how to community feels and netrunnerdb complies and changes (I’m sure they will) then we should be fine.


Just created an account at cardgamedb and holy cussword it’s garbage.


It’s a telling sign that they’re a company that doesn’t care about their community. I think that the quick reaction is because most people have already felt this vibe from FFG and are now seeing direct evidence of it. I’m not sure whether I would call it “evil,” but to me, a sign of a “megacorp” is when a company does whatever it wants, thinking about its customers primarily as a pile of potential money rather than as a community of important humans.


There’s a reason there are so many other deckbuilders out there ;).


I see what you are saying, @josh - there is definitely a perceived disconnect between FFG and its player base, which should be addressed at a high level within the company. However, the above sentiment is what is super annoying. Either @Ahein is just trolling, or a super sensitive person who should take his (assuming “his”) games a little less seriously. Do you really think AEG has never made mistakes, or might not send the same ill-conceived C&D letter if they were big enough?

We all exist in a niche hobby and should work towards building up the community (sometimes in spite of the publishers) instead of getting all butt-hurt at the first sign of discontent.

Lastly, don’t be like @Alexfrog and start trolling these forums by telling everyone how you are leaving the game. If you want to leave, just leave, but I’m guessing many here don’t care. This site is for fans of Netrunner (am I wrong here, @SneakySly?) , not discontent trolls who want to air their grievances of the game without any investment in its future.

EDIT: Sorry for the harsh post, I really want things to be positive here and help build the community. Not trying to offend anyone. :smile:


Let me tell you of the multitude of mistakes AEG made when they were focusing on CCGs. There’s a reason none of them have survived (sorry L5R players).

Edit: One of the biggest mistakes was made in 7th Sea, which was an amazing game that they were happy to shit all over.


Yeah, I don’t endorse toxic/troll-ish attitudes, but there’s room for a reasonable in-between response.

Also, the disconnect isn’t “perceived” anymore. Sending a C&D to one of the community’s greatest resources for deck discovery & discussion makes it pretty obvious. Not to mention that there continues to be zero community engagement by FFG employees on /r/Netrunner, BGG, or anywhere else on the internet (except for maybe their official forums? I don’t ever visit them so I wouldn’t know…).


But, L5R is still there! o.O

Anyway, I think every company makes mistakes, and hopefully learns from them.


Let’s refrain from talking about other games and focus on the issue at hand.

Thanks guys.


Hmm, the cardgamedb deck builder has always had an OCTGN export feature as long as I can remember (I started using cardgamedb to make decks before I learned better). I always thought FFG was pointedly ignoring OCTGN but this small feature at least seems like confirmation that not all of our online resources will eventually get C&D’ed.

Still mad and all that about netrunnerdb, of course.

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  1. Full Text, Full Art. Do what OCTGN does. No issue.
  2. Stop posting easy to access spoiled cards. <----- !10!10! <------
  3. ???
  4. Profit

< Then blame the guy who made the jinteki site with the $200 Eli background, who pushed FF over the edge >

@Alsciende lives overseas. Honestly, if I were he, I would just flip a middle finger to FFG, and roll with it.