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NetrunnerDB Cease and desist

Just checked out Untap. Won’t be suprised if they get a C&D from a few companies, although it’s still buggy based on the chat, and it’s not automated like Jinteki was going for.

it’s been around for almost a year, maybe more now, IIRC

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RIP netrunnerspoiler.com

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WTF is that FFG too? If so they’re going all out axe murdered rampage mode O_o

I’ve not yet heard anything proving it is ffg. It could be a form of protest from the guy who runs it maybe?

So, @Alsciende… any chance you could redo NRDB in an app format? :smiley:

(seriously though, I need a deck builder usable on a mobile device… and cardgamedb most definitely ain’t it)


(seriously though, I need a deck builder usable on a mobile device… and cardgamedb most definitely ain’t it)

Isn’t there already Net Deck for Apple devices and CyberDeck for Android?

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NetDeck uses the NRDB API so it’s dead soon as well

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To be frank, it’s not very hard to build a scraper that can get the exact same data as provided by NRDB’s API from CardGameDB.com. Really. That’s even a strange conundrum. If I shut down NRDB, am I allowed to replace it with a tool that only scrapes CGDB and returns the result? How would it be copyright infringement when I don’t hold any data, any copyrighted material? That would be a bit like attacking sunglasses manufacturers because you can see copyrighted material through the glasses.

All that to say that if the API disappears, apps like Little Chiba and Net Deck are not doomed. I’m sure we can replace the API with a scraping module (if that’s not illicit).


IIRC it would be fully legal to relaunch the site as a store that allows people to sell pre-built decks and singles. The prices would likely be outrageous.

I’m hoping that there is no need for a “I’m not a lawyer” disclaimer here.

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Whether a scraping module would be illicit (in the US at any rate) would depend on whether it is disallowed by CGDB’s terms of use.

I’m ticked that NetrunnerDB is gone. It really makes me wonder what kind of effect this will have.

Are there even other places to go for netbuilding a deck? I tried cardgamedb, but holy crap that site is terrible.

Very sad about this.

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CardgameDB works in a pinch. I think Meteor is still up, and it works fine.

The larger issue is whether FFG will continue to alienate the community. Deckbuilders are geared towards enthusiasts that buy every datapack and have made ANR the most popular LCG out there. That seems like the consumer you most want to covet, but I’m no businessperson.


Agreed. Doomtown just hit, and this morning I was thinking, “Let me build a deck or two…”

Not a builder in site. Gamer boner deflated.

Deckbuilding sites are key, and good ones are all the sweeter.


I love doomtown. I dread creating decks for it until a deckbuilder is created, though. Ugh.


“Use a spreadsheet.” is the advice.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… no.


Ugh. Fortunately, I don’t have a copy of my own yet (ANR friends have enough to go around for now). Not sure how I’m gonna deal with it when I get my copy.

I think they just don’t get what’s useful about a deckbuilder. They think it’s a way to keep the list of cards, but the actual utility is looking through them quickly, easily sorting things in various ways, and having it keep track of stuff for you while you do.

A spreadsheet’d be fine for recording a list, that’s just not what I used the DB for, at all.

It’s not gone. www.netrunnerdb.com

I think this is what happens when you hire one guy to do the dev for the website with little or no care for the actual game and hire one lawyer who knows literally nothing about the community. The whole thing stinks of half-ass jobs poorly done.

Community members have an actual stake in making sites work well because they’re members of the community themselves. Pay a random guy to do a bunch of website work is just going to get it done. The plea for feedback seems like a way for FFG to get us to write the guys job description for them because they can’t even be bothered to do that.

It really feels to me like their priority is acquiring the rights to develop certain games rapidly and throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. It’s been a good business model for them, and they probably see no need to change the way they do things. I don’t think they’re a terrible company for what it’s worth, it just feels like the general attitude over there is to continue sticking to their gameplan rather than extending more of their resources to other areas, such as online development, organized play, or better R&D.