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New Angeles Sol


That would be great as I could use another pair of eyes. I don’t play as often as others here.


I’ll have time tonight or tomorrow evening to give it a spin.


I’d toss 15 minutes in it, maybe as 21th point if you really like your Improved Tracers. Being able to switch current within a turn, saying “larla” for exemple, is a strategic move I used in some games with some success.

From runner’s percepective, this is seeing 18 points with 4x1-pointers and 7x2-pointers : that’s a sh*t situation, different than 3x1-pointers 7x2-pointers but not really better or worse.

I don’t understand Resistor with no tagstorm. Those are next cycle’s Vanilla in your deck (Mumbad # 95 : Vanilla : neutral barrier 0 to rez, 0 inf, 0 str, 1 x etr), to my eyes.
You’ve got 4 hard etr vs 9 soft etr, this is dangerous to me.

You should replace Resistors by Quicksands (j/king :wink: but I’d replace them with hard etrs or at least throw a TMI there)


Resistor is: a fantastic gear-check, if someone’s paying through a trace of 4-6 god bless 'em, they are the only tag punishment I have and tags+Improved tracers+lag time is meaningful, good for slapping over marked accounts to increase their tax and it only costs me only a click.

TMI, sadly, is not a tracer.


Course, my Power Tap Sunny LOVES Resistor.


Ok well, if your opponent pay for this trace, I’m sincerely sorry for him but he’s stupid, even more than clicking through an Eli. I tell you this because I feel when building you should not look to increase strenght vs stupid runners. That’s why I told you : it’s just a Vanilla (but a soft etr Vanilla when running in front of a criminal who does stupid things because he’s rich).
That “ice blackmail” is not working to me and can work against the corp (drawing lots of those vs sunny for exemple).

I don’t really understand what you mean by tag punishment, which word is a combo of obtening tags and punishement. The only source of tags you have is 3x News Hounds (like any Sol) and that trace1 ichi if I’m correct.

News Hound is giving a tag if the runner don’t break it and don’t beat a 3c trace, yes, but also etr. Any 1 link runner will pay for the trace, if he have to pay 2 or 2+1 clic. So you’ll never tag them without paying from your side.
The runner can remove his tags just after the (failed) run (trace + etr) and won’t find a Resistor immediatly after News Hound.
Ichi, sure, may or may not give you one occasional tag if you find it in x1 in the deck.

That’s the main point I don’t understand in your deck. I would try to make working psychographics before putting resistors in a deck. If Psycho don’t work, then resistors are useless to me. And I’m not sure Psycho would work here.


First of all I am not defending the deck, just resistor the card in it. I’m not here to say my cute little Sol deck is a world-beater, but I do think it may have potential and it is fun to play with Improved Tracers.

Now this is what you are not understanding:

The deck taxes in a glacier style. So ICE that taxes above and beyond its rez cost is valuable. If I come up against someone who siphons my ass off and floats tags I do not have a card that punishes them except resistor. I don’t care if I stick a tag because I do not pack active tag punishment. If a runner goes tag-me my resistor gets stronger and stronger and starts to cost real money, even though I only paid 0 for it. So as you can see, resistor passively punishes a tag-me runner by taxing them. I get a 0-cost gear-check and they pay meaningful credits to break it. So when facing a runner that you suspect of going tag-me once they realize you’re not on the kill or psycho, install these on your centrals.

This isn’t a tagging deck, this is a big ICE deck that uses tracers to get the job done. 13 of which (the ICE that is) are quality gear-checks. 9 of them (at least) evolve into expensive taxing ICE.

Also it is not better in MN but that’s another paragraph.


I get your point.
Resistors have uses in front of Apex, but I would put more hard etr in this. Hard etr is one of the master sub at taxing runner in my personal opinion because when it’s firing the runner got usually 0-5c (5-10 with red herring though).
Maybe I would increase the number of cards to 54 for this, as an experiment, and put 2x 2/1 + 3 hard etr ices like Archer or a classic Tollbouth which both fit your rez / break ratio will ?

What is this ?


If you want to try something, make some hard choices. If you play 54 you’re playing a deck that sometimes does the thing you want to try, but sometimes doesn’t. With no real control over which version you get.


I 90% agree on this. I have personnal (and very wrong) exceptions with trap decks. Sol might have a slot problem due to the fact the corp need 4 slot (at least) for current, in 49.

So this corp is “NBN without something”.

If you need 3x upgrades and econ and ice and usual asset tools, you will meet slot problems unless you use economic currents for exemple.
Now if you design your corp to play in 54 (and HB 54 is viable and won many tournaments in my country), then, there is ways to emulate a 49 deck with clicless economy.

Just instead of clicking credit (and like HB1, Sol could), use more clicks to draw, it is “almost” simple as that.

Overdrawing is less of a problem with a corp that allready play its currents from archives from time to time. Draw a current ? Just drop it in the archives if you don’t want to play it now.

To me those current cards can be seen as the ID texts. It can play in 54 with less annoyance maybe than, say, other ID of this deluxe.


hey @gumOnShoe i’m really enjoying your paywall list, thanks! i’ve lost a few times, once no currents and got snowballed by gabe, other game no currents but got to 6 points quick versus faust sunny but couldnt close out after nexus and 6 link invalidated ash and archangel and tb etc. very fun list and feels pretty strong. tm would have helped that game cause i would have had some extra cash to fight nexus traces


There are games like that, I’ve gotten very good piloting through most of them, but its a feels thing and I do not know how to teach what I know because its my cave brain that knows it.

Also, gabe is roughest. Classic crim is a weakness if you can’t get centrals up cheap and fast.

Anyways, @thebigboy’s wife created the original blue print. Please send your thanks her way. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just the guy shouting loudly that its good. :slight_smile:


Our secret to deck-building with new cards: Put in the the one cool new thing, then add all the broken cards :stuck_out_tongue:


-2 Closed Accounts
+2 Keegan Lane.

I think I’ve got a crush on him.

I’m considering replacing 2xSherlocks by Snoops but I’m really not sure because of the juicy tax of Sherlocks. That would free inf for Ash but…

On criminals, just played a game where our old pal Gabe couldn’t do much vs… Quicksands (HQ + Archives = Str 5) :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s still the list with 20 ice, just straight up swap the Sherlocks for Ashes, 18 ice is plenty. Don’t play Snoop . It looks cute but it’s straight up bad, I’ve tried.


Snoop might have a place in kill decks, but not really, is order and chaos didn’t provide the reason, what will?


I have been trying Media Blitz with the Shards and it has been OK so far. My deck (will post after I add it to NRDB) is missing just a bit of oompf to make it really good, but I think there is a solid idea there. Anybody else tried it?


My Troll+Surveillance Sweep based “The Art of Trolling” went undefeated at a 4 round tournament today. Felt quite solid, even though admittedly no brutally rough matchups :smile:


Ok, last 8 games vs randomtekis were 7 wins… Maybe entering T1.51 I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Sol (49/20) - Headlock Sol
Agenda (9)
1 15 Minutes
3 AstroScript Pilot Program
3 Global Food Initiative•••
2 Project Beale

Asset (7)
3 Jackson Howard
3 Marked Accounts
1 Project Junebug•

ICE (19)
2 Wall of Static
2 Quicksand
1 Eli 1.0•

2 Archangel
2 Pop-up Window
2 Tollbooth

3 Data Raven
3 News Hound
1 Sherlock 1.0••

Operation (10)
3 Hedge Fund
3 Sweeps Week
2 Paywall Implementation••••
2 Targeted Marketing

Upgrade (4)
2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY••••
2 Keegan Lane

Could remove RSVP for Interns. Funny ICE though, really funny ice. The only problem is drawing it T1 (cost me that loose).

That identity is really strong and underrated… You’ve got a lot of deck that works. I’m sure that troll deck is really good too but I’m not sure mine is fast enough to be tournament compatible :slight_smile:

Could learn to play fast though, but shell game is hard (for me) to play fast.

-edit- 8/10. Play Interns.


Interns is something that should be in a lot of decks and is often overlooked. It’s super powerful when you’re packing upgrades worth it. I suggested a single one in @Marsellus list because of Heinlein alone. Worst case use is getting back something parasited. It’s solid.