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New Player Help MegaThread

Anyone looking for local playgroups, basic rules questions, questions on what to buy, or anything else newbie specific. Ask it here and we will help!


Hi, playing Anarch today and I was left a little confused about Eater and in fact about basic breaker mechanics It’s restriction on accessing cards is part of its “one credit to break a sub-routine” ability. It had a second option of “one credit to increase strength by one”.

So, of I make a run, and use credits to raise Eater’s strength by a couple so as to encounter the ice, but then elect not to break the subroutine (I was encountering Raven which had no ETR subroutine), can I access cards in the server? I hadn’t used the break subroutine ability that lists that restriction.

With that in mind, it got me wondering if I’d understood the breaker mechanics rightly anyway. If I am running against a piece of ice without any ERR subroutines, can I get through without being up to strength or without having the correct breaker, If I take the hits from the subroutines? Or do I need a matching breaker, up to strength to even get to that point?

You do not need to match the strength of an ICE with an Icebreaker unless you want to use the icebreaker to break subroutines. If there’s no “end the run” subroutine on the ice, you can just carry on through and be about your business :).


Breaking subroutines is optional :smile:

You can theoretically win the game as runner without installing a single icebreaker as long as you don’t encounter any ice that ends the run.


Cheers, I think I was thrown by a sentence in the rulebook that says (something like) “remember you need to match the strength of the ice to encounter it”.

So regarding Eater vs Raven it’s a non-question then, as if I’m planning on allowing the subroutine to hit me, I don’t need to raise Eater’s strength anyway?

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That’s correct!

Cheers for the help chaps.

You’re probably thinking of this phrase on p. 18 of the Rules:

Breaking Subroutines– To break a subroutine, the Runner uses abilities on his installed icebreakers. The Runner can break the subroutines on the encountered ice in any order he chooses. There is no limit to the number of installed cards a Runner can use to interact with the encountered ice, but he generally only needs one icebreaker. Remember that before an icebreaker can interact with a piece of ice, the icebreaker’s strength must be equal to or higher than the encountered ice’s strength.

(italics mine)

Interacting means to be break it (or in the case of Wyrm, lower it’s strength). You confused it with encountering.

Hey guys wondering if you could help me out! My brother is just getting into the game and I was wondering if there were any local playgroups near him. He lives in Logansport, Indiana (far from me) and I have no idea about the area. However I thought I might ask you guys if there was anything near him I could point him towards. Thanks!

I’m from South Bend, IN…but I know the Sage’s shop in LaFeyette has a good community, I played in their store champs. I believe there are two stores. Though, I’m not sure how far the drive is from there.

I looked it up and it looks like 45+ minutes away. Which If that’s all there is then so be it, however anyone know of anything closer?

You can try meet up, and ask your FLGS to post a facebook event for it. My meta is so empty that I had the owner of my FLGS put my cell phone number up next to the netrunner stuff…he might do that.

I am trying to use Sneakdoor Zeta and I can’t figure out how to get it to do what I want. What I would like to do is to compare a specific set of breakers against a specific set of ice. So like instead of comparing every killer against every sentry and having shit like how well Creeper breaks Burke Bugs, comparing Alias and Ninja vs Archer, Grim, and Caduceus. Does the site just not support that sort of thing?

Hello all, netrunner player who is somewhat new to the game looking for advice.

I currently own the following:
Core 2x
What Lies Ahead
Cyber Exodus
Opening Moves
Double Time
Order and Chaos.

Im torn on whether I should buy a 3rd core or all the datapacks/expacs first and then a 3rd core.

Or , should I skip the 3rd core?

Do you guys think 3x san san is still going to be worth running when clot comes out?

The only other cards I can think of that would make a 3rd core worth buying are maybe ?Desperado and Grimoire, but how much of a difference in consistency does +1 copy bring?

I have heard some people saying that FFG is going to print a revised core set in 2017-2018, thats why I have held off until now.

Get all your datapacks first ;). You only need a third core for Sansan and Desperado, which can be easily lended by other players if you really need them for tournament.

There’s also a pinned thread for this kind of questions, feel free to post here next time :wink:


Definitely get more data packs before you pick your third core set. Your third core set is only useful for 2 cards, sansan city grid and desperado. Those cards are only relevant if you are going to a tournament and are bringing either NBN fast advance or Criminal. Even if you are planing on building these decks, there are data packs that you don’t own that are more critical like upstalk for fast advance or honor and profit for criminal.

What I did was to decide what decks I wanted to play and then only bought data packs that contained cards I would use for those decks. I did eventually get a 3rd core but only after getting a majority of the data packs from the genesis and spin cycles.

On the top left of Sneakdoor Zeta you have the tabs:
General - These are your miscellaneous settings
Factions - Select the Factions to include / exclude
Sentry / Barrier / Code Gate / Other - You can select the ice type here to exclude other ice types. Eg. For only sentries, go to the Sentry tab and select Sentry only. You can also select Killer only in the Sentry tab to exclude the AI and specialist breakers.

To exclude individual ice or breakers, click on them in the respective tabs to make them disappear. To reset, use the General tab.

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So…does anyone ever offer coaching advice via octgn? I have no local meta (closest shop is almost 2 hours away) aside from my wife. I mostly play on octgn. I am doing very well (IMO) of getting a grasp on the basics. But I struggle with the strategy aspects that require finesse. Would love if someone could offer personal advice “over my shoulder” during some games. I get great feedback afterwards, but that doesn’t help as much as making the decision in the moment.

I have a rules question. Let’s say I have an Asteroid Belt unrezzed and am staring at Roja with a Xanadu on the other side of the table. Can I 4x advance the Asteroid Belt to pay for Roja and Xanadu’s extra tax?