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New Player Help MegaThread


Follow up:
Per a few peoples recommendation I got the Terminal Directives expansion and played through it with my wife and I have to say, this was kind of a terrible thing to recommend to a new player.

I was stoked on the concept of the campaign and was excited to play through it. However, there are enough to worry about learning without, adding additional, minor side effects like “get 2 bits when a runner jacks out”. It’s another little thing to forget to do and adds nothing to the game except slightly imbalancing it. The rules were written in the most confusing way possible too.

My wife called it an Aspergers game. Needless stickers, charts and meticulous, needlessly complex details for no reason but for the OCD autistic types.

The biggest drag was the adding of cards between games. It’s easy to make a good runner deck but it’s pretty hard to put together a good corp deck as a new player with a relatively small pool of cards. I have to keep adding cards and taking them out after every game. It’s not easy or fun to have to stop game flow and have to read an article on how many ice per deck is standard or whatever.

I guess I am happy to add the cards to my collection but the concept was so interesting, it just absolutely did not work. Total drag.


I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. I usually recommend Terminal Directive for the cards alone, and mention that the campaign has issues. Ignoring the campaign, it does do a good job of expanding a collection from one core set. And for people who have played the core set alone a lot, treating it as a board game and perhaps only using the default decks, I think the campaign might be a good way to ease into deckbuilding. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend the campaign to actual new players.


Hey all, my first post!

I am looking to play more people in London and get involved in the Netrunner community as a whi
ole. I am equally excited and nervous and want to learn and share as much as I can :slight_smile:

What would people recommend for London based playing?

I wouldn’t say I am totally new to Netrunner, as have been playing since January this year most weeks, but I have only been playing the same people, one whom is moving away, the other doesn’t play as much, hence my branching out. I recently got the whole card pool, which is amazing and love building decks piecing ideas from wherever I can find them. I value face to face playing as apposed to Jinteki.net, although that is great obviously. I prefer more creative deck builds, play styles and perspectives, players like Timmy Wong, Dave Hoyland, Stephen Wooley come to mind.

Also, just to add to some comments above. Not played Terminal Directive campaign but yeah…interesting but not totally grabbed by it. It seems a very different thing and not something I would recommend to a new player at all. I always feel Core Set (or Core 2.0 when it’s out) and then buying 1 deluxe of your choosing and 1 Data pack is a good starting point for anyone to get into the game post Core. Buying bulk second hand is sometimes a good move too, which is what I did early this year.


I’d join the Facebook group London City Grid for starters. That’ll probably get you a good bit on London-based information.

I hear you on face-to-face playing; I’m not a big Jinteki.net player myself. Also, total agreement on TD being a kinda meh new player experience. Expanding the card pool with it is fine but the campaign itself is pretty bad.


Hi, I’m fairly new to Netrunner and have only been playing a while. My question is:

What is the best data pack to buy for a shaper runner, specifically ‘Kate “Mac” McCaffrey’?

I have already improved the deck a little by putting in some cards from other factions. Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

Welcome to the game :slight_smile:!

I think to answer your question, it would help a lot to see your deck list. Your playstyle influences the contents of your deck, and Netrunner offers a lot of variety in customizing your deck(s) according to your playstyle.

From the top of my head, I’d say - get the Creation & Control deluxe expansion.

In general, this is a good resource to see what packs offer.

I have no idea how much you are into exploring the game, so I am also going to suggest a very “DIY” solution.

  1. Visit this search page. The decks listed here have been quite popular in the global community.
  2. Visit the deck pages for any number of decks you want. Read the description to see if that type of Shaper deck fits your preferred playstyle.
  3. Click the “Packs” tab over the deck list to see what packs are necessary to get the cards listed. Warning: usually there are multiple data packs listed.

I am sure expert Shaper players are going to jump in with detailed answers to your question.

Final note: at the moment of the writing of this message, ‘Kate “Mac” McCaffrey’ is no longer a valid ID for official competitive play.

Have fun with Netrunner & see you around!



I’m a new player in Austin, TX who just bought the revised core set. Anyone in the area know of any groups I can meet up with to learn the game? My wife is interested in learning as well.


I’ve been following Netrunner from a distance for a while but decided to finally step into the game for real. I’ve played some other card games but the flow and card interactions of Netrunner are a fresh and interesting landscape. A new core and rotation has made it even more so!

I’m also looking for a semi-regular playgroup in the Phoenix, Arizona area. From what I can tell there’s been regional tournaments and such here but I’m a bit shy of competitive events, so hopefully I can ease into learning the ins-and-outs in a more casual environment.

Thank you very much and please take good care of me!


I’m not sure where meetups are, but I just searched, and there is a facebook group that will probably be able to tell you where folks play.

And for you, I found a less specific facebook group for people playing Netrunner in the Arizona area called Arizona Netrunner, but whose link specifically says “phoenixnetrunner,” so I’m pretty sure it used to just be for people in Phoenix, but later expanded to the greater area.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific about areas to play in. I used to recall a map of some sort around here that showed where all the meetups were, but I have no idea where that went. Anyhow, welcome to the game, and I hope you have a fantastic time =D


@Saan thanks for the warm welcome! Facebook seems really helpful for this.

I also found the meetup map listing you mentioned, it was up on the homepage for this site that I didn’t realize existed.


There we go! God only knows how up-to-date that map is, but I’m glad its existence has been verified =P I was beginning to think I had gone crazy.


Any players in Redding, CA? I just recently ordered the Core 2.0 set.


Hey Everyone!

I’m a new player in San Francisco, CA trying to find places and people to have some casual play. I just picked up my revised core. Thanks!


Hi all! New Netrunner night has launched in Croydon, South London at the Spreadeagle Pub - beginners very welcome, come join the Facebook group for more details, and hopefully see you there!



If I have a Comet installed and have only 1 card (a Diesel) at the beginning of my turn in hand, can I play the Diesel, draw 3 cards and play whatever event I drew without spending a click, thanks to Comets ability?

I don’t see a reason why not.


That’s fine. In fact, that’s one of the more fun uses for Comet. Diesel/Quality Time and play an event you just drew


Newbie here looking for players on Long Island NY. I’ve seen some local game store events listed that took place a couple of years ago, but does anyone know of any currently active groups? If it matters, I’m near Stony Brook.


I’m a new player and I’m located in northern Delaware. I was wondering if there were any Netrunner players nearby or places to play? And before anyone says it yes, I’m familiar with The Days of Knights in Newark, DE but according to the staff there, the Netrunner organizer guy has kind of fallen off the radar (or at least is inconsistent with holding meetups). I’m also aware of Redcaps Game Store in PA, but I was looking for something a bit closer.

On that note, how hard is it to organize Netrunner events yourself and get those tournament kits from Fantasy Flight? Do you actually need to be a Store Owner to get one?


I believe you do need to be a store owner to get the kits.

As for organising events, if there’s a hub for it already (like a Facebook group or Meetup group), see if you can contact the organiser to ask if you can try to hold them in their stead?


Hey guys, I’m brand new to the game and looking to buy my first sets. I’m grabbing the revised core, but was wondering what else I should buy along with it? I’m willing to spend around $100 to start with. I’d like access to a variety of deck types so I can explore the game and its mechanics before deciding which factions I really like. Thank you.