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NISEI Questions Thread

The sooner, the better. More people will see it!


I like it, that we can ask questions here, but why are you not having your news here?

I remember this one; Because it was creating a bunch of ‘empty’ topics in the board and flooding the main page and pushing articles out. Possibly a side-effect of this site just not posting as many articles. But that’s why they have their own site; If you want to keep up on their news, follow their site.


Are you asking about posting Articles in the Articles section of the main Stimhack site? Or, are you asking about a posting news of the articles in the forums?

I think @RealityCheque was doing separate forums for each, but was considering combining them into one topic. But, I haven’t see any new articles posted since November.

A: It’s exactly as was stated by some users above: We’re not Stimhack and we don’t want to flood the site with NISEI stuff. If this site gets content going again, we’d like that to shine because we have our own site.


Hi (and thanks for your work).
If you use only one thread for Nisei news and update it, even one per day, I don’t think that anyone will mind.


Honestly, I forget to post them here - because I got too used to the site doing it for me. But I really don’t want to spam Stimhack, because we ended up a significant portion of the content before we had our own site.


That’s understandable. I think if there was just a topic for NISEI articles that gets updated with links to new articles, it wouldn’t feel like spamming. And then people would just have to track one topic and keep up to date on the news from NISEI.

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I think a dedicated NISEI thread where we post links to new articles is great - even if it’s this one.

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What is wrong with just going to their website?

Same reason NISEI posts to Reddit and Dorks. It’s probably a good idea to let players know about their activity in the major hubs of the community.

Any reason not to?

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I’ll reiterate - poor memory :wink:

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I remembered!



NISEI friends, I get that you don’t want people using your card backs etc, but would you be willing to release nice versions of the faction icons? Nicole is making Netrunner pottery and I thought the new icons might be a nice touch.

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A: We’re looking into a sort of Creative Commons or Copyleft license where we can stipulate a few things but legally protect the icons (just in case).

Lots of us in NISEI want the community to be able to use as much as possible, and we’re working on it. We just need to be able to purge bad actors.


This sounds perfect, even though my middle school drama teacher told me I’m a bad actor. Looking forward to hearing more!


New question. I have pretty good vision, no glasses etc, but I can barely read (and often misread) the Trace number on existing cards in play in a way that happens with no other card text. Pulling the card in to study it gives away more than I’d like to about my intentions. As part of your accessibility work, has it come up to make this more visible?

The trebuchet image strongly implies so, sorry I didn’t think to look before asking, and thanks for the change!


This was actually one of the first conversations we had - nobody was a fan of that tiny writing!


Now that one organisation has control of NRDB and the deck building app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shuneault.netrunnerdeckbuilder) would it be possible to have deck lists synced?

(I feel like this has been asked before, apologies if so.)