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NISEI Questions Thread


At every pack from FFG there was a questions thread to collect the potential rules question on the card. Is something like that planned for Downfall?


Not quite the same way we’ve done it in the past, but there is this:


I really appreciate that Nisei also explains us how to properly pronounce cards, i.e.
Utae [5] - (Oo-ta-ay)
Please be aware that this pronounciation is still based on English. I’d like to propose using IPA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet).


The spoiler season schedule article announced an article about talking about the design:

15th of March: @crithitd20’s Design Overview

What happened to that? Have I somehow missed it?


I believe there was a comment from @RealityCheque on Reddit that it was pushed back and the ordering option article was published on Friday instead.


That makes sense, but I would hope that it would be in addition to rather than instead of the English-based one that they have now, because I (and I think many people) don’t know IPA.


IIRC I mentioned it at the start of Friday’s article - because so many people were doing bulk orders, we wanted to let them get organised as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I wrote some stuff in part to get our pronunciation right, so it’s awesome that the notes are there.

In any case, I’ll do another Japanese of Jinteki when there are enough cards to try to explain.

And if we get more stuff like سفر I’ll branch out.

Point is: I dig it too.


Yep, you mentioned at the beginning of the article that there was a change of schedule. Found the comment I was thinking of:

Yup, we’ve had to bump that back in the schedule a touch. I’m sure it won’t be long til you get to read Greg’s article though!


My understanding is, this is kind of covered in the Release Notes:
~ last third of the document.


Not sure which part of the Release Notes you mean. I thought you were asking about a forum thread (as you said, “questions thread to collect the potential rules questions”) asking the community for a set of questions to answer like ANCUR used to do on Reddit. Then, answer them in the UFAQ.


Okay, someone has to ask: Are there any plans for Trickster Taka playmats?


No idea, but I prefer Fencer and Climactic myself.


Has the Design Overview from CritHitD20 already happened or is it still coming?


Next week! It seemed a bad choice for April Fool’s Day article :slight_smile:


We don’t like to tease future prize kits too far in advance, so you’ll have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a question… but it feels amazing putting the REAL Downfall cards into my decks!

Job well done!!!


I’m so jealous - I don’t get mine for another week! Cutting out the proxy cards felt pretty good though :smiley:


Here’s an idea for a slight change in how swiss->cut works. How about populating both winners and losers bracket after swiss? For example with cut to 8, top 4 could fill the winners bracket, 5-8 could fill the losers bracket.

This would achieve two things:

  • reduce the total tournament time (1st round of the cut effectively gone)
  • increase the relevance of the swiss, making intentional draws riskier

What do you think?


I’ve seen lots of Store Champs (including ours) use top 3 cut. 3rd against 2nd (2nd chooses side). Winner against 1st (1st chooses side).
2 games done.