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NISEI Questions Thread


Project Beale does not fulfill the same role because it forces the Corporation to play other agendas and, hence, not win with just one of them.

The beauty of World Domination is that you don’t need anything else. You don’t need any other agenda to win, just one and hence you can build your entire deck around it. You cannot build your entire NBN deck around Project Beale 1 turn wins because you have other agendas taking space in your deck.

(Note that this requieres World Domination to have a “may play up to 6 copies in a deck” clause)


@RealityCheque for example this question has gone unanswered


Is ID Intentional Draw? I can see the argument for this, both parties want to progress to the cut stage, but I think that ID actually highlights the flaw with a cut system. Just my view. I’m a fan of Swiss all the way.

What’s a 241?


241 is where you play one game, and it’s effectively worth 6 points because the loser of the first concedes the second.


Right now, I’m gonna say no - that isn’t to say it’ll never happen, just that right now we have a lot on our plate and this would just end up being very low priority. IIRC a US regional tried it (I want to say New York) and the players were not impressed so it needs very careful planning.

But for GNKs, do whatever you want. If you try it, let us know how it goes!


I heard the same (that it was New York) but what I heard was that the single elimination for the last few rounds was very positively received. I might be wrong though.

Understandable not wanting to deal with the issue in the immediate short term.


I heard nothing from it post event, I’m just remembering the drama that was going on beforehand. I’m on the wrong side of the ocean for it, and NISEI wasn’t even a thing then so I’m happy to admit I thought “well, I’m glad I’m not involved in having to arrange that” and moved on with my life :wink:


This seems more like a question for @icecoldjazz. Austin mentioned an altered Swiss format where pairings may not be the closest records that might reduce ID’s:

  • Slight modification to Swiss pairings.
  • Introduction of optional Tiebreaker Rounds at Competitive events to create clean top cuts.

So I think OP is aware and may be trying some things as it goes along.


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Hey all! I have moved the prize kit discussion to its own thread as it was getting considerably large with no end in sight. Let’s keep further discussion of kits in that thread and other NISEI questions here :slight_smile:


Until when will the Q1 2019 kit be on order? (I.e. what’s the last date to get my order in?)


6th of Jan is the tentative close date.


Being in Michigan, the Detroit playmat has particular significance and I’ve already ordered a few. Is NISEI set up such that old kits can be reprinted at a later date? Our local meta may want to revisit this kit down the road as well, especially if it booms under NISEI.


A: Kits will be available for a limited window and then we’ll close them. Once they’re done, they’re done. Any remaining stock we have after we ship will be liquidated somehow, either through a special sale or as additional support at bigger events.

Possibly, and take this with a grain of salt, things could be rerun or reused for future support and/or kits, but we’re not committing to that at this time.


Apologies if it’s been made clear elsewhere, but how does one pitch an idea to the Nisei group?


Drop an email to projectnisei@gmail.com and I’ll make sure it reaches the right person.


Got ourselves one from the anonymous form:

A: NISEI can’t offer these directly because that’s most certainly an infringement on FFG’s copyright. If a there is a fan-made tool for it, great! But we won’t be involved in distribution of anything FFG owns.

Proxies of any cards will be legal at all NISEI events, and we’ll have a proxy policy up in the very near future. In addition, we’re exploring options for TOs to have blank cards for hand-written proxies at events.


What are the future plans for nrdb? Who’s in charge?


A: We do have future plans. Additional features and moderation. I can’t discuss the details right now. NISEI is in charge of NRDB as of about a week ago.


@Orbital_Tangent might not be allowed to spill the beans, but I am :smiley:

NRDB falls under the Web Development team, which itself falls under Community - i.e. my team. We’re currently reviewing what is working perfectly, and what needs improvement - the first thing that springs to mind is that cards in multiple sets are currently stored multiple times. Fixing that will also allow us to better handle multiple languages, and as an added bonus, alternate art.