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[Noise] Welcome (back) to the Church

After a bunch more games I think it’s time for me to build a different deck. The thing to beat is NEH at the moment, and I feel Noise has no chance. Jackson protects archives, agendas get scored out of hand so HQ is usually empty, that leaves 1 server to ice. In about 15 games I don’t think I have won a single one against NEH.

@spags Yeah Aesop’s is really important but it’s ok if he shows up to the party late as long as your economy can stand on its’ own without him. With two copies I should have him by midgame and he can get to work cleaning up my mess, empty cans of Cache, dead Imps, the last slice of Armitage I saved for him. There are a couple things that help me do this, 3 Grimoire means I have the MU early to let depleted programs stick around as I await his arrival. A Wyldside that I usually don’t turn off is also a ton of draw that finds an Aesop’s pretty quick. I agree many versions of Noise are going to want 3 copies of Aesop’s but man, can’t get enough clone chips.

@khalarel I think the biggest thing for me is aiming Imp at HQ. It also can make them play out two Jacksons at once to protect him; if you can run the unrezzed one they’ll often sac them both. It sounds like you’re waiting for quite a few cards in archives before you run it. The best solution is running the Jackson if you can as it doesn’t matter how many agendas are in archives, it’ll get rid of him. Or at least force them to rez ice on him then you can force them to rez ice on archives. Pressure like you’re Gabe.

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This is exactly my experience. It’s sometimes good, but mostly Pawnshop bait. The choice between that or an extra Clone Chip or Pawnshop (or Cache) isn’t much of a choice to my mind.

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Thematically I’ve always felt Aesop’s should’ve been an Anarch card

I wouldn’t dare run a Cache/Casts/Imp set without 3x Aesops to back them up. After 20 cards drawn and three Aesops in the deck, you still only have 84% of finding him - that’s a mulligan looking for him, and 7-8 turns of Wyldside draw. That’s a lot. If there are only 2 in the deck, that drops to 70% after 20 cards drawn. I’d really not want to get to the midgame and see him 15% of the time less, unless that influence was really good (and 2 x Gormon Drip doesn’t seem anywhere near worth the trade).


Gorman is out and 3rd Pawnshop is in, plus I put two Quality Times in that I’ve been happy with so far. Three Wyldside is just not enough draw power and this deck is intensely hungry for cards. I recorded a nice game last night on OCTGN with commentary:

Deck list:

Wild Side 1.5 (45 cards)

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire

Event (10)
2 Deja Vu
3 Dirty Laundry
2 Quality Time
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (1)
1 Grimoire

Resource (9)
3 Aesop’s Pawnshop
3 Daily Casts
3 Wyldside

Icebreaker (7)
2 Corroder
3 Knight
1 Mimic
1 Yog.0

Program (18)
3 Cache
3 Datasucker
1 Djinn
3 Imp
3 Medium
3 Parasite
2 Sahasrara


I think the 1 Mimic 1 Yog is just another inconsistent part in a deck where consistency is already the biggest problem. You have to have the money for them and the MU and draw them at the right time. Against NBN in particular I don’t think either of them is that great. What codegate are you really going to Yog through? Saving 1 on the Pop-ups hardly seems worth it.

On the other hand, Quality Time sounds like a good idea. I agree that the Gorman Drip is a very mediocre way to spend our influence, so dropping those is not painful at all.

Did you have any reason to drop the Clone Chips? They usually seem very worthwhile to me.

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In a speed mill deck, a 1 cost, 1 INF virus that actually has an ability (hullo, Deep Thought) with some use is pretty good, IMHO. Depends on one’s build.

My friend dominated the Gencon last year with a Noise Atman deck. I always wanted to revisit it, and will have to start testing something like this.


Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core Set)

Event (10)

Hardware (6)

Resource (7)

Icebreaker (3)

  • 3x Atman (Creation and Control) ••••• ••••

Program (19)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Spaces Between

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


Interesting. Very interesting. I’ve just started trying Whizzard Atman (because D4V1D allows you to break shut outs which were a problem before). I may have to give this a go as well.

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Love Atman in Noise. Needs a Corrodor/D4v1D (2 of each?) these days for Wraparound though. Ditch the Lampreys and 1 Atman and Net Celebrity, add more Aesops and it’s pretty much where I’m at.

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Yeah, forgot about that bloody card. 2 D4V1D makes sense. I have no shame, though, at putting an Atman at 7. Happened at Worlds. :wink:

IMO with Aesop, SOT for deja is mandatory.

So for 2 clicks for SOT, and 2 clicks to install 2 cache, you get 16 income and 2 mills. YES PLEASE!
(grimoire means cache have 4 tokens. Install onto scheherazade for +2. Aesop the dead caches…).

You don’t need cyberfeeder. At all.

Regarding plastcrete - more and more decks are dropping it, as weyland sees less and less play. I would rather look to trash SEA/Scorch with imp than waste the credits to defend against it.

I like to also include the Gorman Drip. Sheherazade as mentioned. With 3 data suckers 3 cache 3 gorman 3 lampreys, and the likely play of 2 virus breakers and 5 (medium, imp, nerve agent) plus 12 recursion from deja vu and SOT it means that scherezade is on average making you 25 cr in the course of a game.

wyldside is a perfectly great, but I usually try to work in 2 qt’s, for the times that I don’t manaage to mulligan it. And SOT helps with hand size (ie., zero cost to play when you qt).

Instead of wyldside you can go 3x qt and 2x special deliverty with 2-3 sot.
Finally depending on your play style you might find djin/mass install usefull. (mass install works well with qt).

I’m not a fan of darwin. Or D4v1d.

Scrubbed. Parasite lets knight break wotan.

As an alternate to grimoire, consider that scrubbed/ice carver lets a naked parasite kill up to str 3 ice. Of course, scrubbed, carver, grim, bishop lets you destroy 6 strength ice instantly.
So personal workshop is more powerful than ever. But my point was that scrubber/carver or even scrubbed by itself is enough of edge to let parasite destroy cheap ice.

So you can look at a Big Red Overmind Knight breaker suite.


Man that all sounds great, but if I have Grimoire, Scheherazade, Aesop and I’ve already used a Deja Vu, I’m looking pretty good. I’d rather focus on getting to that place than drawing SOT which does nothing until my Deja Vu is used and spent. I don’t even think the third Deja Vu is that important.


One potential issue is that Scrubbed makes 1 and 0 str ICE immune to Atman. Not the end of the world - just a little bit irritating.

I agree with Chris that Same Old Thing is really nice in Pawnshop decks (because at worse it’s an Easy Mark). But with only one Pawnshop I’m not sure this is a Pawnshop deck anymore! Would it be better just to drop Pawnshop entirely?

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I lost a pretty important game at a recent Store Tourney because I didn’t pay the 10 credits to make a Huge Atman to go into Archives. :frowning: Stupid Corrodors hiding in the bottom of my deck.

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Yeah bayushi - I don’t like atman with scrubbed.
Personally, with the strength of ELP I think that Currents are mandatory. Which means that Scrubbed is a mandatory counter - plus its a strong include in anarch anyway.

There are multiple styles of Noise builds:
Infrequent, big runs either for multi access or on scoring servers
Mill decks.
Deep digs on R & D… etc.

So the builds change depending on your style.

In my deck, SOT is a strong performer.

I’m running QT’s and (sometimes express deliveries and mass installs). SOT lets me recur, when I need draw.
I’m running cache and deja vu for economy and mill - and SOT lets me recur.
I’m running scrubbed - and SOT lets me recur, to guarantee that the entire game will be played under the influence of a scrubbed.

Considering from an influence point of view for a minute. Aesop’s is 2 inf a pop. Rather than putting 3 aesops in I can put in 1 Aesop and 3 qts 1 express ( or 2/2) and SOTS, and save 2 dead draws. Or 2 aesops and 2 Qts…

As noise, you are looking for wyldside/Aesop. Adding the 3 qts (etc) pretty much guarantees you fast access to wyldside AND Aesop. But it needs the economy to support it which is why cache is king, and you need a deck which is very cheap to run. (Ie., 1 cost viruses).

Funny, I was just thinking about Atman in Noise the other day.

Good points.

I went

-1 Scrubbed
-1 Djinn
+2 Corroder

D4V1D shouldn’t be terribly necessary, as one should have a 4 or 5 STR Atman, with Suckers and Parasites hanging around.


Do remember D4V1D is free to use (Pawnshop) and counters a Troubleshooter, or a surprise Inazuma if you’re locked out, etc. And having more than 2 (efficient ways) through a Wraparound in your deck is really important given NBN’s rise.


Early results are promising - multiple wins against both RP and NEH is enough to make me want to try any deck some more :smile:. My build only runs the two Atman, in order to be able to run the full 3x of Aesops. No currents and I run Knight for Lotus Field and D4V1D for Archer/Grim/Tollbooth/Ichi 2.0/Wraparound etc… Definitely prefer the Atman to my initial build.