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"Not Asa Good Asa ETF" (obviously; the Asa Group thread)


Honestly, if you gonna pay a tribute to a french speaking player, call this “Vas-y, VASA”.
Which, well, is a classic in advertising slogans in France in the 90’s (I mean, it was a children pun in each school of the country).


Turns out all Asa needed was Surveyor!


Impressive results! I’ve not had the chance to test your build, but I’m curious to hear your ICE strategy. Do you ice Jeeves? How much do you ice centrals? I’d have thought 14 ICE was a bit low for a Jinja deck.


I agree in principal it was low for a Jinja deck, but with such good ice + draw, it didn’t take much to set-up, which was the point.

The main goal of getting ice down is a Jinja on the remote, looking for Surveyors. 2x Surveyor and a Najja and you already have a crazy remote. I usually always tried to install the FC3’s on HQ & R&D, and an Architect on a central early if possible. The Loki was flexible depending on what you had rezzed and the ORDER you got the ice.

In general tho, you are still weaker on centrals, you’re just hoping that you can get ELP to stick, and that they have to deal with a FC3 every time so it’s hard to farm TTW counters. Even with Stimhack, if you had an upgrade in the remote there was always tons of scoring windows. Plus the remote gets out of hand FAST. You really only need to rez 1 Surveyor if you can get 5 ice there.

And yes, if I could get Jeeves w an install, Asa trigger (preferably a Najja) then I would. Otherwise, that’s why I ran 3x Jeeves… make them trash it multiple times and hopefully put Stinson online.


Thanks for the detailed description. I can’t wait to try the deck out; ASA is such a great ID :slight_smile:


I can’t help but read the name of this thread in the voice of Jar Jar Binks.