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Official Rules Question Thread

The Rules, the FAQ, Lukas’ Twitter account.

If you don’t find a definitive answer in the first two, you gotta wait for the third to deliver. Welcome to Netrunner, bitches.


"Recurring credits are placed on a card when the card becomes active, and can be used immediately. Any recurring credits a player spends are replaced on their host card at the beginning
of that player’s turn."
if replacing recurring credits can be regarded a ‘when turns begin’ effect…

1.Corporation’s Draw Phase
1.1 Corp rez The Root, and two Executive Boot Camp ( maybe already rezzed)
1.2 Turn begins.
“When one or more abilities have the same timing trigger or can be triggered at the same time, each player chooses the order his own abilities trigger.”

  • corp firstly use the ability of one Executive Boot Camp, using up the credits on The Root.
  • then corp use The Root to replace recurring credits on it.
  • next, corp use the ability of another Executive Boot Camp, using up the credits on The Root again.
  • Blue Sun add The Root to HQ, next turn there will be another try.
    1.3 Corp draws a card.

or corp can use credits on The Root to rez an asset in 1.1, but this does not bring a problem.

this is “how to gain 6 credit in one turn with The Root”.

Errr, I’m not good in English, thank Google translation. I hope there will not be a terrible difficulty in understanding.

As far as I know, replacing recurring credits happens at the beginning of the turn but it’s not a beginning of your turn trigger. They are also the first thing that is replaced during your turn.
So you can spend only 3 recurring credits, even if you have 2 executive boot camps.
What you can do is:
Beginning of the turn, refill The Root.
When your turn being trigger: Rez a card with EBC. Then return the Root to your hand to gain 6 credits.


IT Department. I am assuming that the strength boost is fixed at the moment you use the ability and remains the same even if other counters are used. Any reason to think otherwise?

I believe so. Otherwise how would the spent counter also count?

Lukas got back to me on the [Desperado/Datasucker + Sneakdoor vs Crisium Grid on HQ thing][1] today:

Rule Question:
If the corp has a Crisium Grid on HQ and the runner uses Sneakdoor Beta, then the end result is a successful run on HQ (i.e. you get to access a card from HQ), but Crisium Grid still shuts off something like putting a virus counter on Nerve Agent. This makes sense to me.

My question is regarding what happens when you add cards like Datasucker and Desperado. From here - http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1242585/lucas-crisium-grid - it sounds like the ruling is that Crisium Grid stops Datasucker and Desperado from triggering in this situation. This confuses me.

The rules say that when multiple abilities trigger at the same time, you can choose what order to resolve them in. E.g. if the runner uses Sneakdoor Beta with Security Testing on Archives, they both trigger at the same time and then the runner gets to choose what order to resolve them in.

So in the case where I have Desperado and Datasucker and use Sneakdoor Beta when there is a Crisium Grid on HQ, shouldn’t I be able to choose to resolve the Sneakdoor Beta trigger last and thus still get the credit nd the virus counter despite the Crisium Grid?

One suggestion - it might help to add a rule that says that if multiple effects trigger at the same time, you must resolve the replacement effects before the non-replacement effects.

His answer:

Thanks for the question. The difference is that the replacement effects are actually constant abilities with a requirement that become active when the run is initiated. Therefore they resolve before the Datasucker/Desperado conditional abilities; the replacement effect is “faster”. I will make sure to add this to the next FAQ.

Hooray for the rules making sense :blush:
[1]: Crisium Grid Rules Question


Can the ability of multiple executive boot camps stack on the same piece of ice?

Nope. Each is a discrete trigger, you can’t rez them more than once (unless it’s a TMI, I guess, and you lose the trace?).

What happens if I run Dirty laundry on an unprotected remote server with a Jackson and the Corp uses Jackson’s ability? Do I still get the credits for making a succesful run or does it become an empty sever and therefore cannot be counted as a server? I’m very confused. This happened to me yesterday and I can’t figure it out.

It doesn’t become an empty server, it’s much worse - the server actually ceases to exist, which ends the run immediately. The run is neither successful nor unsuccessful, so for instance neither half of John Masanori would trigger. Needless to say, neither Desperado nor Dirty Laundry gives you money.

I can’t check right now, but if memory serves, there was a section about this in the FAQ, you might want to check it out.


Thank you a lot, will definitely check it out! It was just something I was trying to understand really hard. The server ceasing te exist came into my mind but I thought it was impossible since a run had been made on it. Thanks a lot again!


Let’s say I play tennin institute and place advancement counters on an unrezzed snoop/mamba/data raven. Once they become rezzed, can those counters count as hosted power counters or are they unusable advancement counters?

Power Counters and Advancement counters are different. They would not be beneficial on the Ice you listed.


Thanks! Sucks, but makes sense

Hello there. I have another question. What happens if I’m playing Blue Sun and I have e.g. placed 2 advancement tokens on unrezzed Orion. The runner encounters it and I rez it, paying 9. At the beginning of my turn I want to bounce Orion back to my hand. How much money do I get back? 9 or 15?

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It gives you 9. The rez cost is decreased by 3 for each advancement counter on it, and Blue Sun gives you an amount equal to its rez cost.

With Xanadu, for example, you pull back an Ice Wall for 2, because the rez cost is changed, and it’s the same sort of thing.

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Unless you trick of light those counters first, getting the rez cost back up to 15, does costs another turn though, and you will be playing ToL

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I have a question regarding Daily Business Show.

Lets say the runner runs R&D and sees Card A. The corp rezzes DBS before his turn starts, draws Card A and Card B, then puts one on the bottom of his deck.

Is the corp obligated to tell the runner whether he put Card A or Card B on the bottom of his deck?

My initial guess would be no since the card specifically uses the word draw. The cards are essentially parts of your hand at that point, where they are each a random element. The players in my meta haven’t been certain on the interaction, so we’ve been using the honor system and telling the runner which one we put on bottom, but official clarification would be nice.

I have wondered that myself. My guess is that the corp is not obligated to tell the runner, but someone should ask Lukas.

There’s a ruling with Architect where the Corp must tell the runner which they installed, so I’d assume it’s the same with DBS.