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Official Rules Question Thread

If the Runner trashes a Worlds Plaza with a Ronald Five out, and some assets are hosting on the Plaza, do they lose clicks for the Hosted cards being trashed too? Does the Runner trashing a hoster count as them trashing the hostees?

Even better, what if the Ronald Five is hosted on the Worlds Plaza being trashed?

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The game trashes hosted items.

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Exposed on the trap card - does this mean the only time the runner will take the damage is when the card is exposed (looked at) with their card etc. Does it not do damage when it is rezzed on a run?

Wording has me confused sorry.

Sorry, can you say what card in particular you mean? I’m missing the context here

Sorry. I was on about

This question should be clarified and posted here:


Dollars to donuts he’s asking about “its a trap”


Expose refers to the very specific effect of revealing a card because another card effect said to expose it (infiltration, silhouette, snitch). Rezzing the card, having it flipped while its in archives, or being accessed in hq / R&D do not count as exposing the card.

In the current meta, this card is trash, since no-one plays expose effects.

Just to be sure :
If I have Neutralize All Threats in play : http://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/09043 and with my first click, I run Archives where there are plenty cards with trash cost. Will that access count as the first access for the Directive though I cannot trash cards in Archives ?

Yes that’s correct. “The first card with a trash cost you access” only refers to the first card with a trash cost you access no matter where you access it from. It can never refer to the second, third, hundredth card with a trash cost you access on a turn. It doesn’t say “the first card with a trash cost you can pay that you access each turn”, so this is a valid way to avoid that part of the card (just like accessing an operation in Archives wastes Kim’s ability or installing a card ignoring install costs wastes Kate’s ability).


Thank you very much.

Any news on a Chronos Protocol/Titanium Ribs ruling yet?

Also, I assume that if the first net damage dealt by Chronos Protocol deck is prevented via Feedback Filter/Net Shield/Monolith that subsequent net damage that turn will not trigger the Chronos Protocol ability (from the Net Shield/Tori Hanzo precedent)?

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No ruling on Titanium Ribs yet.

However, Chronos says “the first net damage suffered”, so it specifically works around prevention and applies to the first damage the runner actually takes.


I would love to know if the outcome of this ruling causes anyone to run Titanium Ribs in their decks.

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Protocol has officially piqued my interest.

I’m sure you’re aware, but for anyone else interested in the Drive By vs. Zaibatsu Loyalty inquiry: Lukas basically said “Good question, expect it in the next FAQ”.

Now we play the waiting game.

I wasn’t, but thanks for the update; I’m slipping from this netrunner thing. :frowning:

Not sure if I have time/effort/will to keep it going. Not sure what I’ll do instead. So, apologies for not even realizing that Lukas had replied to me.

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That’s a shame. Unless you’ve got to turf your collection, you can always pick it back up!

I still have ticket to worlds. If the habit can survive my schedule the next month and I don’t have a miserable experience for going out of touch there’s a pretty good chance I get back into it, but just not sure atm.

Are you going to the King of Servers team tournament? Fun jank will be everywhere!

Yeah, planning on a sub par showing for that. Every time I get on OCTGN or play at LFGS I’m reminded how much catch up I have to do.