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Official Rules Question Thread


I would say that it only copies subs and subtypes, so the “it has +x subs for each copy of NEXT ice rezzed” would not be copied…


But since Loki copies the NEXT subtype, how many subs does NEXT Silver have to copy?


This is explicitly outlined in the UFAQ:

The subtype and subroutine copying happen simultaneously so the NEXT sub type doesn’t take effect until after the ability fully resolves. LOKI will have a number of subs equal to the number of otherNEXT ice.




If the Corp chooses a NEXT Opal or NEXT Silver for Loki’s ability, how many subroutines does Loki gain?

When Loki’s ability resolves, it gains the subtypes and subroutines of the chosen ice simultaneously, so Loki is not counted as a rezzed NEXT ice until the ability completes. Loki gains as many subroutines as the NEXT Opal/Silver had before the ability began to resolve.


Question about the interaction of EMP device and Maxwell James.
Runner uses EMP device and runs.
Corp rezzes Data Raven
Runner uses Maxwell James to Derez on approach, so as to avoid the insta-tag from Raven.
Can corp re-rez the Raven?

I ask because EMP device says the corp can’t rez more than 1 piece of ice this run. But if the corp is re-rezzing the same piece of ice it rezzed before, isn’t it still just rezzing 1 piece of ice? I suspect, as with nearly every edge case I post here, my instinct is incorrect, but it seems to me like the corp should be able to rerez.


Are you sure that the runner must derez on approach to avoid the Data Raven when encountered tag? I’m thinking about Page 3, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 1, FAQ

Conditional abilities resolve after meeting their trigger condition. However, if the game state advances past the trigger condition due to simultaneous effects or a chain reaction, then the triggered ability cannot be resolved.

Is derezzing not a change in game state? This makes me think you can use turn priority to Maxwell James in encounter, interrupting the Data Raven When Encountered ability. Then Corp cannot rerez since Runner is not approaching, irrespective of EMP Device.


There’s no paid ability window ‘in encounter’. You either use Maxwell before encountering Data Raven, in the paid ability window where ice can be rezzed, or after encountering Data Raven (having taken the tag) where you would normally use breakers.

If Maxwell James were worded like Femme (‘when you encounter…’) you would be correct.


Yes, but what about emp’s interaction?


Got it. When encountered triggers resolve before the paid ability window that lets runner interact with ICE. Thx.


I think this needs a ruling, to be honest. Does a piece of ice rezzed, derezzed and re-rezzed count as the ‘same’ ice? My instincts say not, based on how ‘identity’ rules about cards has worked in the past. But those examples were not for ice, which has a positional element.


@wombat929, IIRC, I believe they’ve been fairly consistent that the same card doesn’t count towards the 1 limit if you have to do it over and over again. For example the new FAQ ruling for Mongoose:

• If Mongoose is used to break subroutines on a piece of ice during a run, Mongoose may be used again if that same piece of ice is encoutered [sic] later in that run.
(FAQ 4.1, p. 13)

Since the wording on Mongoose for the limit (“more than 1 piece of ice”) is the same as EMP Device (except that 1 is spelled out), then I would think they can rez the same Data Raven again.

There’s other examples that I can’t remember right now, the only thing to keep in mind is that cards that go in and out of play (“uninstalled”) are treated as new instances of the card (i.e. Test Run/Scavenge), but rezzed/unrezzed is not uninstalled.


I forgot about the Mongoose ruling. That probably settles it.


Thanks, @tvaduva and @Dragar!

  • Click 1: Diesel
  • Click 2: Install Comet
  • Click 3: Build Script

Am I correct in reading Comet’s text literally and saying that the runner does not get to trigger comet after playing build script: it says “The first time you play an event each turn…”, not “The first time you play an event with Comet installed each turn…”

I would love it if I was wrong about this, but I couldn’t find a reference that specifically refutes the notion that “comet didn’t see the event from click 1 because it wasn’t installed yet.”


You are indeed correct in your assumption. It’s the same thing with Symmetrical Visage. If you click one draw (perhaps into Visage!), click 2 install Visage, click 3 draw, the baby doesn’t give you a credit, because the rules know that you’re a dirty cheater and this isn’t, in fact, your first time drawing this turn.


In Codebusting yesterday, @CodeMarvelous and @Sanjay indicated that a ruling had been make that Aumakua accumulates counters even if there are zero cards in Archives.

Can someone point me toward that or explain? Since you neither expose nor access any cards, I’m not clear why it works. Is it the key word “any”? Functions like ALL, so “zero” counts?


See the UFAQ on NRDB for the card:

Does Aumakua trigger if the Runner uses Eater during the run?
Yes. Aumakua cares about the access step as a whole, not about accessing any specific card(s).


Thanks @tvaduva. That kind of ruling really chaps my hide because it’s counter-intuitive. I appreciate the rulings that explain or elaborate interactions that are confusing, but this just ignores the meaning of the words to create new meanings. Eater specifically says you DONT access cards, but then somehow Aumakua triggers anyhow. If the corp has no unrezzed cards on the table, can I play Infiltration to get an Aumakua counter, since I initiated the “expose” step even though I didn’t expose any actual cards.


Eater specifically says “You cannot access more than 0 cards for the remainder of this run” (i.e. you access 0 cards). Aumakua triggers because you are accessing 0 cards and you can’t trash or steal any of them. Feint on the other hand is an example where you cannot access any cards so my assumption is that Aumakua does NOT trigger through Feint.

Eater also flips any face down cards in archives but you don’t access them.


You can’t play infiltration and use the expose effect if there are no legal targets because there would be no change in game state. The rule book says that you can’t expose rezzed cards, so there would be no legal targets.