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Official Stimhack OCTGN League PART IV

I never assumed the games had to be on octgn. If I meet a local player for a SHL4 game is that OK?

if jinteki continues to get polished the inevitability will be a split playerbase between the two clients, reducing the total number of players available to either pool. I like the idea of having one hub for all players searching for a game and enjoy spectator others’ games via octgn in league play. I’m sympathetic to the fact that some people can’t use octgn, though. If we start allowing Jinteki, do we allow IRL games? I play against Josh01 every couple weeks or so in GNKs and wouldn’t mind counting my occasional victory :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, don’t allow IRL games. Stimhack is an online community, and it’s core contributions should remain online. At least until next year’s ANRPC details are sorted out.


If I’m sitting in the same room as someone and we have laptops and cards what’s the problem with using cards? In your GNK example I agree you shouldn’t retrofit random matches to be part of the league. But if a friend and I arrange to play a SHL4 game why would you force us to downgrade our experience?


Wheres the seperate leagues option? Im all for seperate leagues.

But you dont compare leaderboards in video games between PSN and XBL when they cant play vs each other.

Give some love to jinteki.net sure. it was a fine client. But i’ll be damned if theres gonna be someone on the leaderboard ahead of me I cant play against to strip that rank away :smile:


Someone made a thread a while back for a jinteki.net league, but I don’t think anything ever came of it.

Why can’t you use OCTGN? I’ve got it to work on every major platform(ok, not on my raspberry pi)

you did? I never got it to work in wine on linux. How did you do it?

1, don’t wine, save yourself the trouble and VM a windows machine in VirtualBox(it is doable though)
2. OS,kernel,wine version
3. Did you make sure octgn ignored ssl, and did you disable hardware rendering
4. Can you post a debug file of wine trying to run octgn? where does it crash

Could you do a guide? You might help a lot.

On topic: new league will start 6th of Juli. A day after Top 4. We will post more info.


I have a mac and am computer stupid.

I use VMware and windows 8 on 2007 iMac 4gb of ram with no issues.

Bjester’s guide can be found here

@dogs OFC you are, you have a Mac

You can take a look at playonmac, but Mac has issues with .net framework ATM, so virtual box it is!


Let’s move the Linux discussion to the other topic

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On the topic of the poll, I voted “no”, but mostly because I agree with the arguments already mentioned by @Kesterer, @ItJustGotRielle, and @Bahram. It would effectively be two leagues, and I don’t even know if that’s a good thing.

For one thing, it dilutes the player pool available to everyone. If even 10% of users use Jinteki.net as opposed to OCTGN, that’s 25 players (based on this league’s standings). I work nights, and so most of my league time came during the morning (US Central), and I was waiting 5-10 minutes for an opponent sometimes; on two or three occasions, I couldn’t find one at all. So it’s potentially more league games that outright don’t happen because of cross-platform differences.

That said, continuing on @jrp’s point, I think two leagues players can use any means of actually playing that they like once they’ve decided to play each other. If @Bahram calls me up for a one-and-one, and says “Jinteki.net is super-cool and totally functional right now, let’s game on there”, the substance is the same and there’s no real loss here because the game was arranged ahead of time anyway. If @JRP comes visits me in Louisiana some time and wants to get in a league match IRL, there’s functionally no difference, since it was pre-arranged again anyway.

So, ultimately my final answer is this: I think random matches should be preferred on OCTGN, or Jinteki.net is OK if OCTGN doesn’t work for you. Pre-arranged matches should use any medium the players can agree on, since the part the matters (the Netrunner match itself), is unaffected by the medium used*. But to maintain a high rate of random matches actually getting played, I would prefer if one client is the “standard” and should be used if at all possible.

*Of course, we all know this isn’t 100% true, facial tells and the like aren’t possible over the computer; we use OCTGN for expediency’s sake, not because it’s the best possible method. Preferably, we could do this league IRL, and there would be no issue with anyone wanting to play anyone else, but that’s just not possible. So we go with the best alternative. If it is possible to arrange a match IRL (the preferred method, if available), we shouldn’t discourage that. It’s also better training for when you have to play competitively in a tournament.


I don’t play on OCTGN because I’ve had one game too many get FUBAR after a disconnect.

So if y’all would allow games on Jinteki, that would be great. Might get some mac users up in here.

It’s live…almost :wink:

Did the finals ever take place?

Nope, they can’t find a date.

SHL finished today. Not all games were played, but Josh lead on points and he is our winner

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