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Official Stimhack OCTGN League PART V

You didn’t even make the cut at Nationals. What a fucking scrub.


Despite what I said at the end of the last league, I expect to play at least a few games for this league. I guess I’m a masochist in secret. :smile:

Will the top 4 from IV be streamed?

Also is there a particular reason why top 4 is done instead of top 8? If this has been discussed previously I apologize, IV was the first one I participated in. @Argamas


We decided to switch to Top 4, because it was hard to arrange a end tourney with 8 people from so many continents. Certainly after we wanted to stream it all. Even with four people we face planning difficulties.

Top 4 on July 5th will be resceduled. We hope to do it the July 11th


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Thanks for organizing this. First timer here, looking forward to learning new decks in a competitive setting. :slight_smile:

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what is the ruling if an opponent disconnects during a game?

Post a screenshot. We’ll judge every situation. Disconnects can happen. Usually people are very honest: you were at 5 points, I was poor, congrats. Etc

If people disconnect on purpose to cheat, we will not hestitate to remove him or her from the league and award a victory to the other player.

Tonight. Midnight. BE THERE!!!

(I should be on for some games)


Has OCTGN been very laggy and crashing unexpectedly for anyone else since the 3 days of updates? It’s completely unusable for me now.

It’s been pretty bad for me. At first I thought it was because I was streaming, but even when nothing else was running on my computer, it just occasionally freezes and tells me that it’s not my internet, just my shitty computer.

Hope it gets better. I don’t think it’s my computer, because I never had an issue with it until now.

Yeah, seems like OCTGN is having some issues, because it has been lagging and bugging pretty bad for the last 2-3 days

OCTGN hasn’t even started up for me in like 2 weeks,

I mean, I haven’t tried to run the program or anything, either… XD

Has been working fine for me but multiple opponents of mine have dc’d or crashed past 2 days.

Definitely some bugs were introduced lately. Those are not disconnects, octgn APP simply closes with “unexpected stuff” message box. No way to reconnect after this happens.

Under ‘Official Standings’ it shows that I haven’t played any games even though I’ve completed eleven. Most of my matches have been verified. Do all matches have to be verified before posting in the official standings?

It will take some time. Maybe every hour or so, to process matches.

Don’t worry. In the unofficial standing you’re leading :smile:

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@tcody616 sorry for the crash. Game was yours already, so feel free to report a win! ggs.

Anyone experiences those crashes?

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I had a couple last week but then it seems to be better the last few days. I rebooted my computer as I leave it on for months at a time so that may have helped. But OCTGN a been completely stable up until now.

Apo, thanks, i took screens
there was idiocy at the end with batty coming out of archives to fire and win with you at 0 credits, to pull out the nisei mk II you would have gotten

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