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Professor, the MWL, and Rebirth: A match made in heaven


Yeah, that’s a good point. I’ve removed datasucker and RDI, in replacement for a third makers and triple sure gamble. That puts me up to 47 cards, but they’re good ones so I think it should be alright.


Doesn’t the MWL rob the prof of his one influence?


“An Identity’s printed influence limit cannot be reduced below 1.” - straight from the Tournament Rules

It certainly feels good to have three Clone Chips and one or two Ladies (and the obligatory single Parasite) without taking an influence hit, and the Prof sure is a lot of fun to play, but I don’t think Rebirth is the way forward unless the card pool holds some other surprises. Stimhack still wins games :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t be reduced below one: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4673009/NAPD.PNG


The problem with The Professor isn’t one that Rebirth can fix. His biggest problem comes in deck building, where his ability restricts his ability to make a fully functional deck. Having a random assortment of programs doesn’t really do anything, and a fair amount of the high influence programs are in Shaper already, further nullifying his ability. Switching to someone else would just mean still having a bad deck, except now it’s a bad deck piloted by a runner that actually has an ability.


Its far from “random”. You are just running the “good stuff” that wins games. I think you mean inconsistent. Yes, if you could solve the consistency problem of the professor, you likely have cracked the ID.

Which you can get around with cards like medium, parasite, David, running clone chips, clot, Lady and possibly faust.

I don’t think running 19 influence worth of quality programs that almost any deck would run if it could is insignificant.

That is not counting possible datasuckers and anarch breakers, which could bring the total as high as 20.

I agree Rebirth isn’t going to fix Professor. But that is because I don’t think he is that far from being fixed. He is just looking for something to help out his consistency and small economic problems.


I think technical writer fixes the econ problem quite a bit, as so many programs are popping on and off thanks to SMC and clone chip. With SMC in the bin and a clone chip out, a single breaker install is an instant +2$ for the prof. Combine that with workshop (which lets you ignore small programs and only pop technical writer for the big stuff), and you have a nice econ engine.

The main problem then is consistency. I like quality time for draw power, as you can just stick stuff on workshop, but there is a real issue here. The way I deal with it is just to treat each game differently depending on what programs you get. Draw sneakdoor/medium in your starting hand? go for an early install, followed by a scavenge to switch pressure on the corp, all whilst building your breaker suite up. It’s not perfect, but it’s a nice strategy.


This list needs more draw, not sure gamble. I think if any deck is going to eschew normal deck building concepts, the professor is it. You can find that one of rebirth with a ton of draw. What gets better with a ton of draw? Faust. I would add a Faust and some sports hoppers before adding sure gamble, but that’s just because it seems like more win.


Sports hopper seems nice, but I think consistent draw is what this deck needs more than anything. I’ve swapped out the Dinos for astrolabes (something I’ve been putting off for a while - I love dino :D), and I think something like Patron would be nice (when it comes out). As well as the card draw, it lets you stretch the corp’s resources thin by threatening advantages no matter which server you’re attacking.

Also, personally I think there’s too much good stuff in this deck to use Faust. It’s not like the cards will ever be wasted, cause I can just put them on workshop. Leprechauns give you the memory to play a big rig, so why trash all the good cards?


Cause you levy them back in, all the whole trashing programs you want to recover with clone chip anyway. I just think if you’re going to run the professor, you should run all the best programs, honestly I’d want to find room for keyhole, but Faust just helps you get in early, which could save you from having the Corp be on 2-3 points before you’re set up. I mean, there are a bunch of good cards in that deck, but accesses win you games, not a fancy rig. If it’s flexible enough that you can get through the early game rush/ fa threat, that’s cool, but going to the dark side will simply win more games i think. I don’t like Faust as is either, it’s clear that the numbers are just a little off, to me anyway, but it’s still good, and it just helps against the really hard Corp match ups. It just also makes the easy ones easy, and you go against kill you can always ditch it. And aren’t you trying to be the flexible professor?


Yeah, but I’d prefer to SMC into whatever program I need for the moment rather than ditch my whole hand of really great cards. Far from being flexible, playing Faust forces you into the mindset that no other card matters (except ones that give you card draw). And the corp matchups that this deck finds hard (mostly just Foodcoats) aren’t really helped by Faust, as the one thing it doesn’t do is handle tough ice.

Also, the deck has changed a lot since this thread started, so I’ll repost the new version here:

University Application

47 Cards
Event (17)
3 Diesel
2 Modded
2 Quality Time
3 Scavenge
1 Stimhack ●​
3 Sure Gamble
3 The Maker’s Eye
Hardware (7)
2 Astrolabe
3 Clone Chip ○​○​○​
2 Plascrete Carapace
Program (17)
1 Cerberus “Lady” H1 ○​
1 Cerberus “Rex” H2 ●​●​●​
1 D4v1d ●​●​●​●​
1 Faerie ●​●​●​
1 Imp ●​●​●​
3 Leprechaun
2 Magnum Opus
1 Medium ●​●​●​
1 Mongoose ●​●​
1 Parasite ●​●​○​
3 Self-modifying Code
1 Sneakdoor Beta ●​●​●​
Resource (6)
3 Personal Workshop
3 Technical Writer


Have you thought of chatterjee university or something? Fair points on Faust, screw it, who needs a pact.


The university is a bit slow, especially as this deck doesn’t directly install a lot. Most programs just go onto workshop, there’s actually little straight install unless it’s through modded or something. It also seems very click-intensive, and it would probably be better just to click opus a few times.


Oh yeah, this is definitely a workshop deck, I see. Fair warning, i hardly look at deck lists haha. I just see it, look for a few key cards and then start talking out of my ass. By the way, i just noticed, GOOMBArd. That’s a mario reference?


Net chip worth discussing while we are in Christmas land? Seems great in the tech writer version of professor.


Yup :smiley:


Sorry, I don’t know which card you’re talking about


The spoiled Shaper consumer grade card from the next pack.

1 install each, each one can host a program. Each one has mu limits equal to the number of these cards installed.

It allows 2 mu programs to always have a slot and it allows hyperdriver regardless of what stage of the game you are in.

Triple hyperdriver will let you make up clicks spent installing these and other cards.

I don’t know. Seems alright. It at least let’s you get around the Shaper mu problem and run cards like Keyhole or Sneakdoor, which were difficult to slot in before due to mu.


That might be a good idea, but they’d take up a lot of space so I might just be better with juggling leprechauns. Still, worth a look when it comes out.

EDIT: As well, I often have so many programs popping off workshop that technical writer gets loaded quickly anyway. I’ll definitely try the chip when it comes out, just not sure if it’ll stay in my deck due to taking up 6 slots.


Or just 3 or 4 slots. You don’t have to run it as a x6 unless you plan on using Endless Hunger.