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Rebooting the Mentorship Program!

Role: mentor
Timezone: GMT+1 (MEST)
voice chat: Discord, Skype
Languages: English, German
Areas of expertise: Have some good insight on the meta. I love it to play “the good decks”.
I think I can give some good advice how to evaluate board states and execute gameplans. I don’t play too much games, I rather watch and give some advice after that game. I am also doing a podcast with Paul “thenochfünfzehnerminuten”.
For mentees who would like to get help only a few hours a week or a month, you’re perfectly welcome :slight_smile:

Role: mentee
Time zone: GMT + 1
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Languages: I would prefer german
Area where you think you need to improve: I would like to learn how to play my opponent and not my deck. Also I would love to learn how to build a deck that is not build around some of my favorite cards, but have an idea what I want to do first, have opponent decks in mind and find the cards that I need for that.

Role: mentee
Time zone: GMT
Able to use Voice Chat?: possibly
Languages: English
Area where you think you need to improve: these are the things I would like to get better at:

  • reading the board: what is my opponent up to; where are their weaknesses and strengths at this moment; how do I capitalise on the former and avoid the latter; how do I balance the long term vs short term; AM I BEING RUSED
  • understanding non-straightforward gameplans, particularly asset-based decks on the Corp side, and identifying in-game what my priorities are
  • deckbuilding/testing/tweaking: how do I identify and work with synergies; how do I identify what is and isn’t working in a deck; how do I test and improve

Role: Mentor
Time zone: GMT
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Languages: English
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise: As a player I think I have pretty strong fundamentals. I’m not much of a creative deckbuilder, I prefer to take an already established deck and play that a lot perhaps tuning some of the deckslots for specific metas. As other people have said to teach someone you first need to know how they think therefore my approach to mentoring would probably be playing games on jnet with my mentee to get an idea of their approach to the game.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: CDT (GMT-5)
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Languages: English
Area of Improvement: I’ve been playing for a few months and am familiar with much of the rules, however with such a large card pool and lack of knowledge of some of the synergies I feel I’m lacking some advantages that more competitive players would have. It would be nice to go over some of the finer points of what each factions strengths and weaknesses are, some of the synergies that can be used to improve on weaknesses and amplify strengths, and in general get some experience in playing a wider range of the card pool in a more one-on-one kind of scenario. Deck lists are great, but understanding how they work and how I can improve a list can make all the difference.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: GMT
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes, though I’m not too comfortable with it. No Discord.
Languages: English
Area where you think you need to improve: The area I want to work on most is running, though some advice on corp would be appreciated too. My playstyle is very instinctive so I’ll often make a play that feels right at the time but ends up leaving me vulnerable to my opponent’s powerful cards such as HHN, Mti triggers or an unexpected run event, learning how to sit back and think will help me a lot. The points in Twisty_b’s post above mine are also problems I have, especially regarding deckbuilding as I enjoy building around specific cards or synergies rather than just making a good-stuff shell like you see in Val/Mti meta decks.

Am extremely rusty at the game but happy to help out

Role: Mentor
Time zone: GMT+1 weekday evenings, weekend not-evenings
Voice Chat: Yes
Languages: English, Dutch, very basic French
Particular expertise: Fundamentals

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Role: Mentee
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
Voice Chat: Yes
Languages: English

I’ve been playing with my brother casually for just over a year. I love teaching the game to friends, and I have a few friend who I play with casually. When I play on JNet or at the local store, I tend to lose terribly. I’m not sure if it’s fundamentals but I want to learn, improve my game, and stop making stupid decisions.

Role: Mentor
Time zone: EST
Voice Chat: Yes
Languages: English
Particular expertise: Rules/fundamentals, aggro/denial Runners.

Role: Mentor, Mentee if anyone wants to teach me how to play Crim.
Time Zone: EST
Voice Chat: Sure
Languages: English
Areas of expertise: Decent grasp on fundamentals. Pretty experienced with tournament/competitive play. Can help with piloting and deck building. Tend to play more competitive decks.

Hey everyone!

Thank you for all the responses, both for mentors and mentees, much love :heart:
I’ve paired up the mentors and mentees and will post them in a table on the bottom of the post. We actually have a space for a mentee left, Exile can help out with fundamentals of the game, iterative deck building, general game flow, in case anyone is still looking for a mentor.

What happens next?

Aside from posting the list here, I will contact each mentor individually to be safe and to help initiate the first contact. After that it’s up to the pair to figure out how to progress. If you need a general outline I think if you two come up with a goal to achieve and a plan to do so and try to stick to the plan, you’ll be fine.

Also will figure out some kind of thank-you goodie for all the people who signed up as mentors :slight_smile:

Mentor Mentee
Analyzechris Nylea
Cliquil Melyr
Dome_ ZomB
HerbartKlopstock metamatik
Kysra Phizzer
Labbes Grakhirt
lostgeek M0H4WK
Massisi Reality Cheque
PaulyG Byron
Reality Cheque Havvy
Rjay Laindra
Rusefus Twisty_b
5N00P1 Renegat
Solemnstorm hrbrngr
Tugtetgut PaulyG

Is this still a thing?

Role: Are you wanting to be a mentor or a mentee?
Time zone:
CST - my availability is pretty limited; maybe 2x/month
Able to use Voice Chat?:
I think so. Google Hangouts/Discord. Haven’t used either for voice.
Area where you think you need to improve
I’ve played maybe a dozen games IRL (all with my kids) and a few on jinteki. All I own are two Core sets and Terminal Directive. I think I can put a deck together reasonably well, but I’d like to be able to select a good deck of NRDB. Really, I just want to be able to play respectably on jinteki, it being the only real option for me to play at all, and I’m a bit intimidated, knowing only the pre-revised core set and TD. I suppose you could say I just need someone experienced to play with who doesn’t mind easing me into the full competitive experience, with a focus on deck selection rather than deck building until I get a broader experience of the game.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: CST
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Languages: English
Particular expertise: I’m about 50 games in with pure kitchen table and about 10 games on Jinteki. I have been playing through the sets in order, adding to the card pool. Me and my friend are currently at Order and Chaos and everything prior. Who knows what I need to improve in. We think we are awesome because we probably both suck at not only deck building but also tactics. I do more research than my friend, but probably need mentorship in almost every area.

Role: Mentee
Time zone: GMT evenings
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes, but I’ve never tried it - I have headphones with a mic.
Languages: English
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise:

I was referred to this from the #beginners channel on the slack. I have played maybe 20-30 games kitchen table against the same 2 people and the same on Jinteki, the latter only recently.

I have the core set and most of the deluxe expansions but on Jinteki have just been playing Core experience as playing against people with complex decks in standard format as a learner wasn’t fun.

I know the rules (mostly) but other than that the only way is up, I have a 2-30 record online :slight_smile:

I would like to get to the point that if I was to play with others offline I wouldn’t be totally hopeless, I like the idea of going to a game night although I have no experience of it before.

Not sure if I’m too late, but I’ll post here anyway.

Role: Mentee. Though could probably mentor a new player
Time zone: GMT
Able to use Voice Chat?: Yes
Languages: English
Area where you think you need to improve or area where you think you have some particular expertise:

I’ve been playing for a few years now and feel like I can play to a moderately high standard. However, I’d really like to take my play to the next level, especially in tournaments. I think the weakest parts of my game are identifying “outs” in close games and also reading my opponent’s boardstate in order to anticipate their behaviour. I think my Runner player is probably weaker than my Corp play. I’ve never really settled on a Runner that I’m comfortable playing. I think really focusing on understanding how to play one of the stronger runner archetypes is something I’d be interested in.

I’d also be happy to be a mentor to a newer player. I don’t think I have a lot of offer a more experienced player, but would be willing to offer feedback/comment on Jnet games if that was something they were interested in.

I am almost fully back on track with general and ready to help out - however, in the avalanche of shipping emails and Apex eating Slack messages, my communications with my potential mentee have melted away… Please ping me via here or stimslack and I’ll get back to you ASAP :slight_smile: