[Reina] Headlock: How to Make Sure Your Opponent Doesn't Get to Play Netrunner

I have 2 questions after reading >150 new posts/

  1. why do you guys think that vamp works better than account siphon?
  2. what is this midseasons titan deck you were talking about?
    I’m sorry, I’m just not a very great Netrunner player but I really want to get a lot better :frowning:

Vamp is better for two reasons

  1. You can take them all the way down to 0 no matter what.
  2. Clearing 1 tag is easier than clearing 2.

Vamp isn’t an economy card and the deck doesn’t need an additional one. It’s in faction and plays well with the deck’s ability to just dump cash onto Kati.


Thanks. I was just wondering if the economy of the deck was sufficient enough to fuel vamp. Also, is it actually doing job being just a one-of?

The economy is fine, because there’s also an incredible amount of denial. Like Noise decklists, it’s very counter intuitive how it all unfolds. A second Vamp might be good, but the economy probably can’t support two of them.

If you keep Kati, casts, and Lucky Find, yes, it probably is fueled just find. My twitch stream has a game from Saturday where I dropped the lucky finds and suffered for it. That deck didn’t have enough econ to get the vamp going. I’d let others with more experience with the deck talk about it, I’m going somewhere else with this deck than focusing on the HQ lock and I’m keeping this one closer to the vest. I just want to say this deck is good, but not the end-all-be-all of Reina decks. There’s plenty of room to make personalized choices like people do with their Andy decks.

I think its solid, but it’s a bit too easy to tech against, imo, by just getting that crisium on HQ. That said, clone chip in Reina + Crescentus is working awesomely. And I think its opening up another deck that can support clot when that drops.

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2 has been good in the past. Definitely could be better.

I think we’re all tinkering around the edges at some level. 3 Eater, 3 Crescentus, 3 Lamprey, 3 Vigil, 2 Keyhole/Medium, [some economy], [some Siphon/Vamp], [some fun support cards].

I tried out Sam’s latest iteration (or close to it: 2 Scrubber, 2 Liberated, 3 Daily Casts, 2 Kati, 2 D4v1d, 1 Corroder as I forgot my Knight, 2 Gorman Drips for fun) and it won every game. I don’t know if SIphon would have been better, but Daily Casts, Kati and Liberated provided the raw credits and Gorman Drips were 6+ credits each. I think they might be better than Daily Casts.

I liked having my Corrodor and D4v1d, and I can see why people include real breakers - every so often you really do need to just get in. Half tempted to put QG/Singularity in, but surely that’s too wild to ever work.



I’ve got 2 gorman and 2 deja in my version and it is kicking shit. Being able to deja for econ+lamprey is pretty amazing. Deja offers some additional flex on some of the other cards, namely 1 slot for vamp. I consistently get 5+ off gorman when timed correctly, sometimes more.

I’m also testing some more edge case cards, as I’ve shifted the entry to most of my econ cards down a lot, since running low on credits seems to happen a lot, until you pull off kati. I’d like to get lots more testing in before saying its ‘better’ or as good as others though.

I agree that siphon is flat out wrong here, and is a different build honestly.

Yea I actually think I might drop 1 scrubber for a Singularity. It’s a good call IMO.

Caprice and Adonis, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g… :stuck_out_tongue:


10 chars


Personally I think the solution is to find ways to be good without siphon rather than not playing siphon spam. Click 1 you go broke is great! If you can punish with medium/Keyhole dig on R&D right after and use cards like imp to trash their assets then them going broke was the plan all along! Plus if the corp is broke they can’t astrotrain/advance their gameplan.

Has everyone stopped testing this? Where is everyone at with modifications? Any variants popping up?

Everyone who plays this deck has already been murdered in the alley behind their local game store.


Hoping to mess with this more soon --interested in testing a swap-out between Lucky Find and Pheromones since it hits HQ so hard.

If you do, be prepared to get into even more fights as you try to explain that purging the virus counters doesn’t purge the credits off it. No one ever understands that.


WHA? I NEVER NEW THAT. I actually was interested in trying this, but influence seems so tight; and all in on HQ seems so bad with crisium grid around if your main breaker is eater.

I put in one Corroder because Himitsu Bako is such a shit card against this deck. That + Caprice on HQ is basically a supercharged Crisium Grid that you can’t ever trash. Fuck that.

I played against it yesterday at league and the gentleman was using the gorman drips From what I saw + my own experience of playing it twice I don’t see using the gorman drips if you’re going to use 3 daily casts (as he was). It was too much slow econ and it really showed.

You want your mind blown further? The credits work to trash shit in HQ and more importantly, vamp.