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Replicating Perfection : System Core 2019


It’s worth pointing out (as people have in the past) that in any card pool there will be different cards which appeal to different players. Just because one person is competitive and so will only be interested in say 300/1200 cards which are “good” enough to make up the competitive meta, doesn’t mean there aren’t another 300 cards in that same pool which kitchen table players love to build with for example.

One person’s binder fodder is another’s treasure. :smile:


Indeed! The jank must flow!


Yes absolutely, but the question I have to ask is “does the card pool need 2 or 3 times as many jank cards as playable cards?”


In my view a well designed card can often be both. I would’ve thought you need at most 10% pure ‘jank’ cards, and a lot of cards that can be jank / competitive / whatever depending on the other cards they’re played with and the state of the meta.


“Playable” is a bit of a moving target though. I’d be happy with more Dorm Computer, less Collective Consciousness.