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Seattle Regionals Red Decks Top 8


I find NAPD runs well as a pair with Fetal. Install Fetal and advance once. The runner spends their clicks to get money rather than cards (so they can score the NAPD they expect to see) and kills themselves on the Fetal.

EDIT: Works the other way too of course. Install NAPD and advance twice and watch them bounce when they spend their clicks on cards rather than the two money they actually need.


I’ll definitely start testing this, but it strikes me as higher variance. Part of the reason I like purple jinteki (and purple nbn for that matter) is you aren’t trying to go for a kill all the time.


While Nisei’s one of the stronger agendas in the game, there’s something to be said for a TFP, NAPD, Fetal AI suite. Only having agendas that drain resources and protect themselves on access can hit the runner right in the tempo even if they don’t give you the ETR counter.


I never even though of kills in my RP deck until I managed to pull that trick off in a number of games I might well have otherwise lost. It’s definately not a strategy to build around, just a very nice trick you can pull if you are running that particular agenda suite (my build is NAPD, Fetal and Future Perfect).


I like that there can be this variance with the build, based on preference. Nisei is still fantastic for getting TFP through.


@SneakySly - I’m having some trouble getting my asset economy going. Seems like you can’t really install blank sundews/PADs/Clinics. Thoughts here?


Grats on your performance. I wish I got to play you, but I scrubbed out pretty quick in the elim.

One thing I didnt’ like about the corp list is that none of the agendas can masquerade as asset economy. Do you think this is a problem? I’m thinking about match point, if the runner has pegged your agenda composition.


Nisei is literally uncuttable. I toyed around with the idea of RSVP/Fetal/TFP/NAPD, but it’s basically insane to play less than 3 Nisei. You score Nisei, you win. Basically every time. Who wouldn’t play a card like that?


I think my thinking arose at first when NAPD came, and then with TFP. At the time, it was too easy for agendas to be stolen from HQ or R&D, and that was the cause of most of my losses. Nisei ended up being a liability then in comparison to NAPD and Fetal, which hurt the runner and would sometimes go unstolen. However, with the new Ice and Econ options, as well as TFP providing a 3-pointer that isn’t going to disappear as easily from those accesses, losing the occasional Nisei after a run through a heavily taxing server is probably not so much of a worry as it used to be.

So I’m going to give it a shot, for sure. I’ve also grown better in the last month at remembering triggers/counters (one of the other issues was forgetting I’d scored a Nisei in the first place). I’m hesitant to lose the last net damage threat in Fetal, but smart Nisei use does seem much better, and seeing the potential for Nisei chaining (which I’d not, really, before) makes it all the more tempting.

EDIT: Also, silly me, just realized you can spend a Nisei counter after Caprice fails, making them need to succeed a second time. Yeah, wow, 3-of for sure.


It’s red astro for a reason


Generally this has not been a problem. Between Nisei counters, Caprice, and Ash, it is pretty easy to make your remote simply impossible for the runner to get into at a given specific turn. You could try Braintrust, but scoring a Nisei is generally feels like GG all on it’s own.

I almost never install blank Sundews. You really want to protect your first Sundew as an extremely high priority.


That’s exactly the play I was thinking I’d need to do. Most of my experience with RP has been on OCTGN and the Untrashable variant where you EPs protect the other assets. So, I’m learning how to play and it’s been fun so far!


In my experience the Untrashable variant is quite weak. I do run Encryption Protocol, but I find that you really need more ICE than Untrashable can provide.


Agreed. The untrashable variant was the one I was most familiar with before Seattle Regionals, however.


The Fetal AI is pretty awesome. I wouldn’t cut it for a 3rd future perfect. You’ll definitely see the one you need to score. Putting Komainu in front of a Fetal AI can be GG for an aggressive runner who makes the choice to run through it to avoid a potential Nisei.

In my variation I run one less tollbooth opting instead to spend the influence on Ichi 1.0 and using Susanoo-No-Mikoto for another big piece of ice. It’s really fun setting up the Ichi and seeing if you can get the runner to hit it. Usually you can if they are aggressive, and if they are not aggressive you most likely just setup and win anyway.


[quote=“SneakySly, post:1, topic:1371”]
This janky list is similar to something that @asroybal, @Genestealers and I experimented with on Stream to good success. Unfortunately, it ran into serious consistency issues during my games. I had several games where I did not draw the Prepaids until they far too late to make a difference. Additionally, the greedy lack of Plascrete bit me in the ass twice against Weyland in games that would have been pretty easy victories otherwise.[/quote]

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Really? :disappointed:


:laughing: Fair enough.

Generally the only thing that bothers me enough to edit someone’s post is not capitalizing the first word of a paragraph.


My own list is pretty similar to this, except that I run all asset econ with full pad campaigns/sundews/mental. Ice loadout is also a tad different. I run Chimera, RSVP, Yagura and Hokusai Grids instead of the more common Eli and Quandary. Also got a singleton Susanoo because it’s a monster against anything that isn’t femme and knight.

Chimera fulfills the same role as Quandary for the most part, early game etr. It defends an early scoring remote nicely and a chimera or an RSVP works wonders as earlygame sundew protection. Hokusai and Yagura re-power my Komainu to prevent run-through-for-free shenanigans.

Have had -great- success with it. Won my store championship and it’s a monster in casual and tournament play. Was the TO for the Norwegian regionals, so couldn’t test it there.



I finally had time to start testing this list. I’ve only played a few games, but I like it a lot so far. I’m currently testing both this and Yellow Jackets, and while I like both, I’m currently leaning toward this. Honestly, I think this deck should be the one that gets the Red Coats moniker. It’s absolutely punishing.

From looking at the list, I wasn’t sure about the one-of Interns, PAD Campaign, or Shadow. In testing, though, I found Interns was an all-star and PAD Campaign was a giant middle finger to the Runner. I didn’t see a single Sundew, but despite that I had zero money problems even against Siphoning Criminals.

I took @Kethran’s suggestion to heard and tried out one Chimera over a Quandary. I drew it one game and found it pulled its weight. Not sure I want more than one, but with my centrals two-deep and the Runner poor, I was able to IAA a naked Future Perfect behind it and score it the next turn.

I do like the one-of Shinobi in Yellow Jackets, and am considering importing it here, even with the Mental Health Clinics.

I installed the Shadow once, but never rezzed it. I’m not sure about it; I could see cutting it for one Closed Accounts, but I’m going to wait until I’ve actually tried it in at least one game.