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Second Thoughts Set Review Part 1: In which I misspell Scheherazade repeatedly!


Yup, all good. Cheers


Recon is actually quite useful in a resource denial deck, where your aim is to force the Corp in rezzing the ICE (and possibly at a higher cost than normal). It basically says to the Corp “wanna stop me? pay, but I won’t risk anything”… and that’s not exactly bad, especially against Jinteki which will have plenty of AP ICE with the next DPs of the Spin Cycle (not to mention Honor & Profit).
As Casanunda said, it keeps you running, so it differs with FAO which is passive instead. If you have both thought, you can do the Recon run and get to the R&D / HQ / remote if the Corp opts out of rezzing the ICE… and then force her to rez anyway or discard with FAO. As you said, it works like an Infiltration in a way, because if the Corp doesn’t wanna rez, it usually means they don’t wanna spend (or they can’t).

I find it interesting in any Andromeda anyway, since I hate not running on the first turn, and if you do, you usually have to discard after. With Recon you won’t have to, you risk nothing by running, and it’s just for 1 credit anyway… which you might get back with Desperado anyway.
Running straight from the very first turn means high pressure on the Corp, which is a good thing, and the more cards actually make me run, the more I can do it.


seriously noone? :wink:


The review rocked, especially Leviathon. I applied early running and slipped some tools in my deck to handle the big ice and it’s paid off. I BGG mailed Alexfrog a thank you note, but I decidied to thank him here also. It’s really helped my running game. Thanx Alex! :slight_smile:


To add to the Leviathan discussion, as a playtester for another CCG, there is also the distinct possibility that after different versions in testing of the card that they just couldn’t find a middle ground between too good and too crappy. I’ve seen many cards in the past that spend entire playtesting cycles overpowered and as time runs out on a set’s testing, the best option is to play it safe and neuter the card into oblivion rather than risk it staying something too powerful.

It really is a shame that that art got such a bad card, though. I quite like the picture.


“Additionally, Pawn can bring this back, after the Pawn started on Sheherezade”

With the latest FAQ, you comment on Bishop + Pawn + Sherri Zhad is not correct.

Pawn has the following errata :

Pawn ( 2)
Should read: “Whenever you make a successful run while
Pawn is hosted on a piece of ice, move Pawn to the piece of ice
directly after the current ice hosting Pawn, if able; otherwise, trash Pawn instead and install a Caïssa program from your grip or heap, ignoring all costs.”


You first put Pawn on Sczheherazade, getting $1.
Then you move it onto an ice.
Then you run, and it triggers, getting something else back.


That definitely occurs. (And hilariously in the case of Skullclamp from Magic, the last second ‘nerf’ to the card made it way stronger).

Perhaps leviathan started out as ACTUALLY very efficient for large values of efficient, and got nerfed to its present form. Or maybe they meant for it to be bad all along. Either way, what we got was the current card, and its too expensive.