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Oh look at that, my store championship still used the old rules :/.


It could have been because the store championship kits still have the old rules included in the kit packaging. In the future game night kits etc will have the new format rules included, I know the new season game night kits do. And the regional kits definitely do.

I’m actually surprised there are still so many store championships being reported/taking place.

When the new format came out, I informed if they applied to our Chaos protocol. I learned from the organisator that they had clear instructions on the format. I guess the same goes for the store championships

As someone who organized both events, I can tell you this is not the case. Chronos had very specific instructions on how to run (5 or 6 rounds depending on the number of players, no cut), the Store Champs package just had the standard paper about running Org Play events.

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Oke, I was told differently, good that you correct that :wink:

Yeh I think league success was due to surprise factor but sinse then I’m playing with hive/niseis PS jinteki deck through some tournaments and still have good results(5/5 chronos, 3/4 coop tourney). I’m pretty sure almost every top player in our meta knows what deck I’m playing.

But it was preH&P meta. Still have not tested new cards.

That’s because you don’t have any good players in your meta!

BTW I think it was 5/6 on Chronos :wink:


You can count it as 6/6 as well. We just end the game after first two points were stolen. Usually match winning player forfeits the game to keep his energy for next games. But yes: The deck results were 5/5 finished matches + 2 points at topdeck in 6th.

P.S. I’ m open to octgn playtesting. If somebody would like to reveal weak points of my deck PM me. You are welcome!

In my experience, a huge part of beating Power Shutdown-centric decks is playing Morningstar instead of Corroder as your primary fracter. That this nullifies Hive, troll-laughs at Eli and takes a dump in WoT’s open mouth is just an added benefit.

For this reason, I really don’t see Hive as adding much to the Archetype.


Well, this can be said about Cerebral Imaging as well, and basiccally any taxing deck, isn’t it? And Yogosaurus or Torch deal with Viktor 2.0 and Tollbooth. Now, if only such a deck was efficient against Astrobiotics as well…

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I played against a surprisingly good Kit deck recently that ran Yogosaurus, and Morning Star. They lucked into some rather incredible econ, and had both out before I could score more’n about three agendas – after that it was all over except for my crying/desperately plowing through my deck trying to find Grim and something to install in front of it.

They played Femme the turn after I found and made use of it, and went on to win rather handily.