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SHL2 Stats now available

Needs more DEAL WITH IT shades, though the stunna shades work great too :).

@hypomodern I have limited resources here at work so I’m afraid you’ll just have to…

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Had some left over time on the train, was curious after you statement. Results aren’t useful, but then I felt like posting them. First graph is winrate vs NEH, x axis is elo. Cut at having at least 4 games vs NEH to get a half reasonable plot.

As expected, people shown they are better by winning more, win more.

Second graph is comparing their NEH winrate to their overall winrate, to see if better players perhaps learned to deal with NEH better, or teched their decks better against NEH than us noobs.

Hmm. Not really. Some have, Calimsha can certainly be proud of approaching his overall winrate with the NEH winrate. What’s happening in the middle of the graph, I have no idea. I’m not going to throw fits and correlations at this, but overall there just seems a bigger spread amongst us noobs, but not really an upwards trend as elo goes. The NEH matchup stays hard.

And guys, if you want to know where it went wrong in your top 4 fight, if you couldn’t beat our champ… (he hates NEH :smiley: )


GLiko makes it so that your rating is based on a Uncertainty variable as well as the normal rating value.

This turns many things that are silly, as well as a few good things.

First winnning your first few games matters MUCh more than winning the next set of games. I lost my first few matches in SHL2, so I lost a huge score Glicko wise and would be completely unable to recover, while elo wise I had a final rating that put me in top 25.

However it means that a player doesn’t have the incentive to just smash into the highest elo rated player than before, realistically any gap isn’t greater than around 150 Elo between medium and top level in netrunner. So rating 1620 player should just Rush into rating 1800 player every time due to the +EV nature.

My suggestion is to cut the K value in HALF of what it currently is (if that isn’t feasible call a Win a sweep and a tie a split)

Others have said this before, but cutting the K in half just means there is a smaller difference between everyone. The final list would be the same. The only solution that makes sense Elo-wise is to make the K value tranches happen sooner as you go up in ratings.

That doesn’t seem desirable.

yeah I always do way worse in beginning cause I think “oh cool I’ll play some different decks” then get smashed and realize oh I should play good decks like everyone else

I started the league trying to tune a Blue Sun deck and playing some not strange/strong enough noise and Andy IIRC. I lost miserably…

After i lost 5 times or something like this in a row from matuszczak, i asked him to give me his Stealth Andy list.

And then i just started winning, because the list for the SHL II meta was working (ok, I had gained back some of experience since i have not played for a long time before the league).

Net result: I finished 6th. With the Gliko rating and my abysmal start, I rank at #53! Huge difference if you ask me.

The biggest problem with the league was that the corp side was just stronger. Now that this seems to be less of a problem, i think that the current league will go a much more satisfying way, rating wise.


At the moment I’m running at around 14-8 in SHL3 with Foundry. Not the greatest record, but then I’ve been playing having had little sleep and often with a screaming baby to distract me :smile:. And I’m tinkering as I go. The most notable thing is that it’s 5-1 against PVP Kate. Being able to spam lots of the same ICE quickly puts a lot of pressure on cyber-cypher and lady.

The main thing is that The Twins makes a big difference. Combined with Grail ICE it creates a genuine threat to the runner that you can’t credibly do out of ETF. It also gives you a late game option that, unlike Ash, doesn’t rely on your having more money than the runner. Finally it is a nasty surprise for runners relying on D4V1D/Inside Job/disposable sentry breakers/small numbers of datasucker tokens.

Another thing is that I think you have to abandon the NEXT Ice. Silver is terrible in any environment in which people play parasite. That’s any environment. And knifed makes it worse.

I think at least now Foundry can do something credibly different from ETF, whereas before you had no option really but to play a bad ETF fast advance or bootcamp, which died on NEXT Silver being rubbish.


Care to share a list? Twins + Grail does seem more taxing, but then you’ve spent virtually all your influence already and what do you do for economy and win condition?

I’ll PM you rather than derail this thread anymore that it is already :smile:.

Here’s you chance to help the coder from challengeboards set-up something better than ELO :wink: