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Smoke and Mirrors -- A Scovak Thread


No Switchblade or Blackat makes me sad, but its understandable. Influence is so tight right now.


Do you have a list? I’d be curious as to where you found room for the Egret.



2 Political Operative
2 Dirty Laundry
1 Corroder
3 Self-modifying Code
1 Scavenge
1 Cloak
3 Sure Gamble
3 Indexing
3 Temüjin Contract
1 Dagger
2 Mad Dash
3 Net Mercur
1 Beth Kilrain-Chang
1 Film Critic
1 Houdini
1 Egret
1 Same Old Thing
2 Astrolabe
3 Diesel
2 Clone Chip
1 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Daily Casts

Scavenge and Quality Time are interchangeable


I’ve been playing Net-Ready Eyes with Refractor, Switchblade, and Blackstone, and I love it. Blackstone actually only costs 6 to break Chiyashi with NRE, making it as efficient as they come. On top of that, NRE makes Refractor break Archangel and Crick for 1 stealth + 1 real credit, as well as DNA Tracker for 1 stealth + 3 real credits. It also makes Switchblade break Cobra and Komainu for one stealth credit. Chiyashi and Curtain Wall become basically the only pieces of ICE in the game that are still taxing; DNA Tracker doesn’t even tax your stealth credits any more unless they also put an Eli 1.0 on the same server, in which case it cost you a whole ONE additional stealth credit to get through and their other servers are probably pretty weak. The only commonly played ICE that even tax this rig are Seidr Adaptive Barrier, NEXT Silver, and Curtain Wall out of Blue Sun, but Curtain Wall will have wasted the corp’s clicks (and potentially credits) if they want to reinstall it.

I can definitely see the case for Paperclip with Seidr becoming more popular, but I’m quite happy with the Blackstone + NRE choice and the way NRE helps out the other breakers as well.

And obviously, don’t ever play Blackstone without NRE, especially with Eli 1.0 off the MWL. If NRE isn’t your style, just find the influence somewhere else or use Egret when it comes out.


This is probably going to be the ultimate solution. Between Lady and Egret, you should probably be set to land all of your awesome WTF BBQ power turns.


I am curious if people think Careful Planning might also have a slot as a 1 of in Smoke?

It seems to work really well to shut down Batty and combos with Pol Op.

And at worse, it becomes a two click inside job.


So… I kinda really want to put archives or slums in my deck now. There is a lot of friends recursion going on.


So how have people found Smoke to be able to cope with the onslaught of Skorpios? I am trying to decide if I should even bother taking Smoke to a regional in a few weeks.


I think she’ s perfectly fine. All you need is to slot film critic to shut down Hunter Seeker and SAC con to shut down batty. I am playing 2 of each and didn’t lost a game since ( but I mostly play on competitive Jnet)


I find her to be a murderer of Skorpios. She recurs nothing and never gets hit by GOTCHA ice.

Here is my Skorpios proof smoke 8-0 in competitive lobby vs Skorp.


[URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/ele-smoke-scovak-cynosure-of-the-net-intervention]Ele “Smoke” Scovak: Cynosure of the Net[/URL]

Event (16)
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/diesel-core]Diesel[/URL]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/dirty-laundry-creation-and-control]Dirty Laundry[/URL]
2 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/employee-strike-data-and-destiny]Employee Strike[/URL] [color=#000000]●●[/color]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/indexing-future-proof]Indexing[/URL]
2 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/mad-dash-daedalus-complex]Mad Dash[/URL]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/sure-gamble-core]Sure Gamble[/URL]

Hardware (3)
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/akamatsu-mem-chip-core]Akamatsu Mem Chip[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/astrolabe-up-and-over]Astrolabe[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/clone-chip-creation-and-control]Clone Chip[/URL]

Resource (14)
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/aaron-marron-quorum]Aaron Marrón[/URL] [color=#444f80]●●[/color]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/beth-kilrain-chang-blood-money]Beth Kilrain-Chang[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/councilman-democracy-and-dogma]Councilman[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/film-critic-old-hollywood]Film Critic[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/ghost-runner-the-spaces-between]Ghost Runner[/URL]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/net-mercur-escalation]Net Mercur[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/political-operative-democracy-and-dogma]Political Operative[/URL] [color=#444f80]●[/color]
2 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/sacrificial-construct-core]Sacrificial Construct[/URL]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/temujin-contract-blood-money]Temüjin Contract[/URL] [color=#444f80]●●●●● ●[/color]

Icebreaker (4)
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/blackstone-intervention]Blackstone[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/dagger-creation-and-control]Dagger[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/dai-v-23-seconds]Dai V[/URL]
1 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/refractor-first-contact]Refractor[/URL]

Program (5)
2 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/cloak-creation-and-control]Cloak[/URL]
3 [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/card/self-modifying-code-creation-and-control]Self-modifying Code[/URL]

Built with [URL=https://meteor.stimhack.com/decks/jsjSHuXHdmPRRDTEH]https://meteor.stimhack.com/[/URL]


I love it!

Is it worth dropping the Employee Strikes for a singleton Hostage so you can get some of those sweet connections out? It might smooth out certain matchups in a diverse meta that Employee Strike doesn’t.

Of course, losing the current might be very bad. Skorp plays Housekeeping.


I love dai V here. Really nice backup breaker


By the way, I’ve found that the new deck to beat is the HB-Asset Spam-Estelle Moon-Successful Field Test Bullshit.
It’s really, really hard to land indexing + Mad Dash because the deck plays Lakshmi and Estelle Moon can be triggered at instant speed, allowing the corp to draw the agenda you put at the top with indexing. Hence, I was thinking of swapping one Mad Dash for 1 Notoriety just go get the 7th point.

1 Notoriety
1 Mad Dash
2 Astrolabe
1 Cloak
3 Sure Gamble
1 Refractor
3 Indexing
1 Clot
3 Temüjin Contract
1 Dagger
1 Political Operative
3 Net Mercur
1 Corroder
1 Beth Kilrain-Chang
2 Film Critic
1 Same Old Thing
3 Self-modifying Code
3 Diesel
1 Interdiction
1 Clone Chip
1 Levy AR Lab Access
1 Cold Read
2 Sacrificial Construct
3 Daily Casts


This is actually really similar to my pre-MWL 1.2 Smoke build. Main thing is that I was running a copy of Slums, which is hard to fit in with both E-Strike x2 and Temujin MWL hit. You also don’t have room for Switchblade, which makes me sad but I can see why you’d cut that for more influence. Dagger’s perfectly acceptable, just not as cheap.

How often do you find yourself using Dai V, and in which situations does it shine?

Also, how do you do with economy overall, especially against asset spam? I had added Cold Read + Slums to help with those, I’m curious how you have been doing against those.


Just played a game with this deck. Yep, it’s good. Temujin’s still great econ.

Dai V is surprisingly useful/good.


Man, I’ve just never felt that way. Every time I’ve put it in a deck, I just never ever want to pay the 6 to install it. I’ve always been more of a Atman man, but that’s really better in a deck with CCs and maybe Stimhack. I’ll have to give Dai V a shot again, if you people seem to think it’s actually doing something useful.


How often does Atman cost less than six to install?


The nice thing about Atman is you never need to boost strength and you don’t need stealth creds


While that seems like quite a decent build - I note no tag defence?

Tag storm has taken quite the hit since Aaaron, but I still think it’s very worthwhile slotting something in if possible. Maybe drop one of the Notoriety, or perhaps one of the indexing. Anyway, just a suggestion.


Tag Defense is typically enabled by Midseasons. Film Critic turns off Midseasons.

MCA is a counterplay of sorts I suppose.

I am more concerned about HB asset spam. You get some sweet draw, but it still seems rough.