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Smoke and Mirrors -- A Scovak Thread


Replace Desperado with Temu, use Aaron now, go on that Mirror Equivocation track. Mirror is like a Desperado for Smoke on R&D runs, plus you get an extra memory. People sleep on Blackstone. The 'stone is solid. Lady and Inti unnecessary.

If Sifr gets reduced on the MWL because of Parasite leaving then Sifr/Inti-Lady will be the way forward, maybe.


Why? Other than Jackson (which every corp played anyway) it loses not a single important card except identity, but should be still good moved to some other HB.


As much as I hate blackstone, I have to agree with you. Gone Eli 1.0, blackstone is significantly better.

Not sure about mirror tho. I don’t play equivocation, I run rd only to land indexing and mad dash so maybe labe or daredevil are more useful. We’ll see


Oh hey, there is an entire thread about Smoke! :smiley:
Nice to see so much excitement about her, especially now again with all the new announcements.

Honestly, I barely had to change anything on my Smoke decks for the last few months and did not have to change much either with the announcement of rotation and Core 2.0. My only problem was Notoriety and NACH going out. Notoriety because it is my signature card and also my problem solver (I find it extremely annoying, having to steal a 4th agenda when 9 out of 10 competitive Corp decks just run GFI and make the agenda density stupidly low). NACH because 24/7 Boom was a real problem and I had to find another way to deal with it. Not anymore though! :smiley:

Corroder unfortunately was indeed a good fracter to have, at a decent 2 influence value, but I feel as if it can be replaced by things that will work for a bit more money (or influence) just as well.

Seeing how there is so much talk about Blackstone though. I have to say that I personally find it very inefficient compared to all other choices after having done a lot of testing on both a casual and competitive level with it. I feel like it is just not worth it.

I will soon be visiting Greece for the Greek Nationals (end of month) and then I can unveil my newest tricks and changes on my already 3 times successful Smoke deck, but I can tell you from now that I have already found decent replacements for Corroder.

STEALTH FTW! :open_mouth:


So. That ban/restricted list, huh? Assuming it’s true, it looks like Smoke might be one of the best Shapers (and maybe one of the best decks), since she’s not reliant on Opus for cash, so can afford to run one other card instead. I’m boring, and just chose a single Film Critic. Here’s the list I’ll be testing throughout the week.

Rotato Smoketato

Ele “Smoke” Scovak: Cynosure of the Net (Intervention)

Event (15)

Hardware (2)

Resource (12)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (6)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

I’ve been a fan of Switchblade over Dagger for a long time now, because I hate spending real credits to break subs, and I hate Tour Guide, and I think that Gagarin might be fairly decent right now. Lady is off the MWL, assuming the MWL is being replaced, so that’s another breaker that I can use that in most cases breaks for no real credits. Refractor still needs some real credits to break, but you can’t beat that pump ratio and install cost. Atman is there because sometimes you just need a stop-gap, and I hate Dai V.

Clot + Sac Con is still good, and the Sac Cons also allow you to keep Tapwrm on the board, which gets boosted by the Peace money you give to the corp. This also quickly turns on Beth, and now you have money and clicks for days to get set up and contest Ash traces with. Tapwrm also is fantastic against Gagarin, as it allows you to creep up above their money before trashing it forever with Slums. Retrieval Run acts like a poor man’s Clone Chip, since I wanted a Film Critic to help win the Jinteki matchup. Mirror’s basically just there for the MU increase, although the ability is occasionally relevant.

So far it’s seemed pretty nifty. In a world where runner econ is on the low side, screw breaking with real money.


You could stay in faction with Test Run over Retrieval Run. Better for Lady, but it’s not as good for Clot.


And you could run clone chips over film critic if you wanted to have extra tapwrm hate or use cold read.

Lots of options!


With that list it would be hard to make a better Smoke deck. I like Scavenge over Retrieval for the Cerberus. Especially for the influence.


Honestly, I was having a hard time finding use for the influence, so I grabbed what seemed like the most useful 2 influence card. I thought about second leg work, just because HQ pressure is more useful now without Jackson, and maybe that’s the direction I should go. Still though, if I make Retrieval into something else, it’s going to be kinda hard to find room for another card slot. I could do 2x Sac Con, but I really like finding them quickly because of Tapwrm, and if I need both Tapwrm and Clot, I really need multiples.

I suppose I could run 2x Gauntlet over Mirror, but I’m not wild about the 5 install cost. I barely stomach the 3 install cost of Mirror, I’m so used to Astrolabe =P It’s funny, assuming the MWL goes away, 15 inf seems like a gulf. There’s just so many options =D


Scrubber or deuces wild or process automation?


If I did those, I’d probably have to drop the Same Old Thing to make space, and then I still wouldn’t have room for like a Scavenge =P Like, where does the space come from?


Play trope. It’s a pseudo levy…better than nothing imho


No love for Ankusa? Kakugo can put you on the clock all by itself, Ankusa sucks but removes that hindrance at least.

Smoke without Levy can’t take damage forever.


Plus ankusa is good against ice wall when weyland wants to rpc their agenda. I really like it, but it is expensive.


I’d take another look at The Gauntlet, and maybe consider adding Modded if you really worry about the install cost. It’s always-on pressure for HQ that only gets stronger the more they defend it, and the 2 MU for more cloaks/AI/etc is really useful. I’ve found it really good to have in my Smoke decks.


I think I’ll go ahead and bite the bullet and try Gauntlet. After several more games, I really think the cash shouldn’t be an issue. Since that makes Legwork a little less good, and because someone else brought up the impending threat of net damage, I think I’ll throw in a Caldera with that influence. With the last one I’m going to throw in a Deuces, mostly for the card draw, but also because it’s just a solid card.


Why Caldera instead of Feedback Filter? FF is one cheaper to install, is in faction, and is a hardware thus less susceptible to trashing.


If you have extra influence, Caldera lets you spend 3 credits to stop a Brain Damage instead of Trashing itself like Feedback Filter. This is in addition to the normal 3 creds stop a Net Damage function both cards share. Downside to Caldera is that it is vulnerable to removal if the Corp sticks a tag.


Because for some damned reason my brain won’t stop thinking that Feedback Filter rotated and that’s the reason that Caldera exists, since they’re damn near the same card.

Finding room for this influence and also adding Feedback Filter was tough, so I tossed out the 2x Maker’s Eye in favor of an Equivocation, tossed out the Caldera, replaced the Caldera with a Feedback Filter, and added a second Deuces. This way I still have reasonable R&D pressure late game when I want it, and also have better card draw to get set up more quickly. If for some reason Potatoes becomes popular, I might have to swap back in the Retrieval Run again, just in case a key program is sniped from the top. It’s still a good card, even if Shaper has similar answers (but I’m not allowed to have the best answer Clone Chip, in the same deck as Film Critic).

Since I’ve now removed both the Legwork and the Maker’s Eyes, SoT is kinda useless-ish, so that’s just going to be a 3rd SMC to help both setup and help threaten Clot while also setting up myself. This might actually become a Test Run, since the ability to get something out of the garbage is something I am noticing I want on occasion.


:slight_smile: yeah, FF and Net Shield always get switched in my brain too. I recently swapped Mad Dash for Freedom Through Equality since scarcity (and some other currents) can mess up your momentum. Although, I’m playing with magnum as the one restricted card and less reliance on resources.