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Spoilers are bad

This is the correct path I think.


I’m annoyed by the mass of spoilers that we’ve seen since Up & Over. All That Remains, The Source and Order & Chaos were all spoiled in rapid succession, in part due to the C&D thing that upset some playtesters. I have reason to believe that a large portion of the silent majority (people not going on forums) is annoyed by the ubiquity of “spoiler” decklists on NetrunnerDB.

So I made two decisions:

  • by default, searching for deck lists on NetrunnerDB doesn’t display any decklist that includes future cards;
  • The only spoilers I will add to the database of NetrunnerDB are cards for the next release, and only when 14 days have passed since the announcement of the last release by FFG. That change should let users fully enjoy the last pack, then prepare for the next. I’ll have users pressing me to include the known spoilers, but I think the current situation shows that we need some self-discipline on that regard.

So, after O&C is released, the landscape on NRDB should reflect more accurately the current meta, the experimentations and successes with the current card pool.


Great decision! I don’t like spoilers at all and was a bit annoyed by the abundance of decks popping up on nrdb that had cards from expansions half a year ahead. It’s crazy and I wholeheartedly agree with prozz above - live in the present, embrace the future when it comes.

While I respect your decision and by no means want you to add cards that you don’t feel should be in the database, an alternative would be to not allow decklists containing those cards affected by the same 14-day rule to be published and only available for the current user.


I both like and dislike this decision. I like it because it helps me keep my mind in the current meta. I dislike it because it means NRDB will be less comprehensive as a card reference tool.


I agree with Basoon. Since there are no events until store tourneys start up it’s not very interesting to discuss the current meta. Also, it’s boring as hell. NEH is still much better than everything else unless you tech against it 100% and then end up losing to RP or Blue Sun.


I disagree with this decision, and support the idea only let current+1 be published.

It takes a lot of time to make a new deck idea.
Many times I will have new decks working. So I like to be able to make a deck when I have an idea.

Suggest have combo box with current, current +1, all spoilers choices. Let the pression chose when making a deck, and make the default current.

Also, have a default of current (again user choice)
When searching publish ed decks