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Stagnating.. I don't think so!

the most threatening an unrezzed, unadvanced remote can be in most RP is a caprice, really

I’m now going to make 3/2 RP a thing

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BTW, is this a troll thread? Ekomind with no extra hand size, and brain damage?

That ain’t destroying any wontons.


Someday, I pledge to make an Ekomind deck called “Chinatown Hustler”, which nobody but those present in this thread will understand.


diesel + qt

I’ve opened this thread about five different times now in hopes that someone explained what the heck is going on with these lists


January’s Fools?

Here is a list I am experimenting with. It started out Exile, but as I tracked how many times his ability actually triggered, it became apparent that I would benefit more from Kate.

Kate Crescentus

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core Set)

Event (12)

Hardware (14)

Resource (9)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (8)

15 influence spent (max 15)
47 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Source

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

IMO Earthrise/UC/Casts are synergistic with Magnum Opus. On turns you need to money up, you can get cards and even more money without spending clicks. The concept is Crescentus abuse, but so far the deck works even when I only Crescentus once or twice a game. The deck’s most glaring weakness is the inability to pressure HQ. Sometimes e3 isn’t necessary, but against some ICE, it is. The absence of Femme isn’t as serious as it first appears; I find D4vid handles Femme targets as well or better (besides Komainu), and is less of a tempo loss. As far as I can see it, the best way to make room for Legwork might be to trade Rex for Gordian and cut 2 Crescentus. That would make room for 2 Legwork, and with Clone Chip you still have the possibility of multiple Crescentus. I paired Crescentus with the dogs because they tend to break very efficiently. I know Cujo takes a lot of flak, and trading him for something else could also free up influence for Legwork. The less dogs, the less need for Scavenge, though. Three copies of almost everything to attempt as much consistency as possible, but I’m sure testing will help to prune a few of those numbers. So far, went 1-1 my first 2 games, but my second loss was due to misplays. All opinions and help appreciated. This list may have no advantages to Calimsha’s PP Dog.

Rabbit Hole because if you have extra money, you have the option to prune your deck. The other option is Helpful AI, which is great with the dogs, but doesn’t get a Kate discount.

If you’re using 47 cards, you aren’t really doing much by using rabbit hole, but the link might actually be useful in some match ups, and if you somehow never see a rabbit hole, I guess it wasn’t ever an issue.

yeah I definitely want to try to get down to 45 or 46

I know the usual math supports 45 card decks, but if you actively plan on using rabbit hole, it’s more like 1 big 6 (5 with Kate) card that gives you immunity to making NBN manhunt styling all over you with their tags. We need a math guy, stat!

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Okay. Explaining the Kit Ekomind deck.

Sage acts as both a Fracter and a Decoder. Its fixed strength. However, its strength is related to available MU.

Since by increasing its strength, you are increasing the strength of both your decoder and fracter, you are in essence, doubling the cost effectiveness of MU increases. There are two ways to go. Shaper has a plethora of cheap easy MU cards:

One route to take would be akametsu, or even Qcoherence. With a replicator, you could get +6 mu for 8, quickly. This would give sage, by itself, 8 str.

I took a slightly alternate route, with the goal still to increase MU. Ekomind sets your MU as equal to the number of cards in your grip. You don’t have to keep the cards. So in this deck qt functions to increase the str of your decoder/fracter by 5.

So. How do I make it free? Prepaid voicepads.

Sages only significant downside is the 2/ break cost. So these are ameliorated with e3.

So that takes care of 2/3 of our breaker suite. What about sentries/mythic? How can we leverage our huge number of MU’s?

Pop 2 qts, or a qt and an sot. or a qt and a diesel. Run. During your run you will install your Overmind with something like… 10-14 counters. Overmind handles the sentries, universals.

So… with a huge hand size - how do you handle Komainu/swordsman. Grappling hook. Grapple/E3 is the perfect answer for Komainu which it lets you break for 1. Same with swordsman.
It also breaks komainu for 1, archer for 1, janus for 1, heim for 1…

But I can’t recur grappling hooks just to keep breaking … Right. So drop a parasite on it after your run is done.

So. You have a lot of recursion with clone chip, and SMC. And you’re burning cards with QT and diesel. So you need a Levy.

Returning to the question of big ice for a moment, such as you will find in Blue Sun. The significant issue for blue sun is that he can OAI ice and then pick it up as a huge econ engine. Your breaker str is str 10 at no cost. So your cost to break a curtain wall is 4. So you trash his engine. If he rezzes normally, you derezz with crescentus.

So - so much is predicated on Ekomind/E3 - but its only a one -off in your deck… The astrolabe is there for early game. Lockpicks and astrolabe are Tradein bait.

In this various versions I have used tradein to tutor plastcrete, feedback filter, e3 or Eko. However, more or less since you are overdrawing on your turn anyway - you don’t need feedback filter.

How does the deck run? I’m not going to lie - its complicated. The first breaker you deploy will often depend on game state. However, most of the time you want overmind as your first breaker, to get those early Maker’s Eyes to stick.

Why Kit?

Kit is unique in that the corp knows he can not safely score behind a single ice (unless Kit is poor, of course). So while there are exceptions (ash/caprice) usually the corps response is to double ice. Costs him clicks and cash.

Other IDs:
You can do much the same with Kate. With Kate’s link and install credit, I would be inclined to go dyson/under for econ.

So: With this deck, I guess the moral is - you’re going to draw anyway. You might as well use the draw to power your breaker engine. Draw Run. Use the best cards, trash the rest.

In testing this out there are some great alternatives.
You can use public sympathy to KEEP your hand size (and hence your breaker strength) and to avoid losing cards.
You can use Pro Contacts to prime your draw engine and as econ. You can use supplier.

Future must adds: Day Job. Beach Party.

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Alright. Cutlery of Doom.

Read the explanation of sage/overmind for kit ekomind to understand the basic sage mechanic.
In this deck, we are using the draw ability of maxx to prime Overmnd’s / sages ability.

As previously, your first goal is probably an overmind with 8 ish counters.

Get some harbingers / virus breeding grounds in play. Medium is your incentive for the corp to rez over r & d. However, if you can get a bite on Hq or archives - all is good too.

Virus breeding grounds means that one turn after a virus run, you are threatening a 4 card access.

Alternately, run whatever ice has been revealed with the Fork/Knife/Spoon. Break it. which triggers harbinger. Toss viruses onto harbinger from vbg. Trash. Your end state should be 1 virus on harbinger / medium. none on VBG. Corp will then be forced to decide - is he purging for one virus counter?

If he does - you run again, fork again what have you.

Darwin works in this deck and can replace sage/overmind. Its probably a little better, in fact. If you go that way, you probably need the card that allows you to host darwin on it, and not lose last virus counter. Personal Touch as well.

E3 is always good. Public sympathy. Fairly straightforward mill deck.

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Wonton destruction:

Read previous two for Sage mechanic/Fork/Knife/Spoon. Same comments for Darwin. However in this deck eater works just as well. Works in noise as well.

Deck needs 3 Joshuas. Typo on original.

So, this deck employs the usual DLR trick.

The second trick employed by this deck is using stimdealer for extra clicks in crucial turns. So run Hq. then wanton destruction to empty the corps hand.

Utopia/Hades useful adds.

Hm, I kind of like the idea of using Ekomind and QT as a kind of burst memory to fuel Overmind counters and Sage. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that you need to draw up every time you want to use Sage to beat something large, though. It seems like it would really slow the turn down to have to throw in an extra click or two to draw if you don’t have a QT ready to blow. But the interaction is fun, so I like that part.

You can use public sympathy if you wish to keep sage at st 10 ish.

Watch about about using Levy with Ekomind out, because you’ll wipe your MU briefly causing you to lose all your programs (i.e. your hand will be 0 as you reshuffle and therefore your MU will be 0).

I do like that you’re thinking out of the box and using card draw bursts to boost Ekomind instead of using hand size increasing affects.