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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


Would you recommend just using the full 320 list even if you have 4 or 6 players? There’s potential that certain cards will just be worse if not all included (grail comes to mind). But otherwise we’ll have to have a 4p and 6p version of these lists.

Thanks for doing this btw! :smile:


I think so, and that is what I have done. Evaluating cards knowing that some subset of random cards will not be drafted will just have to factor into your card evaluation.


The closer you are to drafting the entire cube, the more players will be able to “go deep” into dedicated deck archetypes. If you draft less of the cube, there’s more variance in whether your support cards show up or not, so going deep is riskier, so the generic goodstuff strategy becomes stronger.

You can also simply draft more cards per person to compensate, but that can affect the overall power level (which defeats the point of the cube to showcase cards underpowered in constructed). And the point @SneakySly just made while I was typing this up… the beauty of cube is that any way you choose to configure it, you will have an interesting draft :slight_smile:

Edit to add: I would personally prefer drafting 240 for 4 people since I also like when the cube is closer to 1x of most cards than 2x or 3x (with the exception of special cards like scorched earth and biotic labor).


Thanks for the responses, guys!

Oh, and can we edit the name of this thread to All That Remains?


@SneakySly and I should be in charge of building draft packs for FFG.


Thank you for the updated version ! I add it into qasu Netrunner Draft !


Updated for The Source.


Here are the lists:



And, for all the people who want to build the cube but don’t want to commit such a huge chunk of their collection to its assembly, here is the meteor link for the image exports of the cube so you can feasibly print out proxies, sleeve up a bunch of common magic cards or something, and slip them in. It will take a while, but the process can be sped up by a good work printer and/or paper cutter and is significantly less expensive than buying another full collection of netrunner cards.


Happy cubing!


What, only 1 mushin no shin? (And no mandatory upgrades?)


It’s possible that at least one of these points is excellent. Would like to add more mushin/trap nonsense.


I added a 1-of mandatory upgrades while growing my cube to 300 cards just now because I’m up to 3x mushin no shin. Call me a sucker for value.


Your cube is only 300 cards? I’m assuming you didn’t use the Stimhack Cube as a starting point?


Stupid question: these cubes use the same draft tournament rules from FFG, yeah? (mostly the games go to 6 pts?)


I used it as a starting point when it was 240 cards. Then one grew to 320 while the other grew to 300.

With the size of the current card pool, I actually feel like 300 is bigger than ideal, as too many staple cards - mostly econ, barriers, and code gates - have to be 3-ofs to keep the proportions right.

And yeah, 6 point games recommended.


How would 300 cards work? You’d draft 50 cards each with 6 ppl?


Yeah, or just less than the whole cube. I typically draft 45 or 48 cards each depending whether we’re doing 3 or 4 packs (more smaller packs is better for fewer people since you don’t see the same cards over and over as much).

Incidentally, I think I figured out a way to use OCTGN for cubing online. It’s pretty clunky but better than nothing. Anyone who wants to test it out, hop online and poke me.


Updated my cube for O&C. Still at 300 cards. I feel like sharing this thread is better than making a separate thread for my own cube.


http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/duKXz5d9Aqigr8ddg (corp)
http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/GT4yN9gN54Esm3tFa (runner)

@kiv - mind updating the “featured cubes” on meteor with these? Corp/runner balance should be much better than in my last version.

Edit: Updated corp cube to put 2nd EBC back in.


Updated. We should organize a draft of it again soon :slight_smile:


About 3 packs in a mock draft with one bot player I couldn’t pick a card and before that the pick button was stuck and then started giving warning of duplicate picks.



Eep. Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look at it.