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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


The Stimhack starter pack of 1x Aurora, 1x FoN, 1x Pipeline and 2x Armitage. Starter packs shouldn’t be massive in draft, I don’t think, and even if you gave people three of each breaker, they wouldn’t ever be playing more than two of the same at the absolute maximum (and only then in extreme cases).


Thank you !


The Stimhack starter pack might very well be better than Overmind (I haven’t played with it) for the reasons mentioned. I do know that running Crypsis in the starter pack is a major mistake and Overmind is large improvement on that front.


What are folks thoughts on the corp’s starter set up, particularly the eden, hades, and utopia shards? Again, do those lead the drafter too much down a particular archetype/strategy pathway?


They were just 3 pointers to me. I didn’t bother considering their abilities. I tried to draft more 3/2 and nisei mk II when I did an overdrive draft. It may change when i do a system crash draft in a few weeks.


Here to make this as visible as possible:

StimHack Cube up to Breaker Bay.



Edit: And the lists are now up on Meteor to draft!


Hmm. Gotta say, this is a lot more for the corp side(from breaker bay itself). To be expected, I guess. Avoiding currents means no Hacktivist Meeting, Off-campus is hilarious but difficult to actually support. The Shaper toys are weird shapery things. Career fair is nice, though.

On the corp side, the genius cycle is cool because you have to evaluate them so differently.

Valley seems to be a big boost with 2x visage, the Enhanced Vision for the security testing package, and Investors for more interesting to evaluate econ. More ice to round out the sentries especially.


StimHack Cube updated for Chrome City.




Thanks for the update! In your opinion, will the netrunner cube be moving more towards singleton as time goes on, or is redundancy of certain cards a more necessary component of this game as compared to mtg?



I would like to move towards more of a singleton cube like MTG cubes over time. I think singleton cubes are more interesting and provide a lot more replayability. There might always be multiples of things like Sure Gamble though.


Updated for The Underway




I’m a bit new to cube drafting so I was wondering, what do you do with a number of players that’s not 6 or 8 (specifically I was planning a draft with 9-10 players). I assume you’d have to modify the stimhack cube because 320 is too few for 10 players if everyone drafts 40 cards? Any recommendations on how to do that?


The only good way to do it without increasing the size of the cube is to split it into pods, so for example, a pod of 6 and a pod of 4, where you draft and play separately. This means two separate cubes of cards and absolutely no inter-mingling in terms of crossing the pods for games. It’d be a lot nicer with 12/14/16, where you’d have pods of 6 or 8, but sometimes you just get 10 people.


I would either do what @Xenasis mentioned or add additional cards to the cube in roughly the same type proportions to handle the added players. You will need an additional 80 cards for 10 players. I would advise making sure there is plenty of economy in those 80 cards.


Small update for Old Hollywood.


Did my first IRL cube draft last night.

Was fucking awesome.


You don’t have them all the time with your hot supermodel Girlfriend and her hot geeky netrunner friends? How did you even place at worlds?


Cube draft is so good. @westonodom and I have been tweaking his cube pretty regularly since we had so much fun with it at Gencon. We had an 8 person draft at a bar last weekend, and everyone picked it up super quickly.

We are currently playing with changing the starting cards. It’s seems like the starter breakers are mostly unnecessary in our experience, and we believe the Armitage and Private Contracts should probably go as well. There needs to be a basic agenda for deckbuilding purposes, but we were throwing around the idea of it being a blank 4/2 or even a 5/2. The reason for this is there are many games where a Pri Req gets snagged off the top early and now the game is half way over, which while avoidable is a bit of a negative play experience.

Also thinking about having a neutral Jackson Howard type function, to deal with flooding. Something like 0 rez, 2 trash, “when you rez draw 2 cards. Remove from game: shuffle one card from archives into r&d.” This might prove unnecessary, as I don’t think flooding is usually too big a deal.

Any thoughts or feedback from your recent drafts?


Thanks a lot for maintaining and posting this – I built a cube straight from your list a pack or two ago, and ran one cube with it. Lots of people hadn’t drafted or cubed anything before, but picked it up quick and everyone had a great time. Going to update and cube again next week, using your updates as a starting point, but thinking about tweaking it a bit more and so had some questions:

First, you didn’t wanted to include any obvious “pick this above anything else” cards – I agree no siphons, no astros is good. But then there’s the Jackson issue that Nobo was talking about. Nobo’s idea is potentially interesting, another I had was potentially to include more Jacksons in the cube. Was wondering about what people thought about that.

Also with Nobo, I’m not sure how I feel about pri-reqs as the starting agendas. I do think you want to have some agendas for the corp to start with so they don’t have to worry about drafting an illegal deck, but between 6 points, and the relative power level of pri-req (compared to the crappy starting breakers) just felt weird to me. Could make blank ones, but there’s something about having actual cards. Then seems like it should be something there’s a lot of, which if we’re talking core-sets is pri-req or private security force…

Starting money: somehow I think I missed that the runners started with 2 armitages, instead of 3, and I was also confused about why the runner got starting armitages AND there were armitages in the draft. I find @Nobo715 and @westonodom’s idea of throwing out the starting econ interesting. Anybody tried it? Would you up the econ in the cube just a little bit to compensate?

Thoughts welcome, and if we wind up trying any tweaks I’ll report back how it goes.


You could probably do this. The big consequence of eliminating the starting breakers is that a player could be hypothetically screwed over easier in their drafting, but I agree it is not a huge issue as generally you really do not want to use them anyway. The starting economy is a little more necessary I think, but if the decks people are drafting from the cube are economy rich enough then feel free to cut it.

My problem with this is just the tradeoff of it not being a real card. I think the card being a real and familiar card is a bit more important personally, but that is especially the case with the stimhack cube as it is supposed to be a universal build around point. That said, the blank 2/4 option is one that completely works, and we actually talked about it back in our earliest iterations.

I advise against this, not a fan of adding in custom cards.

Glad you enjoyed it!

You can do that, I wanted to avoid going above 3 of any card so that one of any data pack is sufficient, but this is pretty reasonable.

Mainly just because originally the economy in the cube was tough and needed help. We might be at the point where there is ample economy to not need the starter econ. Whenever that point is reached (maybe now) we get rid of it.