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StimHack Draft Cube: Current Lists (Updated for Earth's Scion)


Honestly, I don’t feel like this is such a big deal.


Any news on a D&D version?


Didn’t the Mumbad draft start today? The cube needs to catch up already! :wink:


Nope, they weren’t released today. FFG reneged.




I doubt it.


You can do it after the first round if you really want to, but mixing the pods does dilute the effect skill has on draft.


After worlds probably. Sorry.


Of course, take all the time you need.
…You can use it to think about how best to incorporate those sweet new draft IDs :wink: :innocent:


Ye of little faith.


Any update? Seen some lists on Dan’s Meteor profile but not sure how final those are.


Piggy backing on this thread, has anyone talked about the new Draft IDs (and starter packs) with regards to cube drafting? Does anyone that got to play the Hardwire draft at worlds have any input on what they thought about these being a part of drafting?


Alright guys, by the end of the week if not earlier I promise! :wink:


I think they were fantastic for the draft packs, but incorporating them into a cube would be pretty tough. They need a lot of support, probably more than you can get with max 3 copies per card.

I’d love to see if someone could pull it off though


Lists updated:

StimHack Cube up to Data and Destiny.



Additional Note
There is a new test agenda suite that you can test out instead of using 5 Priority Requisitions.

Test out the starting agenda package below and let us know what you think (better or worse):

1 Priority Requisition 1 Eden Fragment 1 Hades Fragment 1 Utopia Fragment 1 Rebranding Team


Re: New Draft Identities,

I assume we would just select a draft ID after we’ve finished drafting, as part of deck construction.


Needs more food


Feel free to test them out folks, but my problem with them is how imbalanced they are.



Also we made no effort to balance factions when designing the cube.


REBRANDING TEAM??? :open_mouth:

I don’t get it? Blank 4/2?