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Stimhack League Jinteki Round 2

Due to the combined difficulty of timezones and winter break hasn’t been scheduled yet. Should hopefully be soon.

What’s the over under on how many days it takes for randoms to stop joining games named STIMHACK LEAGUE STIMHACK LEAGUE STIMHACK LEAGUE STIMHACK LEAGUE ?

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But then how will we post screenshots of people rage quitting the lobby snarkily to the slack chat?

However respectable it might have been, let’s see if you can get all the way up to my level this time :wink:


As I would like to join but am new, I have one question: how will be made sure that the deck used is legitimate according to the MWL?

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Just follow the rules here and you should be fine.

Sure, but how can my opponent see if I was cheating (or the other way around?). I could have 3 Elis in the deck, break my INF limit, but only play 1 Eli. How can my opponent see that I was having a invalid deck in this case?

First off, feel free to join!

Secondly, both meteor and netrunnerdb now have mwl influence implemented. So you can makes decks there and then import into jinteki. I’m not sure if there’s a way to tell if your deck is legal / illegal in jinteki, but it’s never been strictly enforced by the software anyway.

@JoelCFC25 I’ve heard rumors that a system to alert your opponents of a decks legality is coming, do you have any better knowledge?

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Okay, so bit of good trust is here involved. No problem for me, but just wanted to know just upfront :slight_smile:

Happy to join!

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I’m not actually sure if ther is a system for alerting you right now in jinteki (though I believe one is coming). You can play a deck with 9 cards or 50 influence right now.

So basically the honor system and it is discoverable. And I’ll be very disappointed in you if you do.

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As mentioned, it’s totally okay for me. I’d expect though that maybe other newcomers may play with invalid decks, only by not using netrunnerdb or meteor for deckbuilding and not by bad purpose. If Jinteki would have a validation check, you would be able to check that before the match instead of when it happens.

Anyway, I’m in to increase my skill level from “newb” to “played in an online tournament” ^^


Super worth it. And now I can’t just play established Archetypes because MWL exists.

So my homebrew decks have a chance!

Proceeds to bring 20 Agenda Gagarin deck


Yup! I think we just had a case of laggy replies where we were responding to stuff before our first response was read.

Glad to have you and good luck!

I asked just now and was told that it’s very close to ready. There are one or two things to tidy up and then the pull request will be submitted. Don’t hold me to a specific date, but keep your eyes peeled.

Ignoring MWL, basic display of deck validity has been in place for awhile–if you have insufficient agenda points or are below the minimum number of cards, your opponent will see a very conspicuous red Invalid Deck tag next to the indication that your deck is loaded.


Whoohoo should be fun. =D

Thanks @SimonMoon, I had a lot of fun in the first league (and even unexpectedly ended in a somewhat respectable position), so I’m looking forward to joining the second one!

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What use is a password if it is universal truth everyone knows? :smile:

Clearly they wanted to save the best for last!

We didn’t even have a game to decide which one of us is truly superior. We’ll let this league be our tiebreaker. In the spirit of card games, I use this to express my true feelings towards you.

Forgive the lack of a Netrunner card that does the job. Blame FFG. :smile:


Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong!

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I don’t understand why we have to wait until the first of September… oh wait… :wink:

Sounds groovy, I’m in.