Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 7 starts August 5

Still lots of room for players

How many signed up so far?

Sorry I missed your post.

We have 19 signed up right now

So 1 core 2.0 means only 1 copy of stimhack allowed etc, or is it 3 of all cards?

I would assume 1 copy, why else specify “1 revised core set”?

Correct. 1 copy of cards that are 1 copy in Revised Core Box.

Could I sign up now and let you know what my IDs will be later? I haven’t done any deckbuilding with R&R in CR and NRDB is currently down.

Yes. No problem. I ask that you let me know by noon on Sunday, Aug. 5.

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Thanks, done! On a side note, interesting choice to have R&R replace Red Sands! Would have expected it to replace TD or something. It’s gonna be interesting, and playing without Clan Vengeance will be welcome! :slight_smile:

thank you for chiming in to call me stupid.

I’m sorry that you feel that way. It was not intended so.

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GREAT NEWS - SOCR 7 will have prize support.

Once again @Sanjay has agreed to provided some of his wonderful alt-art cards as prizes for SOCR. The winner of the top cut and the winner of the Swiss rounds will each receive custom-made cards from Sanjay.


Even more great news. The good folks at Burger Tokens are offering a free set of their tokens to the winner of SOCR7.

Thank you to the fine folks at Burger Tokens for the support!


The games are about to begin. Here are a couple of reminders:

  1. Contact your opponent on Sunday or Monday each week. And please reply to any contact even if it is just to say, “I’ll need to get back with you tomorrow.” Especially in the beginning of the tournament it is frustrating to deal with players who do not schedule games or respond to opponents are have been eagerly waiting to play games.

  2. Please be flexible in scheduling games. We have players from around the world in this event. Not everyone can play at times that will be convenient for you. Be a community and generous with each other is part of what makes SOCR a great meta. I appreciate that it can be hard to schedule games across 6 time zones or more. Please contact each other early to make this possible.

  3. After your match one player (usually the winner) should report the results on the match reporting form.

  4. If you have any problems, DM me on Slack.

Good luck and have fun!

Just to be clear. I checked pairings on the tournament page and couldn’t see anything under ‘swiss’ (yet?). Is the ‘player meeting’ thing the pairings, or should I just ignore that?

Ignore that. Pairings are not up yet. An announcement will be made in the slack channel when they are ready.

Pairings now up


Response to MWL

With the leak of the MWL, here are a few clarifications and an opportunity for players to respond to the new banned and restricted list.

The MWL will be observed in SOCR7 once it becomes official from FFG.

Since the changes might be drastic enough to cause people to want to change IDs, I am going to let people switch IDs prior to the start of week 2 if they wish. If a player chooses to stick with their initial choices, they will not be able to change later. I am not going to put any restrictions on why players change IDs. This is open to anyone, no matter what ID you started with.

EDIT: Players may also swap their big box if they make that choice by August. 12. You do not need to inform of the change as we use the honor system on the big box selections.

If you want to change ID, complete this form before 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 12.


Was round 4 the last round?

We are doing 6 rounds. Two week hiatus for world’s right now.