Stimhack Store Champions Invitational Last Chance Qualifier!

OCTGN: daveannable

OCTGN: hi_impact

OCTGN: milchtee

OCTGN: falseidol


OCTGN: Kevoun

OCTGN: Necroforte

OCTGN: kaizerjd

octgn ussgordoncaptain

OCTGN: vorask
(for the sake of speeding up the games does someone have a link to latest/all card arts even censored i know how to uncensor but not from void !)

Reminder that decks are to be submitted to within 3 hours of this post

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OCTGN: Leonce


OCTGN: bahram

(final decision, im in. rather just chill at home than drive for a long time tomorrow.)

i can no longer make it, please rescind my name from the list

OCTGN: moistloaf


I’m in!

OCTGN: flowerscandrink

OCTGN: gwilo

Hope this ain’t so last minute that I’m not in.

Registration is closed. Thank you everyone who entered! The tournament will start at noon EDT tomorrow. I will create a new thread with pairings information and round start/end times. Please, if you haven’t gotten decks in, do so RIGHT NOW.