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Store Champions Invitational Meta Analysis by ussgordoncaptain

eh, I think there’s some gray area between “running and trashing 4 and 5 cost assets and upgrades all day” and “checking your face-downs for agendas, then going back to building up.” Trashing a SSCG and making the money back takes my whole turn, if I’m lucky. checking a SSCG or DBS and shrugging at its uselessness only takes one click.

that said, I don’t think NBN’s going to be unplayable at all. who’s playing clot? anyone? is anyone playing clot?


uh, what? Will o’ the Wisp?


I cannot remember a single person who looked at Will o’ the Wisp and thought the sky was falling.

Different time…different time.

Made an edit there.


I don’t think a lot of good players (if any) were worried about WotW.

Most of BGG. I got called some amusing names when I tried to point out that it wasn’t that good.


Not trying to derail but I think this is a study in card hype. Search for the thread with the Spaces Between spoilers. There was WotW hype and there was also a lot of talk about runner currents being extremely strong. Card hype is a thing and then we all settle down.


Hindsight…how quickly we forget a year ago. Some good fellas on here giving Will’ some love: New Spoilers! The Spaces Between Data Pack

That’s the nature of the game though. I thought Will was gonna be strong back then, i’ll admit it…but it didn’t live up to hype.

Well, I was worried about it.

I guess that just proves your point.


Ah, I don’t read the netrunner boards there.

“Some love” most definitely does not equal “the sky is falling”, though.

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Yeah, pretty much. There’s, “Oh, this will be annoying against a couple decks.” and then there’s, “Oh, this is now virtually unplayable in its current state.”

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I remember some concern (maybe even my own, but not only me, for sure) that it might hurt Anarchs (without tutoring) or Criminals (with single breakers) some.

But then it was 4 to rez, 1 to trash, did next to nothing against Shaper, and it turns out that the people without tutoring ran multiple copies and the people running only one copy had tutoring and we all got over it.

Clot’s put up some actual results in terms of effectiveness, and it’s harder for the corp to trash cards before they might become relevant and then keep them from coming back than the reverse.


The other key factor is that WoTW doesn’t stop the runner - just punishes them for being successful. Meaning it’s kinda useless on remotes once the runner’s at match point. It’s also has a targeting restriction - it has to be an icebreaker used during the run. So if I Faerie, D4V1D, Quetzal, click through bioroids etc I can limit your selection. The reason WotW looks good on paper is because you mind defaults to you and your opponent playing fair. However, the only runner faction that plays remotely ‘fair’ (Shaper) is by default resistant to it.

Clot, on the other hand, invalidates entire scoring patterns. Baring a follow up Biotic labor + Cyberdex Trial, or a suite on the table, you simply can’t do FA. Period. Oh - and this is true even when you haven’t seen it yet if the runner has access to an SMC.

Now, clot’s not a lotus field style card (decent playable generally, but backbreaking in one matchup) but it’s super tutorable, and gains most of it’s power as a one-of.


There are a lot of nbn decks where clot doesn’t do much or can be played around very easily, couple that with the fact that no criminal will be playing it and I think nbn will be fine. CI is dead, but that’s about it (technically tennin fa but that’s been dead so long that it’s really just shooting a corpse). NBN still has the best agenda suite in the game, and enough card selection to make a magic player blush.

Also I disagree with the account siphon read, it’s good against rp sometimes, but awful against most other glacier decks. Emergency shutdown and inside job have much higher stock, but not really on siphon. If criminals start going back to 3 SoTs it’s for shutdown.


I didn’t understand this bit, would someone care to explain?

Blue Sun plays it best, since you can bounce any failed Aggressive Secretary to reset the mindgame, making it much easier to pull off successfully.

rez the aggro sec, bounce it for 0 credits with blue sun, put something in the server and advance again

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Ah, I never really thought about rezzing trap cards I guess, pretty cool strat!